Poorly Dressed

Know Your Sweaters

fashion movies puns - 7896108544
Created by conans

The Game's Over, This Guy Wins

beach crazy pretty colors rainbow - 6220148224
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Your Shirt May Explain Why That Other Chair is Empty

poorly dressed IRL t shirts - 8225700608
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Lifts? Yes. Separates? Probably Not.

best of week bewbs bra Hall of Fame hands underwear - 6417928192
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You're Only as Old as You Feel

hat poorly dressed teenagers - 8328226560
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Get a Stable

horse masks poorly dressed g rated - 7344715264
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Seems Legit

polo shirt - 6529974784
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Yeah, That's Totally Worth $500

expensive fashion paint shoes what - 6360142080
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The Fast Food Brigade

cheeseburger fast food kitschy shirt - 6412369408
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You Can Create High-Fashion Looks at Home

fashion selfie poorly dressed g rated - 8076120576
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good idea jeans shorts wtf - 4193460224
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Always Match Your Dog

dogs American Flag poorly dressed matching g rated - 8070288896
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I Have That Issue Of Nintendo Power

costume nun smoking toilet - 5935639552
Created by Unknown

How Many Muppets Had to Die to Make this Jumpsuit?

fur muppets funny - 7482605568
Created by Unknown

Stuck a Feather in Her Hat and Called it Avant Garde

avant garde old timey - 6532514816
Created by Unknown

Growing a Moustache

brad pitt moustache pedo - 5801264128
Created by Unknown
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