Poorly Dressed

Tell it Like it Is!

bow earrings innuendo pink sad face - 4328956928

The Right to Literally Bear Arms

barack obama airplane t shirts poorly dressed g rated - 8354193152
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Couldn't Hold It?

paint pee skirts - 7360000256

Punk Rockers Dress the Best

cross dressing dress testingzone - 4839020544
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To Boldly Go Where No Trekkie Has Gone Before

bra Star Trek - 6812765952
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Can I Make a Withdraw, From My Eyes?

ATM - 6764056320

A Better Kind of Birthday Suit

cake poorly dressed birthday sweatshirt lightning Cats win g rated - 8149202688
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A Subtler Tribute to Halloween

earrings Jewelry poorly dressed skeleton - 8339792896
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Who Wears Short Shorts?

jean shorts sexy tube top - 6613224960

Irrefutable Evidence

robert downey jr - 7344697856

Behold, the TaTa Top!

poorly dressed bikini - 8235149312
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"Why Thank You, Sir! My Pants WERE Falling Down!"

saggy pants hoodie belt poorly dressed - 6891642880

The Only Thing That Could Improve a Vest

poorly dressed vest Cats - 8271467264
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IRL Troll Doll

doll scary troll wtf - 4335173120
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Just Another Day on The Subway

costume wtf poorly dressed - 7916650496

Both Styles Are a little Cramping

fashion puns - 7868645376
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