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This Art on a Chain Link Fence is the Next Step in Yarnbombing

art design Knitta Please knitting g rated win - 8177671168
Via Neatorama
g rated nerdgasm Portal Video video games win YT video - 38855937

Portal Gun WIN

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If You Give a Mouse a Book...

books Street Art hacked irl reading g rated win - 8323521536
Via ursvp
sports jump rope BAMF g rated win - 49514241

You Probably Can't Jump Rope Like This

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athlete BAMF g rated jump record Video win YT video - 40013569

Standing Jump WIN

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new years australia fireworks Video g rated win - 46292737

Beautiful Pipedream of the Day: Fireworks in Reverse

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Music street performer DIY Video g rated win - 67022593

These Street Performers Rock Out on Their Own DIY Broom-struments

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Mario Street Art WIN

Street Art nerdgasm Super Mario bros g rated win - 7075546112
By Unknown
Video random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week radio g rated win - 68946689

A Radio Station Reaches Out to a Mother in Need

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design cave carving Video g rated win - 66840065

For 25 Years, One Man in New Mexico Has Been Turning Cave Formations into Natural Cathedrals

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KFC Japan Has Made a Fried Chicken Keyboard for a Promotional Event. I Will Take a Dozen, Please.

design kfc oh Japan keyboard g rated win - 8309216768
Via Laughing Squid

Literal Bumper Sticker WIN

baby bumper sticker g rated Hall of Fame literalism morbid pun win - 6284569856
By Unknown
wizardry drawing perspective illusion Video g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 45181185

Anamorphic Illusions WIN

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Welcome to the Steampunk Cafe

Steampunk architecture design cafe funny g rated win - 7806745856
Via Colossal
cosplay family guy impression Peter Griffin Video g rated win - 62535169

The Perfect Peter Griffin Cosplayer Also Has a Spot-On Impression

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Well, That's a Convenient Burnout

Via eels_no1
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