Be nice to your neighbors, you never want to end up in a feud. From Hatfield and McCoy's to Karen and Kyle and every other lovely person you could meet, it's best to make cookies, not war.

Neighbor took my parking spot after I shoveled. I poured water in his windshield.

'They have zero etiquette': Guy serves ice cold revenge to neighbor who steals his freshly shoveled parking space

Snow shoveling is a grueling task, and one that basically no one wants to do. On r/pettyrevenge , this OP shared their own tale of revenge, served cold, to an annoying neighbor . However, the commenters are completely split on who is the jerk in this situation. Disputes with neighbors can be messy, especially when it comes to shared spaces like a parking lot or street parking. Plus, as some commenters pointed out, there are different sorts of rules depending on where you're from, and the severi…
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Couple decided to steal a deeded parking space | I work in a place with a deeded parking garage - each spaced is owned by a resident. But we only have 75 spots, and 300 units. If you don't have a spot, ya gotta permit park your car on the street or find a parking garage in the neighborhood.

'Granny told them it would be $150 bucks': Entitled couple steals deeded parking space, has their car trapped... and faces the wrath of "Granny"

Once in a while, you come across someone who you decided to mess with and who you absolutely should not have messed with. Notable entries to this list who come to mind would be John Wick (seriously, leave the guy's dog alone), Master Chief (Grunts don't call him “The Demon” for nothing), Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino (who inspired the intro quote), and Granny (park in her space at your own peril). These individuals all have the common trait of displaying a laid-back outward demeanor that doesn'…
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Karens always wanted free stuff

'Do I have legal ground to sue?': Karen accuses neighbor's bees of trespassing and stealing from her flowers

I swear, Karens just live for lawsuits.
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It is a really bad idea to make a government employee angry | Both of the police units showed up and I let them know what was going on. They were both appropriately agitated to have to waste their time and let not nice guy know that I was within in my authority to proceed with the investigation.

'He stated berating me': Jerk neighbor breaks code, gets served bureaucratic justice by disgruntled government employee

There's an old saying that's continually relevant to customer service: The squeaky wheel gets the grease; it's true, more often than not, following up consistently with a service provider (and being generally bothersome) will net you a faster result than those who wait silently. Most people choose to do this by obnoxiously demanding service but obnoxious or not, it's always important to be polite. Being polite, maybe firm, when necessary, will always net you a better result than being a bellend…
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My GF got an illegal Airbnb ring in her apartment complex busted

'Absolutely not': Couple discovers their neighbor is running an illegal Airbnb ring, she gets the leasing office involved

How did the leasing office not figure this out on its own?
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They must be MY leaves on MY curb? As you wish.

'I spoke with my neighbors and acquired the rights to their leaves': Guy leaves gargantuan mountain of leaves after leaf collection company leafs through their rulebook then leaves his leaves and leaves

There's a whole lotta left leaves going on in this thread, and we're left wondering why a company whose entire existence and sole purpose is collecting leaves is so bad at doing so. You wouldn't expect a leaf collection company to operate like city parking enforcement agencies — which are, without exception, the most useless organizations on the planet. Well, expectations aside, this leaf collection cartel is hilariously particular about what leaves they will collect and where. Any leaves that…
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pro revenge neighbors neighborhood mother revenge neighborhood-drama bad neighbors petty revenge Bad Neighbor - 18448133

'I definitely put a dent in [their marriage]': Single mother catfishes condescending righteous neighbors in ultimate act of retribution

Whatever belief, culture, lifestyle, or background you come from or follow, there's a unifying ideal that we should all abide by: Treat others with respect. You never know what someone else has had to endure, what they've managed to make it through, or what trials and tribulations they face or have faced. This is why that whole “not judging” thing is so prevalent and important in belief structures ("Do not judge, or you too will be judged") — who are you to think yourself worthy of passing judg…
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Entitled Child destroys property and threatens to evict my family

Update: Entitled Children Threaten to Kick Neighbors Out of Their Apartment

Ah, the entitlement never ends!
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ask reddit karens neighbors drama neighborhood neighborhood-drama bad neighbors entitled Bad Neighbor karen entitled people neighbor - 18412037

'He showed up at my house threatening to burn it down': 20+ Insane neighbors who took neighborly disputes to another level

The existence of other people can be — well — kind of a downer. Nothing spoils the enjoyment of the pleasant dawning sun, with a hot cup of coffee in hand and pleasant birdsong in the air, like being reminded that other people exist. Barking dogs, honking cars, or yelling neighbors puncture tranquil morning thoughts and pull you right back into a bleak and bitter reality of continuance. But a barking dog, honking car, or occasional dispute is far from the worst thing one can experience when liv…
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AITA for not being in an HOA

'I've been getting HOA letters about fees': Guy refuses to join HOA and incurs their wrath

It's often said that you should never make a deal with the devil — and the same goes for HOAs. If an HOA ever comes knocking, asking if you want to participate in a duel for a golden fiddle, you would do well to politely decline… before closing — and locking — your front door.
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Karen neighbour made plans for her guests to use my driveway over Christmas | I came home to find a note of Karen neighbour, hand posted into my letter box. It wasn’t in an envelope.

'She tried to tow my car out of my own driveway': Karen arranges for her guests to park in dude's driveway, tells him to park on the street

No, this is not your neighbor, Totoro — this is your neighbor, Karen, and she thinks she has a greater right than you to use YOUR driveway.
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arly update: Since my previous post, I've received a second note stuck to my window. I'm not sure what to make of it as it's more or less the same style of letter,

Update! 'You are being given a warning': Woman receives passive aggressive note from neighbor demanding removal of decorative fake plants

All's well that ends well, I suppose. But is this really going to be the end of the dispute?
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hoa neighbors neighborhood terrible neighbors viral toxic-neighbors neighbor terrible-neighbor - 1782279

'You must within 2 days minimum': Insane neighbor demands woman remove fake plants from her porch in bizarre viral letter

Come again?
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AITA for sunbathing nude in my backyard?

Man Sunbathes Nude in Backyard, Neighbor Does Not Like What He Sees and Starts Fight

This nosy neighbor can mind his own business!
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AITA for not paying for my neighbors child's medical bills? | We bought our new house last year. When we first viewed the house, we noticed bikes and children's toys in the driveway and on the side yard. At our final walkthrough before we signed the final documents and got the keys, we noticed kids in the driveway coloring with sidewalk chalk and riding scooters and bikes. We introduced ourselves to the kids and asked where they lived, they pointed at the house next door.

'The neighbor came out screaming at me': Insane neighbor insists guy pays children's medical bills after kids play in his driveway despite repeated warnings

When "Get off my lawn!" is a rational request—rather than a disgruntled outcry from an aging croquet enthusiast.
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Neighbor took delivery of a package that our business purchased, used the contents, and now wants us to pay for the scraps. Dafuq?

Viral Thread: Neighbor steals guy's package and uses the contents, writes guy a note asking him to pay for the leftovers

This insane neighbor seriously wants this guy to pay for the remnants of his own property.
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