Poorly Dressed

Poor Fashion Coverage: One Terrible Brand Deserves Another

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How About McAfee?

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By Unknown

That's the pocket where she keeps her gold

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By Unknown

I Must Strongly Resist the Urge to Lick It

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Pro Tip: Newly Planted Hair Seeds Grow Better in Neat Furrows

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By Squirrelet

Never Thought About it That Way

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Artoo Grew Some Legs, But Now He Needs Some Pants

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By _AfterDarkness_

He Really Wears His Heart on His Shirt

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Not a Half-Bad Idea, Actually

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No Girls Allowed!

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By Unknown

I'm Not Kitten Around

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Armed and Dangerous

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By shaboom140

The Term 'Stretch' In Stretch Pants Is Not A Challenge

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By Unknown

Is this More or Less Fashionable than Wearing a Shoe?

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By Unknown
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