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He Used Bribe, It's Super Effective

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work memes - funny memes about working and needing to go to work everyday

24 Work Memes To Remind You That We're All A Little Dead Inside

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Office Prank Friday: At Least You can Use Your Monitor?

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4chan Bands Together, Votes to Send Taylor Swift to Perform at a School for the Deaf

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No Geography Skills Required

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Someone took an extended vacation

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The Sign of a True Leader

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This is What International Models Look Like Without Makeup

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Sometimes it Gets Messy

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Chill Out, Relax, and Watch a Master Mason at Work

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A company assumes that an employee's being dishonest about their time logging, and employee proves otherwise.

Company Thinks Employee's Being Dishonest With Time Logging, Learns Otherwise

Serves them right.
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funny office memes, office memes | Hat - Rare photo Michael Scott, Todd Packer, Deangelo Vickers, and Bobby Newport San Diego

The Office Memes: 10 Best Memes Of The Week

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Why Did We Even Hire You?

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