There, I Fixed It

The Mansmobile

car fail car fix car hood duct tape mustache - 6241574912
Created by sobenson

Mobile Car Fort

2x4 cars fort moving wtf - 5338144512
Created by Unknown

Kaution: Kludging Ahead

air conditioning caution tape - 6366745088
Created by Angela

The Custom Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

lawn mower scooter craigslist - 6690717696
Created by Cleveland N. ( Via Craigslist )

Bang Any Key To Continue

art computer case Music - 4717983744
Created by Floydian4ever

It Was Two-For-One so I Figured. . .

cars tires funny - 7502939648
Created by ROCHUSMC

Mad Science Monday: We Need A New Letter In The Alphabet To Name This Battery

batteries Mad Science Monday screwdriver technology tools wtf - 5206702592
Created by L MICHAELIS

Mad Science Monday: Souper Delivery Service

dangerous Finland Mad Science Monday sled snow - 4784019968
Created by Unknown

No Fire Extinguisher Available? Guess What?

water fire fire extinguisher - 6822085632
Created by Madeph

And That's Why, You Don't Text and Drive

cars dual use holding it up wtf - 4533881856
Created by Unknown

Leave Home, But Bring The Tree Fort

construction eastern europe safety first - 5697951744
Created by timour


cardboard drawer - 4183677440
Created by Unknown

Safety (Vest) First

balancing act ladder Professional At Work safety first - 4491490048
Created by D

Shower's Fixed!

shower duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7734562816
Via hagnet


broken gross list Mission Improbable - 3567032064
Created by Unknown

Power Out? Not on My Android!

battery android charger phone - 6714613504
Created by potstech
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