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Dollar Stores . . . . The Final Frontier.

dollar store retail sign Star Trek - 5262306816
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Meme Monday: Cereal Guy Works Here?

me gusta Memes Office yo dawg - 5325311232
Created by klopek007

The Dog Says "Boom"

clean dishes kitchen note passive aggressive sign - 4438446848

Swimp - He's Here All The Time

carls jr FAIL fast food funny twitter - 5977500416


assault awesome co-workers not basic instructions clever cubicle prank cubicle rage dickhead co-workers dickheads frustration official sign paper signs rage sass screw you signage threat wiseass work smarter not harder - 3551336448
Created by mrwuzzle

What's this...appreciation you speak of?

graphic design Hall of Fame - 5439120640

This Will Make a Great "Employee of the Month" Photo

monday thru friday Walmart - 8385993984
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Taste the Evil

food wtf - 5243038464
Created by Unknown

Let's Get a Little Bit of Herstory!

museum - 6279669760

What Have I Done...

picture moving microsoft word - 6999792896

If You Sense the Presence of Something Adorable...

check under your car for check under your car for - 6481091584

Sorry, Boss, I Think I'll Be Fat For the Rest of the Week...

monday thru friday sick day comedian poorly dressed g rated - 8363956992
Via srsfunny

Ray Charles Maybe?

blind parking monday thru friday g rated - 6537479936

Hell of a Way to Go

dominos drugs firing - 4374456832
dancing monday thru friday retail Video g rated - 64538625

Dance Like All Your Customers Are Watching

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computer desktop save - 6307986688
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