After 12

Only Half the Story

passed out sharpie tent - 4888847872
Created by Snake73

Photo Finish

gross puke vomit - 5187118080
Created by Alexwin

For Great Justice

Ad beer liquor store save the planet - 5238603520
Created by maxystone

Ever Been So High You Thought Doorknobs Were Food?

Via Acid Cow

Crunk Critters: Beer Boxer Has Found His Beach

boxer cc corona crunk critters - 6279450880
Created by Unknown

Start Erecting And We'll See What Comes Up

Via distinguishedbaloney

F&%king Genius

beer bottle opener glasses funny mug - 8396938496
Via Oddity Mall
alcohol booze drugs high sloshed songs song - 34034689

Sloshed Songs Sunday: Simple Instructions

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Too Lazy To Get To A Toilet

couch disgusting gross puke vomit - 4517807872
Created by Matt
wine Video - 65358593

William Shatner Has His Own Wine Show?

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Oh. That Drinking Problem.

drinking problem cyanide and happiness - 6687461120
Via Cyanide and Happiness
Cheezburger Image 41373441

What Time Is It? Awkward Dance Party Time!

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beer broken can no tab tragedy - 5282411008
Created by Unknown

Well, At Least You Got a Pizza

drunk funny passed out pizza wtf - 7939554048
Created by Unknown

The Beating Started Shortly After

busted cheating club texting - 5618603264
Created by Unknown

A Dangerous Tap Handle

beer tap dangerous funny - 8259679744
Via Shelbys Johnson
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