Bless This Bathroom

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How to Easily Get People To Follow Your Foot Steps

alcohol product win - 8761829888
Created by jeffwagener ( Via sandtraxx )
parody nickelback happy texting Video win dating - 74253313

Nickelblock is the App Everyone After a Breakup Deserves

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Use the Element of Surprise in This Modified Game of Battleship

win study hack teacher turned battleship into studious game with periodic table
Via teachbesideme
old people rock Video g rated win - 63864577

At 86 Years Old, This Gymnast Still Has it

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school back to school Video win - 73864961

These Teachers Kicked Off a New School Year with Les Mis "One Day More"

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beach whee Video yoga funny win - 50010113

Having Fun With a Yoga Ball on the Beach

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FAIL cars driving Video win parking - 80349953

Never Risk That Who You're Double Parked Behind isn't Crazy Rich Enough to Not Give a F*ck and Destroy Your Car

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Gingerbread Optimus is the Geekiest Celebration of Holiday Confections

food gingerbread transformers g rated win - 7963982592
Via Geekologie
wingsuit BAMF whee Video flying g rated win - 70163969

The Margin for Error is Crazy Small in This Cool Wingsuit Video!

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This Tombstone Gundam Will Guard Over Your Plastic Models in the Afterlife

gundam grave nerdgasm robots gravestone tombstone g rated win - 8134363392
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trolling someone with the same number

Guy Casually Drops Full Name of Wrong Number Caller, Proceeds to Troll Him to Perfection

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When This Marathon is in Ashes...

bane nerdgasm marathon superheroes batman BAMF g rated win - 7707531520
random act of kindness dogs pets restoring faith in humanity week Video g rated win - 56336129

Don't Get Misty-Eyed: An Anonymous Donor Pays for Vet Bills After a Dog Protects its Owner From a Robbery

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Cat Bed WIN

cat bed coffee table design g rated win - 6720500992
Via Inthralld
umbrella skydiving BAMF Video g rated win - 49191169

This Skydiving Trip Takes on a "Mary Poppins" Twist

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