Dating Fails

Real Life Looks Pretty Fun

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Dating for People Who Always Want to Be Right

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Make Sure to Mow Your Lawn and Trim the Hedge, Too

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Photoshop Magic Will Destroy Everything You Know About What Bodies Look Like

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Don't Test the Knowledge of Lord of the Rings Fans

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Oh You.

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That's Like, at Least 10 Burgers

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You Know How Much I Like a Compelling Protagonist

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Kissing Is Not Logical

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Self Love Keeps You Calm

choking the chicken lowers testosterone in men
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When Given the Option, This Irish Dating Show Contestant Takes The Thug Life Road as His Prize

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Let's Find Out For Sure

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Survey Reveals What Married Couples Would Like to Change About Their Spouse's Appearance

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And My Ex Was Like An Unprotected Network

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Seems Perfectly Reasonable

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How is This Supposed to Work?

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