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Leave the Pole Dancing to the Professionals

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Sports FAILure: This Has Never Happened To Me Before, I Swear

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ouch truck Video fail nation - 46703105

Loading and Unloading Never Looked So Difficult

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10 Simple Mistakes That Could Definitely Ruin The Rest Of Your Day

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Cultural Sensitivity FAIL

christmas hanukkah FAIL - 6871624192
retro pets TV Video animals fail nation - 47311617

This Guy Needs to Get a Bigger Table

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some mouth breather facepalm memes

Mouth Breathers Making The World Passionately Facepalm In 15 Images

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So Long Coccyx, We Knew Ye Well

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Keeping Track of the News FAIL

news Party election - 6749360128
Tweets and other fails by Donald Trump in his presidency

Donald Trump's Twitter Account Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Moonwalk FAIL

falling gifs ouch - 5853872128
bank news sports Probably bad News darth vader - 69682689

Darth Vader Pulls Off a North Carolina Bank Robbery, Gets Drunk at a Hockey Game in One Week

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Enter in the Rear FAIL

door engrish hotel - 6724869888
Created by Shebakoby

Chin Ups FAIL

break gifs - 6272695040

It's Full of Surprises, and Failure!

cake baking expectations vs reality Nailed It - 8124320000
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When Life Gives You Hockey Pucks, Make Clocks!

food clock DIY - 8228549376
Via Acid Cow
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