Ugliest Tattoos

What the Tink?

disney tinkerbell - 7315296768
Created by Withheld

Born To Ride

logos tattoos tramp stamps John Deere funny - 4369288960
Created by Unknown

After Marrying Prince Eric, She Stopped Caring

mermaid redhead - 6305991936
Created by stfuquinn


animals facepalm g rated literature movies names permanent pop culture tattoos twilight Ugliest Tattoos vampires words - 5479505152

Mistakes Were Made

dogs face tattoos wtf - 6612041216
Created by Unknown

Is This Tattoo Ugly?...

fairies back tattoos - 6843989504
Created by Unknown

Too Slow in the Brain

tummy tat - 6403476736
Created by Unknown

Useful For When You Don't Want to Leaf Through a Karaoke Book To Pick Out Your Song

journey tattoos g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4355235584
Created by Unknown

NOT an Optimist

arm tattoos - 6843795200
Created by Unknown

A True Elijah Wood Fan

bad eagles tattoos - 4338263296
Created by Melissa


Cheezburger Image 3351497728
Created by Unknown

Is That an Original Van Gogh?

arm tattoos stars - 6472281600
Via Esteemsters

My What Never Promised Tomorrow?

grammar tattoos misspelling funny - 7854722560
Created by Unknown

How to Spot a Winner

gun money time - 6148475136
Created by Stan

The Lotion in This Photo is the Only Action That Tattoo Will Get Him

arm tattoos chains - 7304275968
Created by Alexes


songs and song lyrics words - 4134568960
Created by Unknown
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