You're Not Ssssssscared, Are You?

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That's One Way to Make it to Your Favorite Artist's Facebook Page

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Via David Guetta FB Page

Somebody Confirm This is Satire. Please. We Can Only Hope.

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Via Brown Cardigan

A Pregnancy Announcement Just Took a Turn For The Worse

A Pregnancy Announcement Just Took a Turn For The Worse
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Awkward 2: Even Awkwarder

oh snap that awkward moment who are you - 5024547328
Created by Unknown

Making Pizza From the Great Beyond

Via Boesenna

Facebook's Suggestions Are Probably Funnier Than All of Us

Via drewisalrightiguess

10/10 Perfect Impression

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Via Twitter

Sounds Like a Perfectly Acceptable Use for a 3D Printer

dude parts sexy times texting - 8334266368
Via Acid Cow

One More Reason To Hate Laundry Day

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How to Convince the World That You Might Be Insane

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Pushing Her One Step Closer

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Neil Wilson

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Created by Unknown

Sure... I Believe You...

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Idiot uses porn meme during his college presentation and class is divided over whether he's stupid or hilarious.

Clueless Dude Uses Porn Meme During His College Presentation

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Dem Electrolytes...

banana apple - 7032149504
Created by katy tanner
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