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We've Already Failed

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cars Wait For It Video - 61067777

These Guys in Kuwait Aren't Clowns, but They Can Pack a Car Like the Best of Them

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Scratching FAIL

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Wrapped Up FAIL

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Criminally Dumb Criminal facepalm Video robbery thief fail nation - 68296961

This Robber Plays Dead When His Burglary Goes Awry. Brilliant or Stupid?

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A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES: All These Goats Are Down for Some Street Fighting

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Safety First!

FAIL construction classic there I fixed it - 8761294336
Created by retrodave15
cake pregnancy old people Video - 72104705

These Soon-To-Be Grandparents Do Not Understand Their Kids' Hints At Announcing Their Pregnancy

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The Fastest Way to Get a Closer Look at the Ground

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The Weirdest Outdated Laws From Each State

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Created by mattdtc ( Via graduate.olivet )

Already Planning on it, Sister!

weight loss advertisement newspaper - 8271584000
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They Call it Their Armor For a Reason

fails news texas man shoots armadillo bullet ricochets and hits him in the face
Via CBC News

What a Delightful Holiday!

news easter eggs not what it looks like funny - 7439158016
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list marketing deadpool superheroes - 713989

Men Try and Fail To Trick Their Girlfriends and Wives With the Romantic Deadpool Poster

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Holy Speed Bumps!

gifs cars fail nation g rated - 8316963840
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You Don't Want a Pizza This Headline

headline food newspaper - 8194778368
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