Poorly Dressed

Exactly the Word I Was Looking For!

lady bits nope pants see through underwear - 6454689024
Created by Brittany

Wonder Which "Celebrity Chef" They're Referring To...

costume poorly dressed g rated - 8362236416
Via Toys "R" Us

Yeah, That's Totally Worth $500

expensive fashion paint shoes what - 6360142080
Via The Awesomer

Princess Jager is Down on Her Luck

alcohol ballerina g rated poorly dressed princess tutu - 6488798208
Created by Unknown

Thank You For the Visual

poop tshirt funny poorly dressed - 7519177728
Created by Unknown

Jaleel White, Is That You?

cooking lingerie odd weird - 5977617664
Created by Unknown

Why Does Your Hair Turn Brown Near Your Ass?

dye hair - 6531991552
Created by Unknown

This Youtube Commenter Says it Better Than I Could

hat youtube comments - 6537503488
Created by Unknown

It Goes With Everything!

t shirts poorly dressed words no pants - 8143642368
Via lookhuman

For the Athletic Cowboy

shoes poorly dressed boots cowboy boots sneakers - 8284825600
Via theCHIVE

Sunglasses Make Everyone Look Cooler

sunglasses poorly dressed monkey - 8074598656
Via haider_ali94

Get Your Priorities in Order

t shirts poorly dressed g rated - 8340748288
Via Amazon

Burka FAIL

burka dating mask Mortal Kombat video games - 5782968320
Created by Unknown

Speaking of Exotic Birds

bird costume mohawk poorly dressed woman - 5908395264
Created by Unknown

In Loving Memory

t shirts poorly dressed - 8229476352
Via whalepranks

Maybe They Should Put Belt Loops on Workout Clothes

gym poorly dressed treadmill - 8310232064
Via xaxor
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