hoa revenge petty revenge karen - 16968453

Fake HOA Karen Tries to Enforce Strict Rules, Member Uses Them to Get Revenge

Just a word of note here: This colorful tale is told in such a manner and with enough allusions, exposition, and allegory that Hemmingway himself would have trouble making heads or tails of it. It's the literary equivalent of eating an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon and the phrase “Mozart's requiem on the meatflute.” is a phrase that will be burned into my brain forever.
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hoa divorce Reddit - 16755205

Cheating Ex-Wife Gets Sued Silly When She Forges HOA Application in Husband's Name

This vengeful ex-husband had had enough of his spurned ex-wife when she reared her head one last time in a final act of retribution. The story was initially posted by u/SpurredOneLastTime (OP) to the r/entitledpeople subreddit and then crossposted by a fascinated reader to r/f***HOA. The OP tells the tale of his ex-wife's final act of retribution that saw him embroiled in legal troubles and tangled with a Home Owner's Association. His wife had been cheating on him for some time, all revealed th…
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HOA doesn't tip and gets neighborhood banned from pizza ordering

HOA Doesn't Tip On Massive Pizza Order, Gets Whole Neighborhood Blacklisted

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pro revenge hoa neighbors lawyer revenge nuclear revenge towing petty revenge lawsuit Reddit neighbor - 16371973

Busy Body "HOA Karen" Tows Guy's Big Benz, Not Actually on HOA Board, Gets Sued Silly

"Diane was not listed as a board member. Interesting."
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pro revenge hoa malicious compliance revenge petty revenge - 16330757

Insolent-Idiot Neighbor Tries to Mess With the HOA, Loses His Parking Spot Permanently

We can't believe we're cheering for an HOA.
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christmas hoa neighbors karen - 16002821

Insane Neighbor Karen Leaves Note That Festive Gargoyle Decoration is "Not Appropriate", Revenge Ensues

Karen the Christmas Grinch.
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Can't Have White Rope Lights to Celebrate Christmas - Ok, Get Ready For The Color Explosion

HOA Snitch Demands Couple Take Down Festive Strand of White Christmas Lights, They Replace Them With a Blinding Bomb of Christmas Color

Honestly, has anyone ever heard of a good HOA? Props to this couple for finding a way to comply in style.
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christmas hoa aita grinch - 15840517

“Grinchy” HOA Karen Tries to Tell Guy That He Has Too Many Christmas Lights Up, He’s Not Even Part of Their HOA

Just your regular Clark Griswold.
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HOA tells disabled veteran to tear down wheelchair ramp

HOA Demands Guy Tear Down Neighbor's Wheelchair Ramp

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HOA president gets homeowner to join the HOA under false pretenses, and a masterful revenge ensues.

HOA President Gets Homeowner To Join HOA Under False Pretenses, Masterful Revenge Ensues

Really, a thing of beauty.
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An HOA Karen complains about guide dog training.

Belligerent HOA Karen Complains About Guide Dog Training

Get out of here with that noise, Karen.
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A homeowner discovers a satisfying loophole to save money on HOA's monthly fees.

Homeowner Discovers Satisfying Loophole In HOA's Monthly Fees

Now that's how it's done.
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Man continually violates the HOA rules, gets fined, tells them to leave him alone.

Man Continually Violates HOA Rules, Asks If He's In The Wrong

The HOA can be quite the handful.
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An HOA member gets a guy's car towed, so he repeatedly returns the favor.

HOA Member Gets Neighbor's Car Towed, Neighbor Returns The Favor

Serves that HOA member right.
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Queen Karen, president of the HOA gets defeated | r/ProRevenge u/california-old-timer 17h Join 1 Taking down Queen Karen. President HOA Ok, this happened years ago 1985 be exact 45 this happened 81 now. So after my 2nd retirement started doing property management bought this 2500 square foot luxury home with sole intention renting out. Now didn't know bad HOA but became owner soon found out. This all took place 2 years time

Queen Karen, President Of The HOA Gets Defeated

Karen should've played by the rules.
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An independent contractor gets too happy with their monopoly, and then an HOA petty revenge ensues.

Greedy Contractor Doubles Price On Original Order, Petty Revenge Ensues

Buddy got the wakeup call he needed.
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