School of Fail

Some Kids Go to Lecture Hall Totally Baked

costume lecture funny college - 8413463040
Via Bruised Bergina

What Science Do You See?

microscope science Fake Science funny g rated School of FAIL - 7477149696
By Unknown

Now That's Bad-A

funny science Neil deGrasse Tyson library g rated School of FAIL - 8241335552
By Unknown
facts mind blown science - 46309121

More Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind

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Yesterday Was Hell...

funny homework procrastination sunday - 8332302592
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funny science teens Video sleeping - 58990593

Sleep in on School Days

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Be Sure to Do Some Hand Stands

T.Shirt calculator funny g rated School of FAIL - 8275542272
By anselmbe

How Do I Math?

teachers - 6569719552
By Unknown
magnets science funny - 55025665

Continuing the Conversation on Magnets

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Astronauts Are Vain

astronaut funny pee no no tubes - 8333968896
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school students videos teachers funny - 50147585

High School Student Educates Teacher About Doing Her Job

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Just Science Trolling

troll science funny School of FAIL - 8233048576
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What About SWAG?

swag - 6573281280
By Unknown

Good Job, You Ruined Graduation

twitter yolo - 6308023296
By Unknown
students prank - 48933633

The Infinte Loop of Students

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Meteor Terminology

meteor wtf science funny - 8390612224
Via The Glowing Shadow
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