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Awkward innuendo Probably bad News Professional At Work Video - 35660801

Awkward Reporter FAIL

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Probably Bad News: The Ol' Double Fakeout

airport drugs Probably bad News stupid criminals - 5873025280
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Parking FAIL

douchebag parkers cars driving parking - 6824481792

Is This Really Convenient for Anyone?

vending machine sandals - 7114507008
A company assumes that an employee's being dishonest about their time logging, and employee proves otherwise.

Company Thinks Employee's Being Dishonest With Time Logging, Learns Otherwise

Serves them right.
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Just Cover That Bit With Some Foundation

facepalm tattoos irony - 8386417664
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Cheezburger Image 659461

Reddit of The Day: People Share The Worst Accidental Texts They've Ever Sent

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disappointed FAIL rocket parenting Video - 77889537

Watch and Laugh at This Boy's Hilariously Sad Rocket Launch

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nope bath Video animals - 76374017

We Have All Been This Dog Avoiding Bath Time

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funny ouch martial arts Video fail nation - 56069889

None of These People Are Getting Their Black Belt Any Time Soon

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weather apocalypse oh god why Video - 71619841

There's Apocalyptic Hail in Tennessee This Week

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Breaking News: Our Cameraman Needs Surgery

ouch gifs camera - 8380974336
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dancing twerking butt stuff Cats Video - 71180033

This Cat Isn't Impressed With Your Booty Dancing, and Neither Are We

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Funny Wojak comic memes, my parents at age 29, dank memes, self-deprecating memes, immaturity, irresponsible | Trad girl and Yes Chad My parents at age 27 having baby yes at age 27 im baby lol | My parents at age 29 Let's have baby Yes at age 29 going eat this pill found on ground

23 Dank & Self-Deprecating 'My Parents At Age 29' Memes

Oh, the disappointment.
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Editing FAIL

lazy typo headline newspaper - 7023505920
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Some Should Have Chopped Just a Few More Logs for the Pile

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