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craigslist list trolling prank - 724741

Man Looking for Bearded Clams on Craigslist Gets Trolled With Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio's Majestic Beard

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You Got a Problem, Buddy? FAIL

Blood car fail nation gifs - 6209727232
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Evolution FAIL

dogs hand - 6136984064
By Unknown
silly yet funny memes

27 Silly Memes & Tweets That'll Get You Giggling

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Pretty Princess by Snooki

makeup products - 5733756928
By Unknown
Man won't pay for fireplace, so he ends up with a house full of smoke | r/ProRevenge Join u/Beeker93 Didn't pay fireplace. Ended up with house full smoke. Edit meant wood stove, not fire place didn't know there difference until someone pointed this out

Man Doesn't Pay For Fireplace, Ends Up With House Full Of Smoke

Should've just paid up.
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Living it Up in a Life of Crime? Don't Tweet About it.

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the funniest killer memes of the week | Person - Unusual Qween @stephlonsonia If men are agreeing with said something stupid. Alhaji Royz @royzkingin are absolutely right won but at cost?

The Best Killer Memes Of The Week

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regrets spicy food Video - 82260737

After Deciding to Chow Down on the Spiciest Noodles in the World, This Guy Has Some Sweaty Regrets

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A blessed Tumblr post about how adorable wolves are | thewugtest if youve never physically been presence like real live wolf, and probably wont get chance heres some stuff about them should know wolf's fur is so unbelievably thick can get like whole hand into while petting. and then can keep going

Blessed Tumblr Post On Wolves

Wonder if this applies to direwolves.
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Some Aussies are Scared of Religion and Spellcheck

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Double-Twisting Layout to Pancake

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Right on Target!

ouch gifs cars crash fail nation g rated - 8415651072
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christmas vine funny Video snowman - 145927

This Snowman Army Isn't Very Christmasy...

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How Shelfish of Them FAIL

juxtaposition Professional At Work - 5589834240
By attentat

Only the Bravest Need Apply

disabled genius sign warning - 8257652224
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