facepalm listen to your friends misunderstanding twilight yikes your friends are laughing at you - 4246200832
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COD Blocker

call of duty cod Modern Warfare 3 mw3 teen pregnancy - 6574899200
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But What About the ISSUES, MAN?

gaza robin williams rip politics - 8285409536
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twitter tattoos ryan reynolds funny - 1995781

Ryan Reynolds Finally Responded to the Guy That Got His Name Tattooed On His Butt

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I Hate Being a Reptile

reptiles - 4649529088
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Humpday Nonsense

GEICO hump day failbook - 7844624896
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Being Pedantic is Really Cool When You're Wrong

grammar milk wrong spelling - 8427702016
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twitter stephen colbert Beef burn - 916997

Stephen Colbert Landed the Ultimate Mic Drop Moment During Martin Shkreli Beef on Twitter

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This Just in: Kate Middleton's Uterus Can't Melt Steel Beams

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"You're Prettier That Way," They Say...

flipping the bird strangers buses creepers - 7788005120
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twitter baby names FAIL parenting funny - 1233413

The Brainstorming for #2017BabyNames Kicks off on Twitter, and 2016 Gave People a Lot to Work With

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Poor Kevin...

Cheezburger Image 6858313472
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You've Got Your Work Cut Out for You

facebook comment thread that is just a total fail all around
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drama not cool pets rip - 3171307008
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bewbs Featured Fail image not what it looks like wait what - 5572910592
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Take Two Doses of Common Sense and Call Me in the Morning

bad idea drugs free stuff - 8220712704
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