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FAIL cars driving sleeping Video - 80326913

Tesla Probably Won't Advertise Their Autopilot Feature with Traffic Naps

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Learn to Pirate Better, Scrub

piracy facepalm - 8190258688
Via brenan85
Old man gets carded and pulls out war ID from the second world war | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/Definitely_a_Lizard 5 days ago Some can't take joke, some own Short This is story few years ago, but just found this subreddit and reminded cashier at local supermarket, and have law if alcohol is being bought and cashier estimates someone be under 25, they have ask ID. While offends some people is pretty good way get check an ID and see if someone is over 18 legal age buy alcohol. No ID is also no

Old Man Gets Carded, Has Boss Response

He's definitely not two kids in a trench coat.
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news compilation Bloopers Video politics - 83864833

Compilation Video Pulls Together the Best News Bloopers From November 2016

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bathroom fail nation g rated Hall of Fame ouch signs - 5626834944
accident close call bike mattress Video fail nation - 44960513

Close Call FAIL

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crash Hall of Fame helicopter Video - 34506753

FAILchopper Tries to Land

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Engrish Funny: Viva Das Rhineland!

best of week engrish engrish funny Hall of Fame image spanish - 6522764288
Created by carpenteria
bike Video ice bucket challenge - 64756737

There's Two Ice Buckets, but All we Need is One Colossal Failure

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Inspiration is Not All You Need at the Gym

Via thecakehasfrostinginalltherightplaces

Thankfully it's Too Late to Hang This Easter Card on the Fridge

funny parenting image easter egg card looks like a vagina
Via Shelley Brandie‎
ouch funny Video fail nation - 56020481

This is What it Looks Like When Electricity Catches Fire

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Hoping For a Positive Result FAIL

aids disease irony ouch - 5568073472
Created by Unknown

Photoshop FAIL

Ad miley cyrus photoshop - 6373021952
Via Reddit
youre-doing-it-wrong facepalm Video vacuum - 69681409

Something About This Vacuuming Technique Seems a Little Off...

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sports basketball Video - 59161857

This is Why You Don't Shoot Granny-Style, Kids

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