Come On Phone, WHERE ARE YOU

bewbs lost phone - 6310966784
Created by Unknown

An Unusual Fondness For Silverware

autocorrect text funny dads - 7719771136
Via potkitty

I Does Writering Good

FAIL - 5689114624

Slide All the Things!

Cheezburger Image 6716552448
Created by Unknown

Hungry Hungry Vengeance

liam neeson movies g rated AutocoWrecks - 7414662656
Created by kindy18

Yeah, the Shallow End

dropped Hall of Fame sexy - 5420375040
Created by Unknown

Mao Appreciates a Good Joke

China text speak - 6500824064
Via Rhymes With Orange

Meltdown in 3... 2... 1...

comic dating rage comic relationships - 5976697600
Created by Unknown

Siri Is Evil!

smart phone siri me gusta apple iphone - 6822238464
Created by Unknown

New Years Genius

iPhones new years happy new year genius - 6934471680
Created by Unknown

That Took A Hilarious Left Turn

Bronies horse sarah jessica parker - 6396833792
Created by Joez0rz

Happy Halloween! Here Are Some Android-o-Lanterns

android halloween pumpkins - 5360970752
Created by Unknown

It's Gonna Be a Blast!

AutocoWrecks ecards g rated kids these days - 6453421056
Created by Unknown

How Thoughtful

iPhones AutocoWrecks - 7064546560
Created by Unknown


touché - 6487211520
Created by radiofreewill

Good Thing He Wasn't Using an Actual Camera

Babies camera camera phone dropped phone kids - 6414231808
Created by Unknown
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