There, I Fixed It

Seriously! ONE. JOB.

road paint you had one job g rated there I fixed it - 7044751872
Created by Mission_Possible


American Flag car mod motorcycle not street legal - 3243875840
Created by Unknown

Come For The Hummus, Stay For The Blackouts

electrical fire meme Professional At Work - 5047639040
Created by Snake73

You Can Take Away My License, But Not My Imagination

driving dual use phones tape - 5448172544
Created by Unknown

I Think You're Forgetting a Hole Somewhere

apple products cars driving duct tape ipod - 4438875392
Created by Unknown

Rollin', Hatin', Etc.

they see me rollin - 6686412800
Created by _C_A_T_

The Poorsche

volkswagen - 6554790912
Created by Unknown

Perfect Fit

doors there I fixed it spoons - 7921581568
Via Izismile

Genuine Mazda Parts

engine grill - 6028939264
Created by pfffftttchhlolool
videos there I fixed it - 49796097

This Single-Pole Treehouse is So Cool, it Deserves its Own Rap

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I Can Handle This

handles cars - 7152509952
Created by KNKAstraF

You Can Barely Tell the Difference!

keyboard - 6393385472
Created by Nuno Miguel Penedo

Mortar, Smortar, All I Need is Duct Tape

brick duct tape mailbox Professional At Work - 4415065344
Created by perlbanger

Mirror, Mirror On The Door...

broken cars dual use mirror side mirror - 4818557184
Created by buzzstrike

Genius Guy is Looking Out for Pedestrians

Cheezburger Image 6824672256
Created by ryalized ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


car exhaust soda can - 4210738944
Created by vert
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