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A customer believes that her computer never needs to be charged, and then tech support intervenes to clear up the matter.

Customer Believes Computer Never Needs To Be Charged, Tech Support Intervenes

That would be pretty cool.
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customer service malicious compliance retail karen - 16199685

Enraged Karen Demands “Your Name” So She Can Report Customer Service Rep, He Does Exactly What She Asked

Write "YOUR NAME" here.
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A shady customer cons a front-end developer, and then a glorious pro revenge ensues.

Customer Cons Front-End Developer, Tech Revenge Ensues

Don't mess with the tech gurus.
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customer, customers, entitled, tattoo

Tattoo Studio Owner Puts Entitled Customers in Their Place When They Try to Lodge Complaint Against the 'Young Man' They Spoke to

"Let me speak to your owner."
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customer service waiter customers restaurant lol service story entitled funny karen service industry - 16178181

Entitled Karen Won't Listen To Staff About Rain, Gets Reckoning

The thing about working in the service industry is that customers seem to think they simply know better than you. It doesn't matter if the sky is getting dark or everyone else leaves the patio like rats scuttling from a sinking ship. There's a type of person who just can't be bothered by someone who they think is “below them.” And just such a thing happened here, to the satisfaction of this employee. For another run-in with Karen, here's the useless ex-manager who tried to get an ex employee to…
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ex manager tries to get ex employee to serve Karen at store

Useless Ex-Manager Tries To Get Ex-Employee To Serve Karen Customer

Yeah, no.
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A server ends up defeating an aggressive Karen with some theatrical kindness.

Server Takes Down Aggressive Karen With Theatrical Kindness

Oh boy, Karen got her wakeup call.
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customer service oddly specific doordash uber fast food choosing beggar - 16134149

Entitled Demanding Dunce Details Ridiculously Specific DoorDash Request

The whip cream in a cup was one step too far.
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Karen assumes that an obvious dad works at grocery store, and learns otherwise.

Florida Karen Assumes Dad Works At Grocery Store, Reality Check Ensues

Karens gonna Karen.
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customer service malicious compliance - 15674629

Crazed Customer Demands Their Subscription is Cancelled, Customer Service Representative Does Exactly What They Ask

All is fair in love and war. The same principle applies if you're going to be abusive and make demands from a customer service rep.
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Lady claims to know an apartment manager, and gets swiftly disproven. | Lady claims know owner way she scurried away proves lie Medium Hey there! Not hotel story, but worked as leasing agent an apartment complex few years owner fantastic guy, but he always super late every meeting and never had any keys building on him. One day, he needs come by and pick up some tax stuff, but naturally he is running really late and my manager couldn't stay wait him. So l'm waiting him after hours with door

Lady Claims To Know Apartment Owner, Gets Swiftly Outed

Pretty dang satisfying.
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customer service malicious compliance customers entitled - 15987461

Guy Abusing Flight Attendant Gets Exactly What He Wanted When He Makes An Issue About Seating

Give this flight attendant a medal.
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customer service crabs UPS ridiculous Video - 107059457

Crab Blocks Entrance, Accepts UPS Delivery

5-star rating for this little homie.
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lady in story drinks free tea all day and gets angry when store closes and she can't use bathroom

Lingering Customer Can't Use Facilities After Close, Throws Tantrum

When it's closed it's closed.
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Customer returns tons of chicken, makes money off employees | O r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/ShenaniganXD 6 days ago 3 Lady returns 150pcs fried chicken Medium So few years back worked large retail/grocery company. And like most grocery stores have deli section working returns desk, which still fairly new at, and customer rolls up with cart had two cardboard boxes full half eaten fried chicken don't think ever seen much fried chicken before.

Employees Get Bamboozled by Chicken Lady

Oh she got them good.
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A restaurant owner decides to call out a woman's series of nasty, dishonest reviews.

Restaurant Owner Calls Out Woman's Dishonest Reviews

Bianca got served up some sweet justice.
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