There, I Fixed It


bicycle bike lock construction - 3853342720
Created by plutonium322

No Money Left to Fix the Mirror?

mirrors cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7839804672
Created by Jack_Preacher

Drill Cocktail

drill blender - 6848241664
Created by amakay

So Is It a "Wood"fire "Grill?"

grill van - 6229761024
Created by Unknown

Police Won't Find This Suspicious At All

cars dual use green energy solar power wtf - 4553294592

A Bathroom Stall at Staples

funny - 7671217408
Created by Unknown

Share The Air!

air conditioner college dual use Hall of Fame - 5242708736
Created by MahboobeAlam

A Playground for Little Masochists

russia slide playground meanwhile in russia - 6792876800
Created by Dar-Kfrei ( Via Exler )

Front Projection Television

classy television TV - 4557008896


apple kitchen milk crate nom Professional At Work - 3492729856
Created by alicia

Fix Modem? Nailed it!... Err, Clamped It!

clamps internet - 7196292864
Created by Unknown

Towels Make Good Insulators, Right?

car window towels cars funny there I fixed it - 7733453312
Created by Eyellgeteven ( Via )

Maxipad Table Balancer

balance table - 5916692992
Created by starrnao

This is a Totally Brilliant Idea. . . If You Want to Break Your Neck

ladders perfectly safe funny g rated there I fixed it - 7683287296


bathroom printer shelf shower - 6519399936
Created by Unknown

Screw Unscrewing the Old One!

toilet toilet tank - 6350895872
Created by Unknown
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