Be nice to your neighbors, you never want to end up in a feud. From Hatfield and McCoy's to Karen and Kyle and every other lovely person you could meet, it's best to make cookies, not war.

neighbors park in lot illegally, get covered in ice and then towed

Neighbors Keep Parking Illegally, Building Owner Gets Large Scale Ice Revenge

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neighbors entitled neighbor - 17180165

Neighbor Harvests Woman's Entire Herb Garden After She Kindly Offers Some

"No good deed goes unpunished.'
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aita neighbors malicious compliance neighbor - 17168389

Neighborhood Kid's Bake Sale Sparks Drama When Neighbor Demands Half the Earnings Despite Fronting Nothing

Conflict emerged when this neighbor's kid demanded that he receive “half the money” from a bake sale when he decided he was bored and wanted to go home early. He wasn't even willing to stay the full duration and put in the work in order to earn his part of the cash. The other kid responded that this wasn't fair and that they should split the money earned for the duration that the neighbor's kid had worked. This prompted the neighbor to march over to this family's house, complaining that it wasn…
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entitled neighbor doesn't like how is lawn is being mowed so OP stops and he gets a fine

Entitled Neighbor Doesn't Like How Neighbor Mows Lawn For Free, So He Stops, Gets Fined

Oh, neighbors.
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neighbor cuts down own mulberry tree after hearing lie about mulberry wine

Neighbor Lies About Mulberry Wine Success To Mess With Eavesdropping Neighbor, Cuts Her Own Tree Down

Absolutely terrific.
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neighbor won't stop recording man so he does a sexy pose

Neighbor Won't Stop Recording Dude, Fights Back With Raw Sexuality

It seems to have worked.
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creepy neighbor installs cameras facing woman's house

Creepy Neighbor Installs Cameras Facing Woman's House, She Reports Him

Oh hell na.
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aita neighbors revenge - 16984837

Insolent Neighbor Gets Car Towed After Repeatedly Blocking New Parent's Driveway

How many times do you have to ask someone?
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A trashy neighbor keeps throwing her trash in the neighbor's yard until he gets fed up.

Trashy Neighbor Throws Garbage In Neighbor's Yard, Gets Unexpectedly Evicted

Not cool.
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karen neighbor hates fence and hates it for 5 years

Karen Doesn't Like Neighbor's New Fence, Launches 5 Year Campaign Against It

Does she have anything better to do?
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neighbors revenge - 16784901

Father Enacts Brutal Revenge On Creepy Neighbors When They Are Caught Spying On Children

These bizarrely paranoid and creepy neighbors were caught doing their usual rounds of spying on anyone close to the edge of their property. They were spying on the kids while the kids were playing and had been for what seemed to be some time. So the kids ran to tell the father, and he hit the roof. Enough was enough. This thread was posted to r/pettyrevenge by one of the children in the story, u/FireRump, because of the “eye for an eye” style of revenge that the father exacted on the deserving…
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Neighbor lets her dog attack a package handler because she didn’t want to yell in front of her angels

Insane Neighbor Lets Her Dogs Attack a Delivery Driver Because She Doesn't Want to Yell In Front of Her Children

There are crazy, terrible neighbors… and then there's Jackie.
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aita neighbors - 15415301

Neighbor Tries to Make Woman Pay Vet Bills After Their Dog Eats Food on Her Property

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stories of people's bad neighbors

People Share Stories Of Their Nightmare Neighbors

Very cool, guys
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insane neighbors entitled karen neighbor - 16466181

Karen Airbnb Guest Accosts Random Neighbor, Demands They Let Her Inside

There's nothing more bewildering than being accosted by a random person on the street. There you are, just chilling in your own little world. Suddenly the sky darkens, and hellfire and fury are rained down upon you. Depending on the circumstance, this can be pretty entertaining but, even in the best of circumstances, it's going to be incredibly tense. Cortisol is pumping; the heart is racing. The whole body is prepped and alert for any outcome. Indeed that must have been what u/JohnDodger felt…
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neighbors drama relationships karen neighbor malicious compliance - 16464389

Karen Neighbor Reports Damaged Fence, Guy Removes Fence Entirely

That's one way to go on the of-fence-ive.
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