The Mom of This Cancer Patient Asks for a Pizza, the Internet Delivers an Entire Party

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The mother of Hazel Hammersley, a young cancer patient at Los Angeles's Children's Hospital, passed the time by jokingly requesting a pizza delivery on the window to her child's room. When anonymous internet donations started bringing in pie after pie, the entire fourth floor of the hospital was able to join in on a pizza party!

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Good on Ya, Spidey

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I mean, most of my favorite bands are already broken up.

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Mr. Trololo Has Lolled His Last Troll

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Eduard Khil, or "Mr. Trololo" as he was known to millions on the internet, died today of complications following a stroke. He was 77.

Khil enjoyed popularity as a singer in Soviet Russia during the '60s and '70s before stepping down from the public stage in the early '90s. Then, in 2010, Khil achieved the dubious honor of Internet fame after a video of a 1976 televised performance went viral.

Khin replaced the lyrics of the song, titled "I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home," with alternating "lololols" and "lalalalas" because he was afraid the Soviet government would censor the original lyrics. Which proves that in Soviet Russia, memes make you.

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