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Save ALL the Documents!

microsoft word documents - 6639784448
Created by Rachel Barkman

Browsers, Huzzah!

browsers google chrome mozilla firefox internet explorer safari monday thru friday g rated - 7556655872
Created by Unknown

An Elegant Solution

coworkers cubicle monday thru friday g rated - 8398704384
Via theCHIVE

Impenetrable Security

security toothpaste monday thru friday g rated - 7996171264
Created by Unknown

Break the Speed Limit, And Cone Monster Will Get You...

highway - 7592520448
Via Reddit

What Every Taco Bell Worker Wishes They Could Do

billboard quit taco bell - 4975304960
Created by bellava ( Via )

Competitive Resources Management

candy reeses theft - 4828820224
Created by jaloosk

They Were Wrong

monday thru friday lab science g rated - 8397750784
Via Izismile

How to Piss Off Everyone at the Office

Via deltahokie

Intro to Economics: Halloween Edition

halloween Economics - 6723605760
Created by Unknown

Liability Dodge FTW

chat Hall of Fame live chat tech help television troubleshooting - 5099516416
Created by Unknown

Your Black Market Operation Is Busted, Punk

busted illegal - 4977740800

Keeps Your Inbox Nice And Tidy

gmail google russia soap - 5953123072
Created by Unknown

This Restaurant Takes a Day Off to Show That Their Customers Aren't Always Right

customers monday thru friday restaurant sign - 8328386560
Via ABC 7 News

Good Guy Microsoft

apple ipad lawsuit microsoft Samsung - 6554507008
Created by Unknown

They'll Take Care of Your Problem "Discreetly"

ctrl alt del - 7948486144
Created by Unknown
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