The Next Barney Stinson

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That Grip Tape isn't Going to Come off Easy

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A Rare Moment

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Teens R Dum

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The Aftermath

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Their Love of Candy Has These Kids Climbing Up a Wall

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Tasteful, Not Tasty!

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Don't Touch My Sockets

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This isn't My No-Tears Shampoo

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"Mom, What Was Funny About That Part?"

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Daddy and Dalek

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Dad quotes on Twitter that are cheesy on the humor and full of cringe.

48 Dad Quotes That'll Make You Instantly Facepalm

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Now the REAL Fun Can Begin

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Put That Baby to Work

Babies chores parenting - 7929078016
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feels parenting conan obrien pregnant - 82548737

Get Ready For a Feel Trip as Wife Surprises Husband With an Emotional Pregnancy Announcement

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That Tattoo Artist is a Real Pro

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