'A' for Effort

crib falling oops - 6031072000
By Unknown
parenting xbox video games Video - 70100225

A Smartass Dad Translates His Son's Xbox Commands into English

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Till Death Do Us Part

teddy bears Rage Comics - 7055524864
By Unknown

Your Parents are Right to Be Disappointed

cosplay - 6591877888
By Unknown

It's All Mental, Really

accidental sexy times baby discipline Parenting Fail whoops - 5579445248
By Jeremy H. (Via

The Last of the Halloween Candy is MINE!

costume candy kids halloween parenting - 8368480512
Via theCHIVE

Who Would Jesus Do?

Via Hashi856

"Meatball" Will Be a Great Blog Nickname

announcement parenting pregnant g rated - 8237819136
Via Pleated Jeans
baby cute parenting Video - 62233601

Bouncy Puppy Desperately Wants to Befriend This Baby

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The '80s Test

cassette tape pencil - 6273595648
By Unknown

Girl Scout Seals

girl scout cookies revenge - 6304451840
By Unknown

Calm Down... CHILL

baby parenting - 8797561088
Via bitchy-bible

Sex: Not Even Once

condom - 6683728384
By Unknown

Don't Worry, Kids, it Still Looks Delicious

christmas kids parenting - 8406084096
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Something Seems Backwards Here

dogs kids fence cage parenting g rated - 8322461952
Via Amazon

That is Fantastic News!

cancer car - 6632336896
By Unknown
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