Dating Fails

Pretty Much Sums Up Young Love

young love the simpsons funny - 8075969792

The Truth Cuts Close

trolling yahoo answers cheating funny - 7733288192

Wait, You Mean Her?

TV arrested development quote funny - 7522468608

Katy Perry Demands Death by Snu-Snu

katy perry futurama funny - 7782705664

She'll Be Born Next Week

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Trust Should Never Be Thrown Away

relationships Memes dating good girl gina - 7683826944
breakup funny Video dating - 66706177

Driving After a Breakup

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Always Check the Dryer

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Via Bxranxdon

Got to Get Me Some of That Magic Elixir

ads idiots dating - 8247817728
naked news cringe Awkward australia - 85750017

Dude Laughs Off Girl's Savage Assessment of His Naked Body On Unbelievably High Cringe TV Show

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M4BBW Must Like Pits of all Sizes

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Created by chublantern
wedding g rated dating - 61023233

What Celebrities Congratulated Your Wedding?

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What Do You Mean "Your" Side?

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Created by jackjohn

Finally, After All These Years

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Created by Meqad ( Via XKCD )
kids friend zone dating - 81672449

Kids Give Advice on How to Escape the Friend Zone

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