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FAILS news stoners high school weed - 79685889

Being on the News is Tricky When You're High AF

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FAILS compilation Video - 82349825

Fall into September Watching the FAILs of September

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news FAIL flight Video - 77620481

Choosing Your Words is a Slippery-Slope When Announcing Another Delay, After 8-Hours of Delays

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nfl scared football Video - 161543

When You Want to Hang with the Big Boys, But You're Scared

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thanksgiving compilation Video fail nation - 66587649

Just a Reminder: Thanksgiving is Ripe for Failure

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The Australian Prime Minister's New Slogan Might Mean He's Been Watching Too Much TV

politics veep tv The Australian Prime Minister's New Slogan Might Mean He's Been Watching Too Much TV
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FAIL Crane Transforms Into Futility Crane

futility wtf - 5817541376
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Combative Bar FAIL

bar sign engrish korea - 6793136384
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stolen cars theft Video fail nation - 58173953

This Poor ABC Reporter Gets Their Car Stolen on Camera

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Guy Tries to Prank Girlfriend and Things Go Absolutely Terribly

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But the Arrow Really Tied the Place Together!

arrow news Probably bad News - 8009612032
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Now, Whose Fault is That Spelling Error?

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No Room For Zombies FAIL

cemetery Death irony signs - 6014330368
Created by Aeshel
tweets of hilarious food jokes and puns

24 Hilarious Food Jokes That Will Make You Ask For More

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Funny dank memes, inappropriate memes, star wars memes.

24 Dank Memes And Posts That Are Guaranteed To Bring The Spice

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Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
Via yourmomcantspell
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