Watch Out Ladies, Burger King Is on the Prowl!

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Apparently Burger King wanted to make things a little more private...

Sadly, the feeling wasn't mutual.

Looks like BK is a king without a queen.

Did You Know the FBI Maintains an 83-page Glossary of Internet Slang? You Won't Believe How Out of Touch it Is

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The glossary was recently made public through a Freedom of Information request by the group MuckRock, which posted the PDF, called "Twitter shorthand," online. Despite its name, this isn't just Twitter slang: As the FBI's Intelligence Research Support Unit explains in the introduction, it's a primer on shorthand used across the Internet, including in "instant messages, Facebook and Myspace."

Yes, that does say Myspace.

The gems above definitely needed to be archived. I'm so glad I now know all the leet internet slang the youth of the internet use!

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