Dating Fails

How... Romantic?

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There Might Be Some Latent Animosity Towards His Wife Here

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A Selfie Proposal

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Goku Would Be Pissed

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I'll Just Congeal Here

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Wedding Songs Make Old Lovers Nostalgic

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Think Milkshakes Are the Best

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You're Making My Woody Excited

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Frank Has Simple Tastes

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Some Advice for the Bride to Be at a Bachelor Party

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Need Your Mother to Get You Your Prom Date?

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Stop and Think About These Winter-Spring Relationships

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These 7 Sex Moves From Star Wars Will Make Your Lightsaber Glow Red Hot

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Form Is Important For Valentine's Day, But Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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Collection of awkward times people blurted out cringeworthy things to their crushes.

43 Terribly Embarrassed People Share the Most Cringeworthy Things They've Ever Said to Their Crushes

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This Reception KO Only Gets Better with MMA Announcing

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