customer service list facebook food win - 945669

Finding a Worm in a Salad Quickly Escalated into a Customer Service Story of Excellence

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hes-on-fire sports slam dunk basketball Video g rated win - 46518785

Slam Dunk WIN

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lebron james Morgan Freeman Video sports - 62821889

Frank Caliendo Reads Lebron's "I'm Coming Home Letter"... as Morgan Freeman

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Closing Fiasco WIN

awesome at work closed movie reference notes signs - 4419645952
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fashion lazy food Video - 82644481

Live Your Best Lazy Life in This Tempura Onesie Because Duh

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awesome shape staircase - 4668336896
Guy feeds the crows, so the crows get back at bully neighbors for him | r/pettyrevenge u/tempthethrowaway Feathered Friends High Places Not sure if this belongs here, so let know ok? TL;DR: Had issues with neighbor over parking. Local crows l'd made friends with vandalized his cars retaliation. So background day moved into this apartment complex our across hall neighbors started bullying us. Why parked handicap spot next sidewalk building. Why handicapped.

Guy Feeds Crows, Crows Get Back At Bully Neighbors For Him

Crows can be awesome.
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The Nicest Dragon-Kite on the Beach

beach design How to train your dragon summer nerdgasm g rated win - 8240696576
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Hacked IRL: Parenting Advice

Bathroom Graffiti hacked sharpie - 4696385792

Step Up to the Books

reading design books - 8417184256
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Getting Harassed in the Club? Just Pretend to be Deaf

facebook Video animals smile - 164615

This Pup is Ready For His Close-Up

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katy perry news survivor trending ellen degeneres Video - 82448897

Happy Tearjerker of the Day: Katy Perry Surprises Orlando Shooting Survivor on Ellen

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guitar gun Music - 4151025664
Created by trentonw

Nautilus House WIN

architecture beach design home house shell - 5203270912
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For the Love of the Brick

design lego funny nerdgasm - 7922284288
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