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Nobody Celebrates Like These Bros in Australia

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I'm Intoxicated With the Genius of This Guy's Solution to a "No Cups Party"

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18 Times Drunk People Were The Real Champions of the Weekend

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Tequila Fueled Thirsty Thursdays Have Claimed Many a Poor Soul

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People Inspired and Devastated Alike, Hatch Up Donald Trump-Inspired Inauguration Day Drinking Games

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Watching These Two Inconsolably Drunk Rednecks Fight It Out Over the Last Brewski Is Way More Hilarious Than It Should Be

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This Downright Ridiculous Outdoor Drinking Game Looks Like The Best Drinking Game Ever

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Pipeline of the Day: This Beer Pipeline in Bruges Is A Pipeline for Public Good

amazing beer pipeline in bruges belgium transport thousands of gallons of beer
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Sometimes When You Lose Something, Someone Else Wins

win image girl returns lost id after finder uses it for a year as fake id
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This Photoshop Battle Of a Drunk Guy on a Fence Is as Powerful as His Wedgie

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Ruthless Dad with a Grade A 'Murican Mullet Shows up to Tailgate Just to Ice All His Son's Friends

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Alcohol and Air Bud Don't Mix

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An Expert in Alcohol Taste Tested Cheap Vodka to Tell You Which Ones Are the Least-Worst

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Lady in Uber Ride Is Drunker than a Senior on an Empty Stomach Who Just Killed Half a Spiked Punch Bowl at Her High School Prom

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Roomba Pong is the Summer Drinking Game Upgrade You've Been Waiting For

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If Your Dad Sends You a Video Like This About What He Found in Your Sock Drawer, Count Yourself Lucky

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