I Regret Nothing.

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Breakfast is RUINED

breakfast instagram comics ruined - 6788760576
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Call the Fire Department, lol

emergency fire priorities funny - 7628850432
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Troll Dad

dad facebook masturbation parenting relationship status - 5672621568
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Yes, "Reading"

reading books iPhones g rated AutocoWrecks - 6940697856
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Hamburglar or Turd Burglar?

autocorrected McDonald's - 6431051520
Created by omghulkhands

I Used to Never Sleep, But I Took a Girlfriend to My Sleep Schedule

bedtime dating geek nerd relationships Skyrim video games - 5768079872
Created by Bendyrulz

Wow You Guys Must Be Identical!

mirror instagram twins self poortraits - 6866064640
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Just. Look.

funny - 7445988608
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What If Every Draw Something Clue Were Drawn With Batman?

AutocoWrecks batman draw something g rated Hall of Fame pikachu - 6028314880
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The Evolution of the Phone

apple blackberry motorola nokia - 6400360704
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No Wonder It Kept Making That Buzzing Sound

microwave parenting parents technology TV - 5525986560

Threats of Violence

anger argument Hall of Fame - 5531023616
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Your iPhone's Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

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Friendzone Level Siri

siri - 6325126912
Created by Unknown

But Just Far Enough

toothpaste for dinner - 6981158656
Via Toothpaste For Dinner
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