There, I Fixed It

Pass Me the Sham-Poo

bathroom shower toilet - 6584054528
Created by Unknown

I'm Sure That'll Work

doors duct tape funny - 7106766592

Bungies? Naw, Tape it Down!

duct tape funny trucks - 7634715648
Created by 1000wattwarlock

Is This Why The Coats Are Under The Sink?

garbage holding it up neat - 5391442432
Created by Unknown

"Son, Fetch Me Mah Rakin' Stick"

rake yard work - 7376435712
Created by Unknown

Multitasking Ahoy!

laptop Multitasking treadmill - 6555198720

Screen Refuses to Stay Down?

projector screen - 7039624192
Created by yoshi1277

We Need to Call in the Big Guns!

DIY duct tape Hall of Fame - 6043614208
Created by theargonaut187

Stairs to Nowhere

stairs funny there I fixed it - 7620715264
Created by ChrisChagares

Can I Get Extra Pepperoni on That?

laptops DIY - 7150998272

I've Never Seen a Fence This... This...

bungee cord fence - 6298700800
Created by Unknown

I Feel Like We're Just Going in Circles Here

crosswalk paint road marker road paint road signs - 6602071296

Lost the Button, Why Not a Pin?

button - 6765490176
Created by Unknown

If That Were My Van...

ruler van - 6015421952
Created by Unknown

Meet Sprayracha

g rated spray bottle there I fixed it - 6284432896
Via Laughing Squid

It's on Its Last Legs

clamp legs table table legs - 6507616000
Created by Lestopher
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