Dating Fails

You Brought This Upon Yourself

brought this upon yourself yo mama - 6125309184
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The Folly of Youth

no no tubes funny - 8038450944
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Some Sound Advice

dating advice condoms funny sign - 8333894912
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size sexy times funny - 62637569

How Much Does Size Matter?

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Emily And Her Mom Need To Have A Talk

double entendre facebook in the butt mom status update - 5779429632
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At Least You Have Comical Gargoyle Friends

crush disney you - 5672038144
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Just Tell Me What You Want And Be Done With It

dating fails eating out g rated rage comic what do you want - 6108048896
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It Seems So Easy When You Put It That Way

Hall of Fame literal picking up chicks - 6180039680
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adele parody college humor Video - 77162753

What's It Like Being on the Other Side of That Call From Adele?

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relationships girlfriend dating - 8821365504
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Apple Tech People Aren't Good at Flirting

flirting funny dating - 8424494336
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I Never Liked Math

baby children condom math sexy times surprise - 5706807296
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My Middle Name

big ejaculation gifs sm We Are Dating wtf - 5407554560
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Knowing the Difference Will Save You a Ton of Drama

funny dating tweet the difference between texts
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Her Boyfriend Didn't Even Notice

booty boyfriend Sexy Ladies funny - 8227014144
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When The Ex Comes A-Calling Again

dancing dating ex girlfriend gifs g rated Will Ferrell - 5618334208
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