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25 Formerly Deep Souls Share the Cringiest Things They Did as Angsty Teens

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41 Childhood Photos That Are So Much Regret

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That Top 8

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Via @robwhisman

Willing to Let a Potential Employer Root Around in Your Facebook?

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By Unknown

Tom is Very, Very Disappointed in You

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Via TomFrmyspace

Tom's Just Jealous

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By JessAwesome

Tin Can Phones Used to Be Hot!

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By sadchild
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What Company Logos Would Look Like if They Were Honest

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Introducing... Sassy Tom!

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By Unknown

In the End, Tom Had the Last Laugh

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By Unknown

The Olden Days

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By FuzzyTrtle

Monday Thru Friday: Ooh Snap, Microsoft Gettin' Sassy!

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By Unknown

Eww, Ugh! That's Like a Double Whammy of Nope!

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By Unknown

MySpace Is to Explorer as Facebook Is to Every Other Conceivable Browser

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By Unknown

MySpace Has Finally Given Up

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By don'thate

Parents Ask the Darndest Things

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By Unknown
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