Dating Fails

My Roommates Are Laughing About This Over Our 17 Copies of "Die Hard"

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Is it Ok to Be Sexy?

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Guy has ultimate strategy on Tinder for getting girls' phone numbers.

This Guy Has the Ultimate Tinder Strategy For Getting Girls' Numbers

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Or He Legitimately Thought You Had A Passion for Baking

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Before You Shave Your Pubes, Watch This

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funny random memes | after graduating college and using my degree simply send and receive emails 40 hours week. clown in business suit | lazy are 8:8- her figured out don't actually have assemble these things Daniel Accent Table black using ikea package as furniture

Memes For When There's Absolutely Nothing Better To Do

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Throws Arm Out

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Most Insensitive Cam Girl

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Who Doesn't Want a Fine-Looking Dude?

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You Don't Want to be a Slave Husband

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10 Ways Condom Can't Protect You

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This Would Be a Much Better Movie

sasha grey is a way better actress too
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You're Never Getting Around That

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They Offer the Full Range of Services

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Dad is REALLY Protective

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