Eating From the Carpet Late at Night

lesbian oral sex sister wrong word - 5359307776
By Unknown

At Least If You're Dead I Can Finish My Eggs

emoji funny g rated AutocoWrecks - 7664193280
By leredpanda14 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The One That Texts "Hey" With Four Y's

dating name calling relationships - 5448790272
By Unknown

Or Was It Because I Mooned You?

iPhones AutocoWrecks - 7066641408
By Unknown

The Bitch Is Back

drinking insult insulting oops wrong number - 5688087040
By aresha

Eyes Up Here, Buddy

bizarro comic dating Hall of Fame relationships rude texting - 5572900096
Via Bizarro

Come On Man, That's a Little Much

iPhones - 7294279168
By Unknown

Phone Swag: The Solar Bag Phone Charger

Cheezburger Image 6323465472
By Unknown

I'll Give You a Hint, It's Not "Pigface"

duckface - 7349131776
By Unknown

Well Thanks For Responding in the Creepiest Way Possible

siri - 6303427072
By Unknown

Time to Get Off

iphone - 6008916992
By Unknown

Juuuust Keep Waiting

iPhones waiting - 6881173504
By Unknown


animals auto correct autocorrect AutocoWrecks bang gurl Hall of Fame mobile phone sex sexy times - 5506317056
By ferrarixf430

Love on 88 Keys

auto correct Music - 5883321600
By Unknown

At Last, My Wildest Siri Fantasies Are Coming True

engrish pr0n sign siri - 5767102976
By BornAgainAtheist

Let's Not Play the Bleach Game

autocorrect text - 7974122496
Via mr-bones-feels-rattlin
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