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See Anything This Terrible on Halloween?

costume gifs halloween reaction - 8368238592
Via Poorly Dressed

One of These Condom FAILs Trumps the Others

donald trump FAIL - 8596102912
Via Vivanko
news thug life Video - 78029313

Guy Giving a News Interview After Getting Shot is Definitely Living the Thug Life

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FAIL gas station right in the face classic faceplant Video - 79668737

Glass Doors Are Just as Tricky For Birds as They Are For You When You're Drunk

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Urban Outfitters Attempted to Sell a "Vintage, One of a Kind" Sweater That Reminded Everyone of a Bloody Protest Battle

fashion whoops sweater politics - 8319206400
Via Urban Outfitters

I'm More Concerned About the First Word, Honestly

menu engrish accidental gross crab - 7401963776
Created by Unknown

It Came and Went FAIL

innuendo p33n Professional At Work - 5814668032
Created by colty_baby

The Horrible Reaction of Love FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition television - 6060382464
Created by gdthom42

Sneaking Up on a Horse FAIL

gifs horse kick - 6473171968
Created by Unknown

What Goes Up...

sports gifs bowling g rated fail nation - 8422063360
Via LeonelVorpicel
FAIL right on the head baseball foul ball Video - 74330881

Someone is Really Tickled That an Announcer Called a Foul Ball that Hit a Guy's Head a "Dome Shot"

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game show cringe Video - 60737793

See How Long You Can Watch the Worst Final Round of Family Feud Ever

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Premature Landing

airplane accidental sexy Things That Are Doing It fail nation - 8231835392
Created by G-Unit1111

It's Lonely Out There, Being a Sign

forever alone sign - 8370583296
Via I Heart Chaos

You Thought This Would Work Because... ?

bad idea gifs - 8263287040
Via MarkovManiac

GDFGDFGGF - Representative from the FJKOQANGVV District

Via Bad Newspaper
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