There, I Fixed It

Noise Cancellation: Nailed It!

sponge - 6652869888
Created by Unknown


CRT monitor Kludge nice plants puns recycling recycling-is-good-right - 3741300736
Created by jebs

Renault Espace Custom Camper

trailers camper - 7084737280
Created by DoctorTwo

I'm Not Sure Yet, But I'm Leaning Toward Getting That Fixed

ford pickup truck - 6587271424
Created by mkstacy

Coffee Can to the Rescue!

clamp exhaust hose - 6535714048

Gaffer Tape Can Do Anything!

airplane duct tape helicopter plane tape - 6588969984
Created by Ray Tracer


electrical hazard phone phone jack - 3316048896
Created by Unknown


doing it wrong driveway garage steps - 3587008512
Created by Beentheredonethat

A Little Higher...Perfect!

windows fans air conditioning there I fixed it - 7877307392
Created by Unknown

A Few Screws Loose?

light switch Electrical tape funny there I fixed it - 7762145280
Created by Cass


books gun - 4111287296
Created by Unknown

The Redneck Cuckoo Clock

redneck duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 6859725056
Created by Ted

Built-In Monitor

computers monitors there I fixed it g rated - 7960029952
Via Izismile

Now You Can Snake Forever

battery cell phone electronics - 5581319936
Created by trisky

The Parking Lot Expansion Hit a <del>Wall</del> Pole

parking Professional At Work - 5413815296
Created by Unknown

Cheeziest Motel Ever

hotel refrigerator - 6916376320
Created by markanson
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