sports church basketball Video dunk - 180487

Ok But Does Your Church Have a Dope Dunk Squad?

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Music Video classical g rated win - 70187009

Getting Tubular With a Musical Classic

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I Think Two Redditors Just Made a Powerful Connection Here

clever rick roll Reddit - 8250254848
Via MediumPace


art windows math win - 8440196864
Via AAKASH NIHALANI at Design Milk

Presidential Photo Op WIN

random act of kindness Spider-Man cute barack obama - 6901277440
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improv everywhere beach funny Video - 54084865

Scenes From This Year's Black Tie Beach Party

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Going the Extra Mile for Your Neighbor

Via connor_parent
christmas wtf santa claus Video - 67407617

Santa Claus Flytrap Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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After 20 Years, an Artist Gives His Childhood Doodles a Makeover

art design doodle childhood enhanced - 8258377728
Via Telmo Pieper
weatherman showing an approaching storm that looks like barney the dinosaur

This UK Storm Shares a Name With a Children's Purple-Dinosaur and People Are Taking The Piss Out of It

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We Gon' Scoop Flavours Like it's Your Sherbert Day

Via _AxeOfKindness_

Keytar WIN

key design guitar cute - 6629934080
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Cheezburger Image 46315009

Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day

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Boat Name WIN

boat clever dirty name sexy - 4417681664
Created by alliswit
BAMF DIY Video trees - 61848065

Let This Gent Teach You How to Climb and Dismount a Tree With Ease

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Latte Art WIN

art barista coffee latte art skills - 4950987520
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