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Employer Tells New Mother to Submit Her Resignation, She's Not Going Anywhere

The internet is incensed over this viral thread.
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People Are Walking Out of Interviews, Here Are the Top Trending Threads

Interviews go both ways.
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Worker Cries to CEO Husband Over Unfair Treatment, He Oversteps and Now Everything is a Mess

This worker was getting a pretty hard time from her supervisor. The post lends one to believe that there were discriminatory motivations behind the supervisor's actions. However, as some commenters have pointed out, if the poster got her position in the first place because of nepotism then it wouldn't be completely unlikely that she has been getting a hard time because she is unqualified for her position. Whatever the reason there's a lesson here somewhere… And it's probably that companies have…
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Supervisor's Stamp Snafu Costs Company Big Bucks

He ended this man's whole career.
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Guy Volunteers Personal Vehicle For Staff Transport Until They Threaten to Axe His Per-Diem, Costs Them More $

When your employee is doing you a favor, essentially out of their own pocket, it's probably best not to try and cheap out on them to penny-pinch your way into a promotion. Alas -some people are blind to a little thing called “good faith” that is essential in any employment relationship. “Good faith” eventuates out of mutually fair, open, and honest treatment by both the employee and employer. It might sound, to a lot of us, like a romantic fantasy dreamt up by an unrealistic optimist (honest an…
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Employer Threatens to Sue Employee For Passwords Ten Years After They Left

There are people in this world, and a dismaying number at that, who are only in it for themselves. They have no concern or regard for other people if it doesn't give them some advantage. It's a shame then that so many of these people go on to start companies or otherwise end up in positions of power. Perhaps that same unfeeling ruthlessness ultimately is what enables their success in such a brutal, dog-eat-dog world. This is evidenced by the well-known statistic that, while those with psychopat…
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Workers Reveal Secrets From Their Professions that the General Public Would Be Shocked To Know

Workers Reveal Secrets from their Professions that the General Public would be Shocked to know

Every industry has their secrets
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Karen Demands Nonexistent Mystery Muffins, Manager Demands New-Hire Finds Them

Others shared similar stories on this popular thread.
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Boss Misses Email and Tries to Blame Their Late Report on 'Remote Workers', Gets Called Out

This horrible boss tried to blame their team for their poor reporting. They tried to claim that results were poor because their team had been working remotely, and there was a strong implication that the employees were slacking while working from home. The thing is that none of this was true. The boss had just refused to check their emails and wasn't aware of the timeframes that they were supposed to be keeping. Despite repeated attempts from the team members to get the boss on track, they wait…
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Woman Doubles Salary With New Job, Hadn't Gotten a Raise in 10 Years

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by the woman's son, u/nannerooni (OP), who posted the thread to the popular sub to share his mother's story and experiences with her previous employer. u/nannerooni explains that her boss was “filthy rich” but was as tight as he could be when rewarding the people who helped him get there. When the OP's mother told him of her offer, he offered to pay her more and admitted, “I haven’t been paying you the value you are worth to me.” Wouldn't…
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Viral Tweet: Boss Demands Project During Developer's Day Off, Gets Resignation Instead

Workers all over the internet shared their experiences after reading this viral tweet.
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Supervisor Told By Micromanaging Manager to Check Clock-Ins More Closely, Employees End Up With Massive Payout

It doesn't
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Manager Fired On False Accusations, Entire Team Walks Out

There's no better sign of a great manager than inspiring loyalty in their subordinates. Bonus points if you can achieve this while smashing targets. It reminds me of this quote from somewhere that I can't quite place… But I'm certain that it's from some sort of literary masterpiece. “The truest victory my son… is stirring the hearts of your people.” -Terenas Menethil II Well, this manager managed to do both the things listed above. She smashed targets and turned around stores, but when push cam…
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TikTokers Explain Why You Should Run the Other Way When an Employer Says "We're Like a Family"

TikTokers Explain Why You Should Run the Other Way When an Employer Says: "We're Like a Family"

Oh, so there's going to be tons of arguing and there are no holidays off? #ToxicWorkplace
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Boss Complains About Long Unpaid Lunches, Complains About OT When Employees Claim the Time Instead

Sometimes your boss just wants a reason to complain and someone to blame… because even the laziest and worst managers have to look like they're doing something to justify their paycheck. Some lazy managers have got this figured out. Instead of working on something productive and trying to steer their team in positive new directions, they turn to the “Ouroboros of Overhauling." A constant shifting of policy and structure that isn't very well thought out achieves nothing but frustration for the s…
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Worker Penalized For Being Twenty-Two Seconds Late, Calls In Every Time They Leave Home

This thread was posted to the r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by the employee, Redditor u/ChiefSteward. Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions.
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