It's Just Like... Wow

garage sale sir mix-a-lot sign - 8220690688
Via Cubicle Bot
Game of Thrones The Mountain Video - 76233473

Watch 'The Mountain' Shatter a Keg Toss World Record and You'll Never Consider Cutting Him in Holiday Lines

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Finding the End WIN

cars driving The End rainbow - 6740331520
lamp design nerdgasm video games tetris Video g rated win - 66154241

The Only Stackable Tetris Lamp!

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arm design lego nerdgasm robots Video - 33959681

LEGO Robot Hand WIN

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marijuana parenting smoking Video win - 84982273

Feeling a Contact High Coming on Watching These Parents and Kids Smoke Weed With Each Other for the First Time

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Bloody Mary WIN

alcohol bacon drink hangover - 6549777920
Via Crackajack
work parody Video - 81452801

Everyone, Just Put Your Dongle Away

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Politics I Can Get Behind WIN

bumper sticker g rated Hall of Fame nerdgasm politics star wars win - 5944484352

*Giggle**Snort* WIN

accidental sexy innuendo name tee hee - 6078912512

Red Balloons WIN

art Balloons floating installation tree weird - 5379548928
classy escape fire news Video - 36593153

Escaping a Fire WIN

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chalk art futurama Street Art Video why not zoidberg why not zoidberg? - 41074945

Why Not WIN?

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Chalk Art WIN

Street Art art chalk art perspective illusion - 6824482560

The Only Male Street Art That Gives Birth

Street Art hacked irl - 8005905152
Via Street Art Utopia

Gadget Pun WIN

apple food gadget ipad mac nerdgasm nerdy pi pun - 5166974208
Created by maxystone
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