Keep on Believing, Friend

conspiracy tupac - 8054144512
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Mum FTW!

burned mom ouch parents your friends are laughing at you - 5068636928
Created by SillyGirl

The Struggle of Mobile Browsing in One GIF

rage smart phone gifs - 8320349696
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Checkmate, Scientthists!

science twitter - 8236865536
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The Man of the Distant Future Looks a Bit Like a Douche

douche - 8159955200
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Social Media Fail of the Day: New England Patriots Thank Racist Twitter User

twitter FAIL football - 8377673984
Via USA Today

Go Home, Bing, You're Drunk!

bing bing translator - 7011883776
Created by Koos83
celeb Video twitter failbook - 61150721

Another Round of Celebs Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

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People share their worst texting fails.

35 Funny Texting FAILs Full of Cringe to Lighten Your Mood

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Facebook Arguing with the Boss? Not Gonna End Well

fired FAIL work facebook - 8756983552
Created by Crazyposter


make your own fail misunderstanding The Spelling Wizard your friends are laughing at you - 4087535872
Created by Kissa

Can't Tell If Trolling or Really That Innocent

trolling memes dog collar for sale

Gay Jokes

failbook homosexual ICWUDT jokes - 5764385536
Created by Unknown

Or Stocks...

pimp stocks Travel - 6575550208
Created by mimomisu

Would Music Notes Make it Clearer?

draw something Music - 6271804928
Created by brumbino
Collection of times that Ken M. old man parody account was full of comedic genius.

10 Of Our Favorite Funny Comments From Ken M.

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