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hypnotic science Video g rated win - 67260929

A Robotic Plate Deftly Balances a Ball on its Own

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dance funny Video tron g rated win - 53299201

These Dancers Are Straight Out of TRON

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piano BAMF Video g rated win - 60512001

Think of Something You Wish You Could do But Never Tried. Watch This Video Then Try Again.

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random act of kindness ducks cute Video g rated win - 64008961

This Missionary Won't Let Some Ducklings Get Separated from Their Mom

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best of week dinosaur g rated Hall of Fame puppet rawr velociraptor Video win YT video - 40705025

Dinosaur Attack WIN

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Video random act of kindness teacher restoring faith in humanity week g rated win - 58789121

This Tough-Guy Teacher Has a Soft Spot That You'll Never Believe

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Skeletons Couple Found Holding Hands After 700 Years

cute science love dating g rated - 8333722880
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Solid Form, Bonus Points for the Ruse

gifs weightlifting Wait For It weight lifting perspective g rated win - 8285049856
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LA is About as Arduous as the Oregon Trail Anyway

sign free stuff oregon trail take one g rated win - 8285050880
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dancing kids parenting Subway Video g rated - 66937089

Dance Along as This Kid Starts a Subway Party

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apple DIY Video g rated win - 64091137

Dad Has Found the Most Efficient Way to Peel Apples

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Dominoes hypnotizing world record Video g rated win - 52535553

275,000 Dominoes Make for 10 Hypnotizing Minutes

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arena basketball design g rated hockey time lapse Video win YT video - 38078977

Transforming Stadium WIN

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These Puns Are Total Ripoffs

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art doodle 3D printer DIY Video g rated win - 47766785

You'll Want to Play With the 3D Doodler

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How to Really Make Your Waiter's Day

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