There, I Fixed It

Gotta Hand it to Them. . .

art funny - 7575500288
By eeveedude632 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Fixing Under Pressure

bad puns dual use kitchen kludge zip ties - 4762589696
By Jimmy D

How to Flush When Your Flusher Is Stolen

bathroom beer beer can can flush flushing toilet - 5744498432
By A.J. P.

Paper Strikes Again!

cars dual use paper wtf - 5798182656
By flpimpn

When Life Gives You Lemons

apple products electricity Hall of Fame ipod - 5847765760
By el.carl2

Let Me Make it Easy for You

funny g rated there I fixed it - 7592476416
By Unknown

The Third Stooge Already Plummeted

contstruction dangerous Professional At Work - 4269448192
By Unknown

And That's Why, You Don't Text and Drive

cars dual use holding it up wtf - 4533881856
By Unknown


duct tape Professional At Work sign - 3412809216
By Unknown

Toilet Telecoms

bathroom internet toilet wifi - 6419112192
By Unknown

Makeshift Bike Light

bikes Electrical tape flashlight there I fixed it g rated - 7905505536
By Roy

Trust me, This'll be Faster

transportation construction funny - 7541790976
By Unknown


heights Mission Improbable unsafe - 3391394304
By Unknown

A Much Better Way to Organize the Sauces

at at fast food star wars there I fixed it g rated - 7948672256
By Unknown

That's so Dangerous

cars dangerous driving safety first seat belt - 5668832000
By Unknown

Stay Open!

dishwasher - 6521790464
By rdquintas
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