Dropping Some Wisdom in the ER

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Completely Relevant News: Keep on BAMFing

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The Mom of This Cancer Patient Asks for a Pizza, the Internet Delivers an Entire Party

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This Kid Has a Priceless Reaction to Waking Up With a Cast on His Arm

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Prank Artist of the Day: Convince Repeat DUI Offender He's Been Unconscious for 10 Years

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After Being Paralyzed for 11 Days, a Girl Surprises Her Favorite Nurse With Some Good News

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This Hospital Turns Its Child Cancer Patients into Superheroes!

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Hearing WIN

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This Children's Hospital Went the Extra Mile to Make an MRI Less Scary

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Anesthesia Might Be the Best Vacation You'll Never Take

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Watching These Premature Twins Holding Hands Will Make You Want to Text Your Sibling

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