r/MaliciousCompliance | u/Its CoolImWithTheBand | Oh you think I'm your personal travel agent. Ok then... | So I'm in the military and we have this system that we use called the Defense Travel System or DTS

New Officer Makes Subordinate Their Travel Agent, They Book the Officer the Worst Possible Flights

Some people just can't be trusted with a single shred of power. As soon as they manage to find themselves with even a semblance of it, they don't hesitate for a second to wield it over every person they possibly can with a stupid fury. I wish that I could say that these people don't succeed but, based on the stories we see, that's often not the case. It's as if these people have never once stopped to consider or care about other people and the effect that their actions have on their lives. Let'…
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MaliciousCompliance | Reddit | Bill is called into a meeting and told he will be let go. They tell the changes will occur in a month and he will stay on to then. When he queries why he is been let go he is told his work is not valuable and does not contribute to the workforce. He is told his work is worthless to the firm. He is plainly told if he didn’t do it no one will know.

'No value in your work': Analyst laid off because no one understands his job, goes exactly as you might expect

It's not uncommon for your boss to completely misunderstand what your job is or how you do it; Depending on how connected they are to the inner workings of your trade they might not even understand why your job exists at all. This rule gets exponentially more accurate the more you move up the chain. Usually, direct middle-managers have at least done the base-level productive role that they're managing; or at least something similar at some point in their lives. Executives though are likely to h…
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Reddit thread | "I automated my job over a year ago and haven't told anyone." | Developer discovers a way that they can work for 10 minutes a day from home

'I automated my job': Developer discovers a way that they can work for 10 minutes a day from home

There has been a sharp increase in the recent trend of posts of employees claiming to have automated their jobs as soon as they were asked to work from home or remote full-time. This poster claims to have set up a remote workstation for their tech job. And “in about a week” they were able to “write, debug, and perfect a simple script that performed [their] entire job.” It all just goes back to that old saying, often attributed to Billionaire Bill Gates, “I will always choose a lazy person to do…
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PettyRevenge | Reddit | You want to steal my desert? How about a mouth full of ink to go with it?

Manager Turned Food-Thief Gets His Just Desserts When Stolen Snack Holds Inky Surprise

This snack didn't smile back when it was stolen from a worker's lunch. Instead, it unloosed its hidden fury in the form of an inky surprise. The trap was set by frustrated workers who were tired of losing their sweet treats out of their lunch to an unknown snack-stealing menace. The workers banded together and loaded up a whole lot of Hostess Ding-Dongs with an edible, but definitely not invisible, ink. The culprit turned out to be none other than the plant manager who got a great taste of his…
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Why did you schedule this call on my off hours? | Been reading other stories of virtual meeting shenanigans

'My manager insists I turn my camera and mic on': Manager late for web meeting on employee's day off, witnesses literal inferno via Zoom

This volunteer firefighter was threatened to be fired while attending a fire on their day off.
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server servers customers talesfromyourserver workplace service industry - 17982725

'So, this is bread?': Waiter recounts mind-melting tale of serving group who exist within their own reality

I'm still not entirely convinced that this waiter hasn't accidentally found themselves inside of a Nathan Fielder bit here. This is either a really clever gaslight on the part of the patrons, or they really are just on/from another planet. It's impossible to believe that anyone could be this incredibly dense or has otherwise somehow managed to avoid learning basic restaurant etiquette somehow. It does make for an interesting thought experiment though. Anyways, this waiter shared a lengthy, but…
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Antiwork post | "Just quit my job effective today by email." | Worker quits job after leave is not honored

'Just quit my job effective today by email': Employer denies new employee leave negotiated during interview process, new employee quits

This employer reneged on its promise to allow a new employee to take leave agreed upon during the interview process, prompting the employee to send this email notifying the employer of their immediate resignation.
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You have decided to fire me because I was in the hospital? Miss your wedding dinner tasting then!

Employee Fired Over Hospital Visit, Boss Then Misses Wedding Tasting and Fianceé Leaves Him

In a series of extremely preventable events this employee was fired for missing work but still required to work out a two-week notice period. If that sounds confusing to you, that's because it is. Working a notice period after being unceremoniously fired is entirely laughable and totally bewildering, especially when you're requiring said fired (and unqualified) employee to run the shop for you while you dip out for wedding preparations with your fianceé. Yeah, totally preventable. All this guy…
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"I got a $0.25 raise this year, which absolutely is not keeping pace with inflation. [T]hen I get to walk into work and see the owner's new toy."

