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illegal listen to your friends Overshare really TMI - 5209444864
Created by Preston Leavitt
donald trump debate Hillary Clinton Memes politics - 1051653

Everything You May Have Missed From Last Night's Debate

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The Real Reason She Was Always a "Guest" Character

nickelodeon rugrats nostalgia twitter failbook - 8234531840
Via Theblvcksheep

A Slippery Slope

lol sports witty comebacks - 4413078016
Created by KENSEI


lol oh snap - 4535909120
Created by Unknown

Too Much Madness and Mayhem

hospital mystery - 6414638592
Created by CaptainFancyPants


bad idea busted listen to your friends make your own fail - 4126423040
Created by Unknown

Getting Into the 4/20 Spirit

420 laxatives pooping pot weed - 6137963776
Created by Unknown

Humanity is Doomed if This is Real

bears tumblr failbook g rated - 8154169856
Via Know Your Meme

Stupid NSA!

NSA prism - 7742594560
Created by fallingleaf

Sudden Onset Amnesia?

facepalm what - 8404613376
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transformers selfie Video burn failbook - 67222273

Megatron is Here to Blast Some Truth About Your Selfies

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Does Trump Know You Can't Actually Pick Team Rocket?

Via Lorenzen43

Seeing No One

blind oh snap surgery - 4945566464

Even God Hates Losing Contact Information

Via I Heart Chaos

The Denny's Twitter is About as Drugged Up as a Denny's Customer, if We Were to Guess

twitter dennys food - 8210308608
Via Denny's
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