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'Your entitlement is clouding your judgment': Mother calls celebrity rude for refusing to take a photo with her daughter, gets put in her place by the internet

It seems bizarre to think that you're entitled to a stranger's time — and that's exactly what's happening when you try to take a selfie with a celebrity. Whatever relationship you have with them is completely one-sided, they might be your “favorite,” but they — meanwhile — have no idea that you even exist. So when you rock up to them at their daughter's birthday party, demanding their attention, it's pretty safe to say that's going to go about as well — and be as well received — as it would wit…
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Karen blames restaurant after she burns her own pie, gets roasted in the comments

'How many DAYS did you cook it for?': Karen blames restaurant after she burns her own pie, gets roasted in the comments

One of those moments when you have no one to blame but yourself... but decide to blame someone else anyways… Most people have the ability to admit that they made a mistake and own up to their own failings. Mind you, it's not something that's easy to do; the ol' ego has a particular aversion to acknowledging any wrongdoing or fault. Most of us can push past the ego gremlin and own our mistakes, but there are certain entitled and narcissistic people on this planet who, if you asked them, would te…
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Fussy guest demands discount for lack of parking. Worker maliciously complies.

Entitled customer demands refund for 'first come first serve' basis parking that they didn't pay for, hotel worker maliciously complies

There are glorious times in customer service when doing what the customer has asked necessitates doing technically nothing. It's a rare occurrence but oh-so-good when it happens to chance upon you. When this worker promised to give an angry Karen a refund, they did so by promising to refund the amount that it would cost them to park on the street: Nothing. This left the Karen happy to go merrily on their way, and with the problem now out of sight and out of mind, she was never the wiser. It's g…
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He complains there's bones in his daughters calzone, manager looks at me and I say "I confirmed twice she wanted chicken wings", and the dad says "you know what she meant, like chicken meat".

'The kitchen guys are actually chuckling while they put this thing together': Obstinate customer demands whole chicken wings in their calzone, worker complies, gets fired

There are times in life when temptation is just too great and leads us toward doing something that we probably shouldn't be doing… Take, for example, serving a customer a calzone containing entire chicken wings (bones and all) after they obstinately and repeatedly request it as a special order. When you've been working in the service industry, retail, or customer service for long enough, you get a growing itch to pull off something like this. With every entitled customer interaction, you can fe…
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'Yes, her car was being towed!': Bad school administrator is rude to retail-working students and parks in handicapped spots, gets towed

This 'badministrator' is as bad as they come — imposing her entitled wrath on former students who she has deemed of being unworthy.
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No Karen, I didn't buy a seat for your bag.

'My seat was playing host to Karen's bag': Karen tries to take up two seats on the train, passenger gets petty revenge

Nothing like getting petty revenge on a Karen!
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A fresh collection of trending choosing beggars and entitled people

'You are charging way too much': 20+ Choosing beggars whose entitled ends know no bounds

There are persons in this world who want far more than they would ever have to give — and they still want more than that. These entitled “choosing beggars” want everything for nothing and won't settle for anything less. They can be encountered in the marketplace of the face-books and lurking in the corners of Craig's list. It's highly likely, if you're an artist or freelance worker, they'll barge their way into your DMs and demand a free commissioned piece.
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Entitled Child destroys property and threatens to evict my family

Update: Entitled Children Threaten to Kick Neighbors Out of Their Apartment

Ah, the entitlement never ends!
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Imagine getting mad at an EUROPEAN product for being “anti American” — a product that is only being sold in America to address a critical formula shortage

'The description and instructions are anti-American': Insane Karen leaves stupid 1-star review for 'Anti-American' imported baby formula that uses metric measurements, gets blasted in viral thread

There's always going to be that thing that we are so fiercely protective and vocal about that we're willing to take a stand; die on that hill; and draw a big, bold line in the sand. For some people, that thing is — apparently — standing up to the communistic and anti-American existence of the metric system.
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'He showed up at my house threatening to burn it down': 20+ Insane neighbors who took neighborly disputes to another level

The existence of other people can be — well — kind of a downer. Nothing spoils the enjoyment of the pleasant dawning sun, with a hot cup of coffee in hand and pleasant birdsong in the air, like being reminded that other people exist. Barking dogs, honking cars, or yelling neighbors puncture tranquil morning thoughts and pull you right back into a bleak and bitter reality of continuance. But a barking dog, honking car, or occasional dispute is far from the worst thing one can experience when liv…
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Young Karen got me fired!

Young Karen in the Making Gets Her Boss Fired Because She’s Friends With the Hotel Owner’s Daughter

I smell nepotism!
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Karen neighbour made plans for her guests to use my driveway over Christmas | I came home to find a note of Karen neighbour, hand posted into my letter box. It wasn’t in an envelope.

'She tried to tow my car out of my own driveway': Karen arranges for her guests to park in dude's driveway, tells him to park on the street

No, this is not your neighbor, Totoro — this is your neighbor, Karen, and she thinks she has a greater right than you to use YOUR driveway.
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One Decade Later

'Thank God My Son Dodged a Bullet With You': Entitled Karen sends nasty message to son's ex-girlfriend

The audacity of this woman!
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'Looking for a free horse': 20+ Entitled trending 'Choosing Beggars' who had unreasonable expectations from others

There are some people in this world who consider themselves to be above it, despite that sentiment being entirely unearned. Their unwavering unabated demands and unreasonable expectations put undue weight upon the rest of society's shoulders. They insist on this course of raging against the world when someone dares to stand in the way of their obstinate importunity. These persons are our “Choosing Beggars”; they want everything for nothing and won't stand for any less for any more. Read on for…
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AITA for telling my fiance that he ruined our vacation when he decided to take the kids?

'As soon as I saw them I lost my temper': Woman screams at fiancé for taking his kids with him on their vacation

This woman is giving major White Lotus energy.
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Entitled Woman tried to steal my tip jar because I’m “Satan’s Wh***.”

Entitled Karen doesn't like her Tarot card reading, so she steals the tip jar and runs away

Karen clearly forgot what the Bible says about stealing...
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