From Buttsecks to Bro Wrest

buttsecks draw something - 6036520192
Created by Unknown

Thanks Mom!

mom g rated AutocoWrecks - 7022951680
Created by Unknown

Call Me!

call me - 6355717888
Created by Unknown

An Epiphany

First World Problems apple AutocoWrecks - 7848243712
Created by Unknown

Be There in a What?

autocorrect text funny - 7774995968
Via becakadaisy

The Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread

food toast - 5604235520
Created by Unknown

Siri Has Good Days and Bad Days

awesome siri - 5313181184

I'd Hate to Be the Curator of That Gallery

art iPhones - 7368960000
Created by kira

Cheating on Apple With Microsoft

apple siri - 6035577344
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Have to Run With It

autocorrect text funny AutocoWrecks - 7803575552
Via foodingfrenzy

Never Say Bieber

auto correct Bieber justin bieber lesbian shortcut - 5590016256
Created by Unknown

Tell Her What She Wants to Hear

iPhones - 6588208384
Created by Ceal33

Explain Phone, O'Reilly

AutocoWrecks g rated phone who was phone - 5720865536
Created by Unknown

Isn't the State of Modern Discourse the Best?

iPhones modern discourse - 6816018688
Created by Unknown

I Need More Friends...

brother Rage Comics - 6508778496
Created by Unknown

I'm Sensing Some Bitterness...

butt iPhones bitter anal - 6936302080
Created by racoonattack
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