After 12


balance beer passed out - 4381110784
By PsychoTux

Please Recycle

cans lawn passed out - 4842840832
By Unknown

College Janitor Win

miller lite - 6696286976
By Anon08

It's the Greatest Holiday Ever!

holidays - 6621321216
By Unknown

One Fuzzy Koozie

beer koozie funny - 7677942528
By Unknown

Goodbye Forever

Via Tumblr

Winnie's Had it Rough Ever Since Christopher Robin Left

winnie the pooh after 12 - 6898319360
By Unknown

How the Devil Makes Decision

drinking art the internets devil funny - 8285771264
Via Brown Cardigan

Ahhh To Be a College Student

drinking alcohol finals college exams - 7346359552
By Unknown

Must Have Been a Hell of a Party

booze drunk frat Party funny college - 7483321600
By Unknown

Thank God It's Winter

ice winter funny cocktail after 12 g rated - 8094744576
By Unknown

Laundry Viking Goes Clubbin'

Cheezburger Image 6099706880
By Unknown

We Love Posting User-Submitted Videos From Steps 5 and 6

alcohol crying downward spiral drinking infographic tequila - 5416645376
By Unknown

Drink Enough and You Can Study Someone Else's Anatomy

anatomy wine label funny - 7466637824
By Unknown

I've Been That Drunk

beer t shirts funny - 8122359296
Via unknown

I've Got Your I.V. Right Here!

beer funny - 8236961024
Via Not Safe for Bjork
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