There, I Fixed It

Triple Fix

zip ties PVC pipes - 7321199616
Created by adamyaz

Untangling The Mystery

earbuds headphones tangled zipper - 6070948096

Got Power Line Clearance Issues?

mailbox pole telephone pole - 6574857728
Created by batteryguy

Cheezburger Changes: There, We Fixed It!

Cheezburger Image 6499853568
Via Cheezburger's Blog

Hope Their Work is Better Than Their Quality Corntol

home improvement spelling g rated there I fixed it - 6915456512
Created by hazcat42

I Should Be a Plumber

plumber shower bath bathtub bathroom pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6747879168
Created by thatguyonherenow

Just an Average Day in Kansas

lawn mower rear spoiler - 6528795136
Created by Mac


public bathroom soap dispenser - 3226038272
Created by drinkfast

Canoe Manuevers. Canoe-vers?

canoe truck - 6377702400
Created by Unknown

Ladders, Man's Real Best Friend

ladder Professional At Work safety first - 5258974208

Yeah, See, If It's Not Facing Traffic, It's Still Broken

traffic lights duct tape funny - 7616778752
Created by kristaj1994

When you run out of drainpipes...

drain gutters home improvement it-fits - 5055070464
Created by GaiaSpawn

Direct Injection Cooling

cooling engine hood - 6142860032
Created by krknopp

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words, But a Kludge is Worth a Million Dollars

bottle printer water bottle - 6402570496
Created by Unknown

Is This All That It's Good For Now?

computers doorstop there I fixed it - 7865443072
Created by SgtGlory

Wind, Schmind. It'll be FINE.

car window cardboard packing tape rear window - 4421755904
Created by Ryuusei
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