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Let's Get a Little Bit of Herstory!

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CAT's Game...

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Eyes Forward, Not that Hard Folks

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Someone Needs to Fire Their Slogan Guy

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But then The Job Would be Great, So...

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Emergency Light fail

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hammer construction tools classic Video win - 77221121

Now This Guy Knows How to Swing a Hammer

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A collection of the creepiest things that night time workers ever witnessed | Xanghanistan 2d Worked as office cleaner before covid, 11-7am as 1- man team. One stormy ass night on phone while working my connection started fade and out All sudden there is just deafeningly loud shriek coming out my phone and power goes out. Even emergency lights remember looking out window 10th and seeing whole industrial park black. Nights make everything creepy

Freakiest Stuff Night Time Workers Witnessed

Hard pass on the graveyard shifts.
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Only Respond if Your Neckline Is as Low as Our Apostrophes

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A stylist stays professional with an angry and inconsiderate Karen |  need my hair done need tomorrow sorry actually don't have any openings until week after next might have spot next week if opens up but as right now don't have anything about Sep 1st 10?

Stylist Stays Professional With Angry Karen

Good riddance, Karen.
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Kitchen Etiquette

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Holidays: "Maybe"

business hours sign work - 5364847360
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live news baseball MLB - 55902465

Fox 2 News Weatherman in St. Louis is Mad About the Cardinals Losing the World Series

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Note Her Overpriced Handbag and Designer Workout Clothes

coffee Starbucks - 6430734080
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Best. Pub Ad. Ev- Wait, No!

false advertising - 7790936832
Created by Memebez ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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