A Koality Pun

koala failbook - 7366527744
Created by murcui

The Driver Says This is the One, but This Street is Not My Stop

bus michael jackson twitter - 8240556800
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The Search for a Spork

Spock Star Trek failbook - 7475952128
Created by themoomin

Time to Put Away You Child Care Dreams

ouch babysitting burn failbook g rated - 8408745472
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But Remember: It's Not the Race Card if a White Person Plays it

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No Need to Replay Either

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Created by angelPNW
wholesome nice and happy memes | All humanity Teachers who Genuinely love their job Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying Mr. Bean on his shoulder | see attractive but socially anxious friend hit on someone first time is he doing? He's beginning believe. Matrix

Wholesome Memes to Keep Things Moving

Let the memes do their work.
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Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Butts

butt butts tattoo - 6128281344
Created by ratatattoo

But... But They're So Secretive and Diabolical!

liars spelling - 7240899584


holocaust tea - 5732382464
Created by random2502

Somewhere There's an Editor Getting a Stern Talking to, We Can Only Hope

headline world cup puns - 8244198912
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Sorry, No Diploma, Used it for Rolling Paper

school drugs irony - 8114247168
Created by Unknown

Facebook REALLY Doesn't Want You to Leave

captcha chinese wtf - 5028530944


The Spelling Wizard yikes - 3168968960
Created by elemetninety3


battle of the sexes - 4588544000
Created by Unknown
Awesome displays of entertaining customer service through social media.

19 Entertaining Customer Complaints and Responses That'll Brighten Your Day

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