funny memes about parenting, kids and families

Parenting Memes For The Always Exhausted

So much fun.
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funny memes about having children and being a parent

Parenting Memes For The Perpetually Stressed

Distract yourself from the stress of having a family with memes about the stress of having a family.
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entitled sister-in-law steals baby name but parents use it anyway

Entitled Sister-In-Law Steals Baby Name, Freaks Out When Couple Doesn't Care

That's refreshing.
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An entitled mom tells a high school principal to go ahead and change their signature.

Entitled Mom Tells Principal To Change Their Signature

Can't be easy being a high school principal.
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An entitled mom singlehandedly ends an engagement and gets banned from a restaurant.

Entitled Mom Ends Engagement And Gets Banned From Restaurant

Wow, the audacity.
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marriage relationships parenting in laws parents - 15674117

Mother-In-Law Forcefully Grabs Grand-Baby From Its Mother, Then Demands Apology

Never grab a baby away from their parent.
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aita bad parenting parenting parents - 15673861

Babysitter Forced to Call Police on Parent After She is Abandoned With the Children

Mother abandons children with baby sitter and doesn't come home. So the babysitter calls the police.
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funny times kids were weird and dumb

Conclusive Proof That Kids Are Dumb And Weird

What's their deal?
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wrong things peoples parents told them

Wrong and Dumb Things People's Parents Told Them

There's a lot to unlearn.
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County mower messes with dad's shrubs, so dad ends up taking revenge with rebar | r/ProRevenge u/SwizzleMalarki 1y Join County mower trimmed down our shrubs no reason. Go ahead and try again First time posting reading post on here about neighbor running over poles their yard and reminded this story. Also writing this my phone, so bear with Tl;dr at bottom 7 or 8 my dad planted row shrubs along front property. They started out as scrawny sticks, but fast-forward few years and they were big

County Mower Shreds Dad's Shrubs, Dad Revenges With Rebar

Hard to mow a reinforcing bar.
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greedy 9 year old Halloween kid has to give candy away

Kid Gets Greedy On Halloween, Parent Makes Him Give His Candy Away

The internet judged.
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funny parenting memes

Parenting Memes For Those Whose Lives Are Over

Good luck out there.
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parents stories of looking away for a second as their kid does something bad

Parents and Their "I Just Looked Away For a Second" Moments

Aaaand they're gone.
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A babysitter goes out of town and then an entitled mom expects the babysitter to show up anyways.

Babysitter Leaves Town, Entitled Mom Still Expects Babysitter To Show Up

A surreal level of blind ignorance and persistence.
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A funny Tumblr post about a dad who pretends to hate cats, but actually loves them.

Tumblr Story: Dad Pretends To Hate Cat, The Truth Comes Out

We see right through it, dad.
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marriage relationships parenting wedding - 15515141

Delusional Husband Insists His Wife Should Stay Home With the Kids So He Can Attend HER Brother’s Wedding

This guy is so off-based when he insists his wife stays home with the kids so that he can attend her brother's wedding.
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