Parenting Fails

Do Modern Kids Have Any Idea What is Happening in This Photo?

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funny tweets from parental advice on twitter

19 Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week

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Lots of Little Girls Say They Want to Be Princesses; This Dad Took Action

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Corporations Are Evil!!!

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Dad wants a free painting, gets turned down, and then won't pay the babysitter | Hi went pick up kids today saw had some empty canvas am looking gift my wife family portrait seen style and like wondering if be down could gift us as Christmas present love paint guys but saving those canvases have something on my mind. Or have paid commission. They're gallery style and are quite expensive at moment could probably paint them portrait fairly cheap if can get provide canvas yourself.

Dad Wants Free Painting, Gets Turned Down, Won't Pay Babysitter

These people are actually real.
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Action Movie Kid: Mario Kart Edition

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Thing 1 and Thing 2

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Concerned Baby is Concerned

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The Jig is Up

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Luckily There's a Cure for That

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Well, that's more Reasonable than Being a Firetruck

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"This is the Best Looking Group of Guys I've Ever Met"

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Disney Princesses in Jabba's Palace

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Linh's Mom is Worried About Kids and their Restrictive Diets these Days

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1 Degree Away From Death

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Nice Work!

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