Newsworthy: Instagram Is Part of the Machine Now

facebook instagram - 6090534912
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You Mean the Britney Song, Right?

autocorrect text - 7846107392
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UNIVERSAL Serial Bus Rage

comic rage comic - 5689153536

Some People Are Slow

dumb joke no punchline slow - 5728651008

32-Bit Angry Birds

angry birds AutocoWrecks games nintendo video games - 5568287744

First World Auto Correct Problems

auto correct First World Problems meme - 5525942016
By Unknown

Lice: The Worst Patronus Ever

auto correct Harry Potter - 5522590976
By Alex

Not Entirely Inaccurate...

autocorrect text doctor who AutocoWrecks - 7917766656
By erinrachel

Just Have a Good Time at Work, Okay?

autocorrect text - 7863765760
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a conversation via text between mittens the cat and her owner - very funny texts of conversations if cats where able to text

Hilarious Conversations Between Mittens And Her Owner

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Not Wearing Pants Would Be a Good Start

autocorrect masturbation - 5378562560
By Unknown

TBH, It Just Doesn't Seem Right

autocorrect text - 7868153856
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iphone 5 Samsung Video - 42256897

The iPhone 5 Drop Test

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Yes. "Gadgets"

breasts - 6964968448
By Unknown

The Legend of the One-Eyed Monster

burn p33n put down - 5501367552

I Might Just Try To Save a Life JUST For This

from the future pranks - 7026650880
By Unknown
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