That's One Way to Treat Yourself

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Created by Unknown

Third Thing: Work on My Phrasing!

phrasing - 4850476800
Created by NoWantCheeseburger

The Death of History and Taxes

political welfare taxes facepalm failbook g rated - 8147758592
Created by Anon

You Can Never Leave Now

whoops Awkward bathroom - 8291230464
Created by Ophelia_not_Hamlet
Funny troll posts from fake customer service account.

Twenty Times Trolls Of 'Customer Support' Provided Sass In Lieu Of Help

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Downloading in 3D

technology witty comebacks your friends are laughing at you - 4401780224
Created by Yankeefan181

It Practically Pays for Itself

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Created by Unknown

The Elements of Style, Perhaps?

dictionary bad grammar grammar grammar nazi - 6639583744
Created by Unknown
Mike Pence announces that he'll be throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' party and people are reacting hilariously on Twitter.

Mike Pence Is Throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' Party and People Are Losing Their Minds

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No, I'm Busy Saturday

being single crying dating - 6702409216
Created by Feliform

Wrong Place

oops sexy times technology - 4889373440
Created by Unknown

I Support Your Lack of Support

breasts bra - 6699123200
funny random memes and tweets | SIMPLE BASS BEAT GOES AWAY TECHNO CROWD RANDOM 6 WORDS SENTENCE TECHNO CROWD TECHNO CROWD SIMPLE BASS BEAT COMES BACK Vince McMahon | TIME GO LET'S GO Internet Explorer is not responding Grim reaper comic

A Bunch Of Memes To Improve Your Monday

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Songs - 4372953344
Created by thatswhatsup

Yeah, What's the Deal With These Continents in the Middle of the Ocean too?

school facepalm geography - 8108365824
Created by emmaejay

You Are Now Thinking of the Guitar Hooke

Music suggestion - 8310255104
Created by Unknown
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