Welcome to the Dark Side... And Life

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"Please Let Me Survive This! I'll Never Throw a Tantrum Again, I Promise!"

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World's Strongest Pants

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When Your Son Loves A Local Personal Injury Lawyer

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It's Dangerous to Eat Alone! Take This.

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Dad Fulfills His Babysitting Obligation, Takes Daughter's Doll to Work with Him

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Somebody Needs a Cat Nap

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This One's Mine

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Guy Talk

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The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

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What Do We Think?

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Lots of Little Girls Say They Want to Be Princesses; This Dad Took Action

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Someone took the tractor for a joy ride

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No Dad, You're Not Listening!

Text - CLASSIC DAD JOKES uhat? "higher ? let me off! Fig. A The deliberate misunderstanding
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Here's Why You Learn to Say No to Your Kids

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I Thought Moms Had Eyes in the Backs of Their Heads?

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