Frank Ocean is Singing Forest Gump. On National Television. Our Feels Were Not Prepared for This.

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RIP Alan Myers, Devo Drummer

gif Music Devo - 7611164672
Via bsidebobby
Music cover Video vintage - 83432705

If Your'e Ready for a Vintage Prom Version of 'Closer' by Chainsmokers & Halsey, PostmodernJukebox Has it Covered

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Playing Invisible Guitar With an Invisible Pick(achu)

bass gifs pikachu Pokémon - 6013726720

No Church In The Wild, so We'll Worship Jay Z Instead

gifs Jay Z Grammys - 7053978880
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Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Bell Auditioned For the Spice Girls Tour

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Watch Your Finger Position

balls guitars - 7165506816
Created by Ebolavire

Cover Design for the New Slayer Album...

slayer skeletons album covers - 7077506560

Odds Were in His Favor

seattle rain - 6792328704
Created by Dr.Rockso

Some Composers Just Want to Watch the World Burn

classical - 6179419392
Created by ParadoxialEvent

The Sound of Indie Cred Gently Imploding

commercial hipster indie - 6450882048
Via Wondermark

Sit and Share Cher's Chair While You Stare at Cher

cher - 7719769856

Lazy Lyric Spackle

Cheezburger Image 8595187968
Created by stitchfan ( Via )

Soon Bruno Mars Will Be Mine

concert ecard live - 5883537408

Literal Traditions

KISS literal - 7939416832

Five Shops, One Direction

one direction - 6473408768
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