'I got a $0.25 raise this year': Business owner lambasted online for egregious flaunting of their wealth

A business owner is getting roasted in this viral Reddit thread after one of their employees shared a photo of their “new toy” on Reddit's popular r/antiwork subreddit.
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r/ProRevenge | Company fs over long-term employees and my boss's act of revenge helps me start a freelance media company for pennies on the dollar | For legal reasons, I can't disclose the exact location.

Manager Sells $400k of Electronics to Employees at 90% Off in Order to Get Revenge on Shady CEO's Plot

A nefarious plot by the CEO to lay off all workers at a chain electronic store triggered a rebellion by the store's manager that would send the corporate entity reeling. Is this a plot line written by George RR Martin? Or a modern retelling of Robin Hood? You be the judge! It's no secret that CEOs and others in similar positions of unchecked power often use said power to line their coffers and fill the wallets of their closest friends and allies. It's not above them to make closed-door deals th…
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Malicious Compliance | Following a termination letter to a T

Security Guard Fired, Immediately Begged to Work Remaining Scheduled Shifts

What is it with employers firing people and then immediately realizing that they need their help? You might think they would have considered that before firing in the first place or, maybe, just don't fire people unreasonably if you're already short of workers. Is that too much to ask? This story was posted to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by Reddit user u/kayasha, who shared their experience on the popular sub. The story received positive responses from readers. “It’s fascinating ho…
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Several years ago I quit without a full two week notice and the company sent me this invoice a few weeks later..

'The company sent me this invoice...': Employee receives invoice from employer after quitting without giving two weeks' notice

There have been a lot of stories floating around the wider web about people quitting terrible employers without giving notice. As you might imagine, it is taken with varying degrees of reception, with reactions ranging from calm to off-the-wall. When you're trying to run a business, it's never easy to fill in gaps on short notice, not ever helped by the fact that owners/executives generally require their companies to be run on as few staff as possible to save labor costs. There's certainly a hi…
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AskReddit thread 'If you don't like it, leave!': 14 People who decided the leave it when given the chance

'If you don't like it, leave!': 14 People who decided the leave it when given the chance

We've all heard this phrase uttered and felt obligated by the societal commitments to remain exactly where we happen to be standing or seated at the time. Almost always, the person uttering this phrase knows that they have control or power over you and is counting on you being reminded of that fact in order to justify and pass off their own terrible behavior. Since they've offered you the “option” of an out they're then going to feel
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Malicious Compliance post titled You’d like a video resume? You got it! | Thumbnail text "Skills #3... Folding."

Owner Forced to Close Business After They Miss the Joke in Woman's Sarcastic Video Resume Interview Response

When this comedian was asked for a video resume for a simple clothing store retail role she got her gooses gassed up and led with her best foot. She may not have aced the interview, but she has certainly aced our hearts. Her video response perfectly captures Millennial awkward/random humor… and folding a shirt to the tune of dubstep actually provides answers to the mystery of why our generation collectively died inside right around this time.
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antiwork jobs toxic-workplace job interviews workplace Horrible Bosses job interview interview - 17883909

'I just walked out of a job interview': 7 Top Trending Threads Where Candidates Walked Out of Interviews

A job interview goes both ways. You are trying to see if you want to work for the company just as much as they are trying to work for you. We've said it time and time again, but job interviews are just the absolute worst. They're the ultimate facade of our society, with both parties putting on their bravest face in order to sell themselves to the other. The interviewee is often trying to sell how loyal and confident they are. The interviewer, on the other hand, sells their dominance and superio…
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antiwork hr toxic-workplace toxic human resources workplace Horrible Bosses - 17873157

Update: HR Department Adds Confidentiality Clause to Micromanaging Rules Following Viral Thread

It's never a good idea to double down on a mistake. Usually, if you're doing this, you're so narcissistically blind to your own faults that you don't see anything you do as a mistake in the first place. It's the same logic as going “double or nothing” on a bet once you've already lost all your chips. It just doesn't make logical sense to put yourself even further in the hole by refusing to know when to back away. Well, this HR department clearly doesn't understand the principle of “double or no…
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