As a Bonus, You Get to Look Like an Idiot!

chain mail spam - 8255580928
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The Roadshow

old people witty reply - 4765478912
By emeraldmichelle

I'm About to Go Over the Edge

Text - im that bored im gonna jump edge of the planet hahahaha bordem Like Comment about an hour ago likes this. vell i no a good diff near her if u want about an hour ago Like nah the edge of the planet about an hour ago Like well good luck with that about an hour ago Like A sphere has no edges. about an hour ago Like im that bored about an hour ago Like Write a comment...
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Achievement Unlocked: Forever Alone

forever alone black ops 2 Halo 4 dating - 6762143488
By Takexi

The Worst Band in the World

black-eyed peas lol nickelback status update win - 4438994176
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How to Get More Friends on Facebook

clothes image truth - 5504744704
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Someone Had to Step Up...

attention seeking stfu - 6578310656
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Broke College Kid

busted gas money your friends are laughing - 5751057664
By Jacob

The Best Apple Deal Around

puns cars apple money - 8563444224
By Unknown

Sassy Shinki Weighs In on the New White House Arrival

obama White house barack obama failbook g rated - 7753673472
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time machine witty status - 5475598848
By Froggyfran

Post-Mortem Attraction

dating dead Death - 6212189952
By Unknown

Watch Out East Coast, the Weather is About to Crappy

facebook hurricane erika typo
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twitter jimmy fallon hashtags Video - 66517761

Jimmy Fallon Celebrates the Holidays With the #MyFamilyisWeird Hashtag

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The Cleavage to Friend Ratio

boobs graph image - 4730308864
By Unknown
dominos australia First World Problems Video - 59214081

Comments on the Australian Domino's Pizza Facebook Page Are the Absolute Pinnacle of First World Problems

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