After 12

Mind Blown

australia fosters funny - 8122358528
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Crunk Critters: Krank Kitty Requires Headgear

after 12 cat catnip crunk critters diaper g rated helmet kitty meth Not Even Once - 6303507968

Worlds Strongest Beer Has a 67.5% ABV DAYUM!

beer strong - 7874292992

You've Found My Weakness!

drawn on marker passed out sharpie Spider-Man - 6402804224

Legend of the Drunken Master

drunk phone sms text text message texting txt msg vegetables - 6307275008
420 baked blazed ganja marijuana pot stoned weed - 36833281

The Gentlemen's Tirade, Concerning the Benefits of "Mari Huana"

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And That Goes For Your Dog Too!

tripping tripping balls - 6177380096

Hey Bro, If I'm a Horse, Should I Be Drinking This Stuff?

baseball horse head horse mask MLB - 6417806336

Happy Hours End in Sad Mornings

bad idea happy hour hangover funny - 8227424768
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beer alcohol videos strange - 44472065

The Strangest Brewery You'll Ever See

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Beer Bongs...They Take Practice

beer bong funny wtf spray - 8333319680
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Nothing Like Messing With Passed Out People

drunk passed out pranks funny - 8102549760

Stevie Wonder Knows Not to Drive Drunk

he maybe blind, but not that blind
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Only Five Bucks?

party in my pants - 4925260032
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Dammit the Zombie Drank All the Wine

booze wine zombie funny after 12 g rated - 7538035200

"Kick Me" Ain't Good Enough Anymore

officer police - 6500186112
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