There, I Fixed It

Putting the Pedal to the Piddle

public restroom bathroom public bathroom restroom toilet urinal - 6296475136
Via Reddit

Just the Tip!

vacuum cleaner - 7109436672
By deceptacle

CCTV: Closed Circuit Troll Vision

rednecks trolling - 5980663808
By Unknown

Cheeziest Motel Ever

hotel refrigerator - 6916376320
By markanson

This Toilet's Not Running

eastern europe locked up toilet wtf - 5243766016
By Unknown

My Bad!

car bumper bumper - 6906742016
By Unknown


conversion gun tractor war machine - 4038108672
By Dar-Kfrei

Practicing For the Party

bathroom beer shower - 4340939008
By Matt

Patchwork Car

cars duct tape funny - 7650938624
By Unknown

Buy a Shed? No Way!

construction plywood woodworking shed g rated there I fixed it - 7130164992
By DoctorTwo

No More Puddles

solo cup funny air conditioner there I fixed it - 7712015360
By Unknown

If You Don't Have Any Spellotape...

Harry Potter duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7817782016
Via awesomedae


food Hall of Fame Inception meta - 4641342208
By jeffrykeen
dual use Hall of Fame How To spoon Video - 28583937

Now That You've Opened Your Wine, How About Some Soup?

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Sometimes You Need to Throw a Wrench in the Works

fix it toilet paper funny wrench - 7484701440
By teepee91

So Fresh and So Clean!

shoe - 6599564544
By Unknown
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