There, I Fixed It

Concrete: The World's Newest Conductor

electricity FAIL power lines Professional At Work - 4369998080
Created by Unknown

And You Said We'd Have to Wait to Use This Card

funny - 7455737856
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I Told You to Stop Slamming Doors

funny - 7510980352
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A Cool Tree Distracts Them From The Awful Presents

electricity ladder lights - 5634941184
Created by Unknown

Hot Melt Headlight

glue gun headlight hot glue - 6704296704
Created by LuisTombo

Worst of Both Worlds

computer repair laptop monitor - 4780078336
Created by TavoT

The Power Tower

computer computer tower console Dell desktop tape - 6188909312
Created by Bah

Only Off By A Couple Inches

computer case computer repair laziness USB - 4727995904
Created by Unknown

Cooling The Owie

computer repair cooling laptop - 5134279936
Created by scott

That's Not a Rope, That's a Weedwacker

cars dual use moving day wtf - 5657319168
Created by Josh


balance construction unsafe - 2892078592
Created by piraterob


boat hauling mod school bus - 2885772544
Created by razielthomas
motors funny there I fixed it Video g rated - 54850049

Everything's Better With Motors

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Switching It Up

overkill switch television - 5824026368
Via shd4807


there I fixed it - 8013711872
Created by Unknown

Fixed That Forking Window

forks there I fixed it windows - 7932013568
Created by oooEMooo
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