There, I Fixed It

Russian Tricycles Are Best Tricycles

russia tricycles meanwhile in russia tricycle - 6749061632
Via Señor Gif

Not-A-Kludge: A Workout Fit for a Viking

barbell not a kludge weights working out - 4444952576
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

Dare you to drive over it...

pothole tax dollars at work - 5320736512
Created by Unknown

The Computer Case Nightstand

computer computer stand desk nightstand - 6524476160
Created by The Aether Technician ( Via Aether Technician )

Yarn: The Perfect Failsafe

caution Kludge rope safety television twine - 3992006912
Created by Unknown


Apple product cardboard box speakers - 4235209984
Created by thomas529

Minnesota State Trooper Pulls Over Ford Pinto, Finds Something a Tad Bit Off

ford gas can - 6407879680
Created by hamsterpony ( Via KARE Minneapolis )

Paper Towel Basket

basket bathroom dual use paper towel unnecessary wtf - 4612796672

Fry Ponders This Fix

computer repair laptop meme Steampunk - 4846404608
Created by Unknown

What a Fortunately Located Growth

dangerous farm holding it up Professional At Work - 4519000064
Created by Unknown

What a Leech

electrical fire electricity outlet stupidity - 5277226240
Created by Unknown

He'll Probably Have To Change It Again Soon

belt car repairs mechanic zip tie - 4694597632

Eye See Now!

sunglasses glasses - 7016659968
Created by katana.1979

Spidertable, Spidertable!

g rated Hall of Fame table table legs there I fixed it - 6357002496
Created by Unknown

Pass Me the Sham-Poo

bathroom shower toilet - 6584054528
Created by Peter Lindgren

Duct Tape Car

car car fail duct tape car fix suv - 6716197120
Created by Justin K
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