Poorly Dressed


bow cat cosplay facepaint furry lolita tiger - 5796475392
Created by Unknown

Just My Size!

shoes comic - 6788929792
Created by Unknown

Fashion Is a Vicious Business

dress code job retail store work - 5244287488
Via boingboing.net

Cthulhu Slippers WIN

cute slippers cthulhu g rated win - 6915810560
Via Laughing Squid

When Taxidermy Meets Fashion

poorly dressed hat - 8093407232
Created by Unknown

That's His Going-to-GameStop Outfit

costume video games poorly dressed - 8332982784
Via WonderPhil92

Colorful Conversationalist

poorly dressed language t shirts g rated - 8086784256
Via Amazon

Dressed to News: Clip That Thing Off!

emo g rated haircut Hall of Fame news poorly dressed true facts - 6230964992
Via News.Au

The Most Thorough Video on Scarves Ever

scarves funny - 7634621184
Created by Unknown

Hair by Garnier, Lips By Skittles

lipstick pretty colors rainbow skittles - 6230072320
Created by Unknown

The Best Foundation Secret Fashion Magazines Won't Tell You

comic makeup poorly dressed - 7890989568
Created by Unknown

The Coolest Parents

chaps leather parenting punk - 5045193728
Created by Sjoeter ( Via www.facebook.com )

Bra Cat Sunglasses FTW

bra cat Deal With It glasses g rated poorly dressed shirt sunglasses - 5777927680
Created by Unknown

Step 1 of Intervention: Not So Subtle T-Shirt

subtle tshirt poorly dressed - 7709432832
Created by Unknown

I'm On an All-Rainbow Diet

rainbow scene tutu - 4953244416
Created by Unknown

Conditioning It Was All They Could Manage

hair - 7954348288
Created by Unknown
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