There, I Fixed It


towing trailers van - 4036580096
Created by Unknown

Tangled Headphones? No Problem!

earbuds headphones - 6507144192
Created by russellmillerthehero


light bulb milk jug porch - 3326072576
Created by Unknown


car fail car fix car grill grill - 6464007936
Created by torsimany

Those Twelve Cents Make a Big Difference

chicken prices there I fixed it g rated - 7373401344
Created by illa.riestrnav

The Trap is Set!

Cheezburger Image 7405293056
Created by Unknown

Camping On The Flood Plain

camper camping suv tent truck - 5938736384
Created by Unknown

I'll never Lego

legos classic wall win - 7443087104
Created by Unknown

We Really Need a New Intern

coffee Office Professional At Work tape waterproof - 4699777280
Created by 3Pack

If You Can Think of A Better Way To Lift Glass, He'd Like To Hear It

glass holding it up safety first - 4664136960
Created by tf73ky

Take Your Grill To Work Day

bbq bicycle moving day transportation - 5202596096
Created by Unknown

Who Needs the Genius Bar?

laptop duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7742699264
Via thisismestalkingyou


ceiling computer hanging screen tied together - 3680527104
Created by Unknown

Antique Stores Aren't The Same Anymore

art clever sewing - 4320338176
Created by Michael

SWAT Teams Are More Effective Now

nokia peanut phone - 6108796928
Created by Unknown

Homemade Oven Rack

funny oven there I fixed it - 7777501696
Created by ClabberHead
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