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I'll Just Stare at it Until It's Done

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By Unknown

You Have to Go Even Slower When They Stop Working?

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Office cutbacks can really get out of control sometimes

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Let's Get a Little Bit of Herstory!

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By Unknown
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Storing Buns Where They're Exposed to Human Buns is Pretty Gross

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Apple's Starting to Slack Off on Their PC Business

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By Zee Office Pseudo, Uncompensated Co-Manager when the Boss is Out

I'm Suspicious Of The Courtesy Phone

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Funny work memes, office memes, boss, job.

26 Workplace Memes That'll Keep You From Looking At The Clock

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This Machine Really Knows How to Mix Up a Morning Cocktail

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By manasicaje (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Maybe someone stole his stapler.

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By Unknown

Place These Next to All Your Security Cameras!

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Hopefully This One Sticks

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By niftyacres

Existentialist Dilemma

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By pixiegurly

I mean it's basically the same thing, right?

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By Bendyrulz

Dress For the Job You Want

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Via Pleated Jeans
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