Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

dating dogs jealous relationships - 5527474944
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To Fans of "Community" You're Just Drawing a Windmill

community draw something - 6249582080
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Hussies Gonna Huss

auto correct pen penis school - 5568674048
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How Am I Doing So Far?

iPhones vibrate vibrator - 6508378624
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One Frequently Leads to the Other...

autocorrect text funny - 7712446208
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Camera Phone Doesn't Even Care

adventure time camera phones - 6527212544
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literal pictures you - 5394418432
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You Win the Game

AutocoWrecks game g rated Hall of Fame mobile phone scrabble win Words With Friends - 5504472064
instagram photography - 41606401

They're Like a Real Professional!

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But Who Was Phony?

emergency fake phone - 5850313472
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It Could Use a Scotch on the Rocks

draw something - 6122793984
Created by TakaKe

Egg-nor-ance is Bliss

autocorrect voice to text funny text g rated AutocoWrecks - 7765280512
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That's Not Even Mobile

landline retro - 5889715200
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Well, That's Siri's Life Story...

AutocoWrecks siri - 7974491136
Created by GirrlyCreeper

"Whoops, Wrong Number. I'll Troi Again."

android data demotivational smartphones Star Trek - 5311261952

Mein un-Kampf-romising Standards

grammar grammar nazi hitler tweet twitter you youre - 5983201792
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