Curse You, Talk to Text!

accidental sexy THE D texting - 8234313216
By Lisa

How About NO

failbook facebook emma watson - 8968834560
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The Student Has Become the Teacher

frape oh snap students teacher - 4518507008
By Unknown


mistaken identity pictures weight - 3787645696
By Unknown

Facebook Isn't for Griping... Wait, That's All It's For

complaining - 4768335104
By cymbals2012

But... But... a McFlurry...

twitter Drake - 8161015040
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The Aviary Situation Up North

Canada birds Yahoo Answer Fails failbook g rated - 8381738240
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Programming is Like Sex

nerd parents sexy time - 4579637760
By Unknown
pro tip wisdom life hacks Video failbook - 66152705

It's 2014, and People Still Don't Know How to Use Their Phones

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bad idea failed intentions Overshare sexy times status updates - 4068916224
By Unknown

"Maybe You're in Need of a Peni-SOMEONE TO TALK TO"

Via Brown Cardigan

That's One Way to Treat Yourself

dog treats - 7411989248
By Unknown

Animal Lover

vegan vegetarian - 6900518144
By eatit

That's What You Get for Wearing it Backwards

ghetto Harry Potter - 5252659712

Strikingly Accurate

Cheezburger Image 7930737664
By tikki6

A Missed Opportunity for a Bear Trap

milkshake Music - 6248588288
By everydayimmuffinin
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