fandom nerdgasm batman DIY g rated win - 49678337

Would You Want a Bat-Cave?

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halloween prank funny Video g rated win - 55527169

No One is Safe This Halloween

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teamwork BAMF Video g rated win - 66717185

Teamwork is Knowing How to Sledgehammer With Your Bros Without Knocking Each other Out

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gymnastics pole dancing BAMF funny Video g rated win - 51982081

These Pole Dancing Feats Will Make YOUR Arms Tired

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hammer construction DIY trick Video g rated win - 68657665

Some Handymen Have Perfected Hammer-Throwing Tricks

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BAMF rubiks cube Video g rated win - 67558913

Solving a Rubik's Cube in Less Than Four and a Half Seconds

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Go Kart Competitors WIN

driving g rated go kart Hall of Fame Mario Kart nerdgasm racing video games win - 6311723520
Via Reddit
BAMF DIY motorcycle Video g rated win - 65474561

The Motorcycle Chariot is the Most Badass Vehicle to Ever (Illegally) Hit the Road

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Skyrim Flakes WIN

fus ro dah g rated nerdgasm Skyrim video games win - 5607236096
Created by mitnev

That's How You Use a Knife

Like a Boss knives gifs food win - 7245781248
Created by Unknown

Ryan Lochte Shows Us How These Brolympians Recover

win Ryan Lochte Shows How Brolympians like him and Micheal Phelps Recover at Rio
Via @ryanlochte

UV One Ring WIN

nerdagsm Lord of the Rings one ring Jewelry g rated win - 6966964224
Created by dolf1nluvr

Takedown WIN

animated gifs g rated martial arts win - 6214232320
Created by Unknown

There's No Apology Like an Embarrassed Kid Apology

Via heyredditheyreddit
nfl cancer football win - 64714241

Cincinnati Bengals' Devon Still Gives His Daughter a Powerful and Inspiring Prep Talk Before Surgery

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bad idea science pretty colors Video g rated win - 69046785

You Should Never Put Grapes in the Microwave Like This, but if You Do...

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