FLOTUS impression barack obama Michelle Obama Video politics - 82665217

First Lady Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Perfectly-Presidential Brarck Impression

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Googly-Eyed WIN

googly eyes hacked irl - 6545495040
sports hockey Video karma g rated win - 61490177

One Hockey Fan Gets Exactly What He Deserves After a Mid-Game Taunt

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Special Delivery for Mr. Vader!

star wars mailbox nerdgasm funny darth vader - 7628844800
Via SenseiMonkeyBoy

But I Don't Want to Abandon Ship!

bed design boat - 7483819776
dancing dad Video g rated win - 67908609

This Dad Definitely Has Better Dance Moves Than We Do

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advertisement boob bra - 4169010176
Created by Unknown

Motivational Sign WIN

awesome hacked irl motivational sign - 4925366528
Created by SR1977

Hacked IRL: Ninjas Only

hacked irl ninja sign stealth street sign - 6373838080
Created by saphierchica ( Via Genkijacs )
random act of kindness news pets police rescue - 71271681

Hero of the Day: Cop Jumps in River to Save Drowning Dog in Colombia

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random act of kindness cute Video Flash Mob - 61041409

Amy Here Has Affected a Lot of Lives in a Positive Way, and Now All Her Friends Are Letting Her Know

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That Moment When You Realize You Are the Real Life Version of Chun-Li From Street Fighter V

Via nataschaencinosa

Duck Hunt Cookies WIN

food dessert nintendo nerdgasm duck hunt cookies - 6685404928
Via Geeks are Sexy
basketball cute parenting sports vine - 93190

Baby Basketball Fan Gets a Fist-Bump

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Your Life May be Good, But is There a Dinosaur Named After You?

news science dinosaurs fossil g rated win - 7168168704
john oliver Video politics - 82663937

John Oliver Takes on Politicians and Their Anti-Refugee Policies

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