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Classic: Bonus Points for the Flip

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Cow Escape FAIL

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Next You'll Tell Me There's More. Ridiculous!

Via Brown Cardigan

Flippin' It FAIL

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By Unknown
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Confusing a Car and a Spaceship, Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

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Only at SXSW Could You Find a Glass-Wearing Segway-Driving Texter

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These Earthquake-Proof Beds are Basically Survival Coffins and if That's Enough to Make You Panic, Don't Watch This Animation

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So Close, on Multiple Accounts!

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Via Mandatory
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After This Mom Finds His Son With a Girl, She Puts Them on Blast With the Biggest Cockblock Move of 2016

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Probably Bad News: Sorry, No Switch Hitters

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Via Criggo

Probably Bad News: Yes, You Have My Attention

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By Unknown

That's What They Always Said About Me

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By Unknown
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Not The Kind of Air He Wanted FAIL

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This Jeep Owner Learns that Accidents Are Sometimes a Selfie-Stick Thing

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Why do People Insist on Taking Selfies Near Water?

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Patton Oswalt's Questioning of the Ridiculous #TrumpCantSwim Ended When Pharma Bro Jumped in to Poorly Troll Oswalt and Got His Ass Handed To Him

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