Ugliest Tattoos

Time Makes Fools Out of Us All

misspelled motto tattoo - 6051837696

The Greatest Tattoo Fail of 2013

Animated cartoon - Now don't you feel stupid?
Created by skilla.mcvillian

10 Points for the Ambigram...

back tattoos facebook - 6557965056
Created by Unknown

Your Kids All Look Like Variations of Bobby Hill

bad portraits tattoos King of the hill funny - 4431556608
Created by Unknown

Born This Way

g rated Hall of Fame lady gaga lyrics music tattoos Ugliest Tattoos unicorn - 6253708032
Created by Unknown

Fixed. Perfect. Done.

misspelled tattoos rose - 6296915968
Created by Unknown

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

expression misspelled tattoos motto - 6192384256
Created by ChillHumanoid

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Cheezburger Image 6454864640

He Must Be Really Good At Basketball

tattoos basketball funny - 4432011776
Created by Unknown


brand loyalty - 4257716992
Created by Unknown

From Taz's Short Lived Career as Motorcycle Football Player

motorcycles Tasmanian Devil tattoos football funny - 4426860800
Created by Unknown


Cheezburger Image 5217021696
Created by sammytheheadbutt

Take That, Hipsters!

hipsters finger tattoos - 4912737536
Created by Kryïss

Well Isn't She an Angel?

butt tats - 4922283520
Created by Rbray1978 ( Via )

Nice Soul Patch

bikini piercings tattoos everywhere - 6529850624
Created by Unknown

Back Bewbs? Why?

back tattoos - 6580192256
Created by BB
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