Hey Ya!

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By Unknown


Deadmau5 sexy - 6734983680
By Lucky810

Night Light

led zeppelin pun - 6399587072
By Unknown
music videos Parenting FAILS - 47553793

"45 Is The New 15"... The New Hit from the Man Band 'Pushing 40'

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Theory of a Deadmau5

Deadmau5 store - 6147598336
By Unknown
Recorder Video horse - 47196673

This Horse is a Better Musician Than Bieber

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Good Guy Tupac

2Pac tupac good guy - 6827756800
By Unknown

Grandma is in for a Rude Awakening

gangnam style - 6681746176
By Unknown

Do You Even Classic Rock?

classic rock puns - 7021626368
By Unknown

Sure, I'll Give You the Passoword

comic Beethoven - 6696594432
By Unknown
classical dubstep lessons piano Video - 35538433

Learn to Play Skrillex on the Piano

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Oh, Fantine

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By conman0804 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Looks Like It's Been Half-Stepped On

Music trombones puns marching band funny g rated - 7565494272
Via Band Geek Things

I Worship a Deity More Evil Than Satan

black metal twilight heavy metal - 6881379584
By Unknown

The Early Encore

FAIL show - 7746495488
By thurgood (Via Highgreen Dawn)
africa toto - 55562497

Oil Riggers Lip Dub Toto's 'Africa'

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