construction equipment parenting dad Video g rated win - 69498113

One Sweet Dad Made a Tiny Dozer for His Son

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Taking the Chance to Pop Off on a Wrong Text

mobile - 8761782016
Created by shelikesmybeard

You Stain It You Buy It WIN

awesome at work Blood dangerous sports wtf - 4541587712
Created by Snorky


license plate metal metallica Music - 4705589760
Created by mrwarrior619
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At 9 Years Old, This Girl is Already Bound for Sporting Excellence at the College Level

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news IRL prank Video - 78653953

Asheville, NC Residents are Not Taking Kindly to Being Rickrolled by Parking Tickets

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Card Trick illusion trick Video - 40759809

Card Trick WIN

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A Four-Year-Old Concepted This, the Coolest Car Ever

design cars BAMF - 7080708096
Via Laughing Squid

Support Cloning WIN

arena clever design science shirt - 5439531776
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Nimbus Bike WIN

bike broom Harry Potter - 4798283264
Created by pablo.siq

Architecture WIN

architecture building design hotel tower urban - 5095460864
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commercial feels funny Video win - 54758145

This Thai Commercial is Better Than the Last Movie You Watched

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Nerdy Name WIN

building Harry Potter Movie name reference - 4739051264
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Mr. Tea WIN

celeb movie reference mr t notes warning - 4435359232
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Where Has the Pizza Waffle Been All My Life

pizza oh god why food waffles g rated win - 8375584768
Via Holly Lofthouse
mind blown juggling Video - 47264001

Reverse Footage WIN

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