Six Minutes of Bliss

gross technology - 4725541632
Created by And he seemed so excited, too.

Everyone's a Critic

dogs misunderstanding mom - 4401725696


holidays jesus mixed up whoops - 3374687488
Created by Michael B

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Ignorance)

twitter Protest irony white people failbook - 8419539968
Via delafro_

Neither Did Anybody Ever! Know Why?

monty python - 6527040512
Created by batlrar
tumblr april fools Video - 59734785

Tumblr Announces Tumblr Pro on a Day That is Definitely Not Known for False Announcements

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Swag is Universal!

swag clothing - 6554993664
Created by pickasideTC

Mark Your Calendars!

fake facepalm calendar failbook g rated - 8416666880
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Thanks, Mom

parenting mail - 8822420992
Via @BlewTgod

You Know You Have Zero Chill When You're Asking the Police To Use a Better Mugshot

funny fail image Australian fugitive gets caught after asking for a better mugshot on facebook
Via @7newssydney

Rub His Nose In It

dogs twilight witty reply - 4462171136


facepalm make your own fail math your friends are laughing at you - 4284943616
Created by Juana

Police! Arrest This Berg!

deep iceberg titanic - 6516722176

The Struggle of Mobile Browsing in One GIF

rage smart phone gifs - 8320349696
Via Reddit

Literary Laundry WIN

laundry shakespeare win witty reply - 4652779776

Riiight. "Forgot."

iphone lost phone mobile phone smartphone - 6546921728
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