Stop Sticking Your Nose in Other People's Business!

boxers laundry - 6578350592

Try Everything Once

lol oh snap your friends are jerks your friends are laughing at you - 5768005888
Created by Bendyrulz

Forever Alone

facebook forever alone friends - 6237781504

Obvious in Hindsight

burger pizza fast food failbook g rated - 7067111936
Created by Shades55

There is Nothing Mr. Clean Can do to Make This Less Awkward

Awkward relationships cringe hashtag brands failbook - 8428373504
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Wear The Isolation Cube to Your Next Concert

failbook facebook - 8965188352
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facebook fail

Dude On Facebook Proceeds to Get Profoundly Puzzled With Unexpected iPhone 4 In His Subaru Passenger Airbag Compartment

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Mother Owns Daughter

gross oh snap ouch parents - 4700231936
Created by Beth


i-hope-you-dont-have-any-degrees making money moron - 3534929920

Back to School!

back to school school - 5145025792
Created by billy.brenner

What's My Balance?

flirting dating dating fails g rated - 6993957632


bad idea Before And After ouch - 3574572800
Created by Andy
benedict cumberbatch twitter list names - 1204229

People Try to Spell Benedict Cumberbatch's Name With Their Eyes Closed and Absolutely Fail

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Get In Touch With the "Kids These Days" With the "May Mays"

advertisement student loans overly attached girlfriend - 8167401216
Via Felix500
antelope twitter

Twitter Has No Chill When It Comes to the Tiny Dik-Dik

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That's the Real Space Oddity

chris hadfield science space - 8213978624
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