What's Screwy, My Mother?

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Manday Night Football

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I Can Fap To This

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Well Now I Can Hardly Wait!

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Via Doghouse Diaries

I Was Going to Anyway

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Created by Jamesroro

Quick, Powerful, n' Dirty

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Don't Tell Me What I Can or Can't Be!

iPhones - 7322098176

That's How I Remember Titanic

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Created by Kolschy

Siri Does Not Appreciate the Comparison

siri AutocoWrecks - 7990301696
Via Uproxx

Love Me Some Adapters

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Via Joy of Tech

They Were Outlawed By the Geneva Convention YEARS Ago

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Should Have Remembered to Bring His Phone

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Oedipus Camera

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It's Right After the BOMPBAHBOMPBAHBOMP Chapter

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Created by BethNicole123 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

He JUANted to Get to Know ou!

autocorrect text - 7938055936
Created by Unknown

Eventually You're Going to Run Out of Parts of the Eye

iPhones So Much Pun - 6253165312
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