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Daughter Hides Camera in Divorced Dad's Office to Spy For Her Mother

This wife discovered a camera hidden in her husband's office and immediately suspected her unruly stepdaughter, who had been turned against her father and his new wife by her mother. The daughter had previously lived with them until several incidents that resulted in damage, including setting an “accidental” fire in the kitchen. The wife explains that her husband's ex-wife. When the wife confronted her stepdaughter about the camera, it was revealed that she had placed it there on behalf of her…
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Dad Disowns Son After He Discovers He's Not Actually His, Wonders Why Son is Upset

What is with the number of threads like this lately? In the last day alone we have seen two threads where fathers have discovered that they are not actually the biological parent of their children. Only discovering the affairs years later when the kids are teenagers or adults. The other thread, also posted this week was one where the father's children disowned him for their biological father after the truth was revealed. In this thread, rather than being posted by one of the children, it has be…
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stepmother wants stepdaughter to parent her children in the morning

Stepmother Demands Stepdaughter Wake Up Early To Parent Her Children

What is this, Disney?
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Parents Cancel Kid's Birthday For His Entitled Brother, He Tells His Entire School

This dejected son shared their story of the time their parents canceled their birthday party due to their sibling's entitled tantrums. They explain that their brother had high-functioning autism and the inter-workings of the family dynamic that was built around that presented a situation where the dejected son was having to make constant concessions for their brother and share everything that they had with them. It definitely reads as a difficult situation for this family, but the shades these…
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Stepmother Demands Apology After 'Sea World' Standoff, Tells Stepdaughter She's Not a Part of "The Real Family"

She's the one who needs to apologize
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Spoiled Daughter Wants $30k Europe Trip as Reward, Dad Wants His Partner to Pay

This dad is determined to give his darling princess a thirty thousand dollar Europe trip as a reward for getting into college. I don't know about you… But if a $30k Europe trip is a suitable reward just for getting into college then these people are living in a completely different world than the rest of us. Not only is the premise of the trip itself absolutely insane, but the Dad also wants his partner to front the change. This is completely against the precedent that has been set in their rel…
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Husband Cries When Wife Plans Pregnancy Surprise

When this wife discovered she was pregnant, she devised a plot to surprise her husband (who was yet unaware) with the news. Little did she know… Her husband had discovered the hidden pregnancy test by accident and assumed the worst, aided by some deep-seated trauma. It takes a lot to bring a man to tears in a public restroom… It's something we tend to try to avoid, so hats off to this wife for achieving something quite extraordinary anyways. It seems that, more often than not, these types of su…
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Irate Mother Stands Up For Daughter When Teacher Turns Her Harrassment Into "Lesson"

I'm willing to believe that this teacher didn't understand the full context of the situation. When you're constantly handling and overseeing the disagreements of 30+ students it's easy for the antagonists and antagonized to all blur together into a milkshake of “He said, She said” statements. With that context and understanding in mind, it becomes fitting to apply the generalized “lessons” to the entire involved group. From the teacher's perspective, how do you even know that one particular stu…
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Parents Disown Child, Contact Now-Adult Child Years Later Asking For Money

"You reap what you sow."
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funny parenting memes

Parenting Tweets For The Ones Out There Doing Their Best

Good work, probably.
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Mom Steals Child's College Fund, Uses it to Remodel Kitchen

How's that new kitchen looking mom?
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Parents Threaten to Kick Daughter Out to Exercise Control, So She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Sometimes you have to make the hard choice in order to improve your future life.
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karen at beach wants kid to put shirt on because scars make her uncomfortable

Beach Karen "Politely" Demands Kid Hide His Scars From Her Children, Gets Told Off

The sheer audacity.
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creepy things kids said

Twitter Users Share Terrifically Creepy Things Kids Said To Them

Kid's haunted.
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Rude Nurse Repeatedly Insisting to a Mother That Her Adopted Child "Isn't Hers" Gets A Verbal Beatdown

A rude practice nurse who was repeatedly insisting to a mother that her adopted child “wasn't hers” received an absolute earful from the mother. However, when she got home, her husband told her that she should not have blown up on the nurse like that. This story was posted today to Reddit's “Am I the A-Hole” subreddit by Reddit user u/whattheactualf-ck13 , the mother in the story. She posted the story to the popular subreddit to get commenters' opinions on whether her response was warranted or…
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Entitled Coworker Thinks That Her Leave is More Important Because She Has Kids, Tries to Guilt Trip Coworker Into Giving Her Booked Leave

You're not more important just because you have kids.
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