School of Fail

Good Guy Jonas Salk

vaccine medicine - 6685161984

Good Job, You Ruined Graduation

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life science alone funny Video earth - 61550337

Are We Alone?

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Not As Much as They Think It Is

wrong math graph g rated School of FAIL - 7155352832

Start Studying for Those Exams

school exams School of FAIL - 7404632576
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Good Luck Paying For College!

college infographics the Roosevelts tuition - 6585025280
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Beware the Asteroids

Astronomy asteroids funny science g rated - 8226819840
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rainforest documentary science - 55736065

Random Documentary Time: The Wilds of Thailand

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Pi Day shakespeare - 35453185

Shakespeare in Mathematics 101: Pi is Everywhere!

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Get to Punching and Learning

sign wtf learning funny - 8183850240
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physics science Video - 67140097

The Physics of Ice Skating

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So Began the X-Birds

that poor, poor adapted bird.
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twitter rant tila tequila flat earther will astound you

According to Tila Tequila, Her Proof That the Earth is Flat Will Rock Your Disc-Shaped World!

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Journalism 101: All You Communication Majors Out There, Take Note

class is in session - 6331937280

Yeah. You Can't Do That.

detention - 5980345856
Created by xSmallGuy

The Chemistry of Emotions

brain Chemistry emotions - 6899443200
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