Possibly the Worst Way to Breakup With Someone

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If you're going to break up with someone it's probably best you don't do it in a text. And if you do send a text it's probably best if you don't send a list of every possible thing that you found wrong in the relationship. Life lessons people, we're handing them out like hotcakes.

However I totally get the why she was being rude to your cat...That's a deal breaker, ladies.

This guy knows what I'm talking about:

Internet Celebrity of the Day: Alex From Target

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Is "Alex from Target" the new Justin Bieber or Nash Grier?

For reasons which we may never fully understand, the Internet has turned a photo of a boy working at Target into an international meme virtually overnight.

Twitter user @auscalum posted the photo on Sunday, which began trending on Twitter, has already been parodied in various Vines and images, and is even being featured on mainstream media outlets like CNN.

The real Alex now has 300k followers on Twitter as of Monday morning. Because of course he does.

Larry King’s Late Night Twitter Ramblings Are Now a “Thing”

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Do you ever wonder what Larry King is doing at 2am on a Sunday night/Monday morning?

Answer: Taking the social media world by storm… that's what!

For the second week in a row, the 80-year old radio/tv host has tweeted a series of random thoughts, questions, observations on his feed. He covers everything from fear of colonoscopies and his favorite Chinese food, to pipe smoking, and his hatred of snow.

And no he isn't drunk, nor has his Twitter account been hacked - as he clarifies here in an equally funny Instagram video (see above).

Here are a few examples, but be sure check out his official account:

Watch Out Ladies, Burger King Is on the Prowl!

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Apparently Burger King wanted to make things a little more private...

Sadly, the feeling wasn't mutual.

Looks like BK is a king without a queen.