funny math memes

Math And Learning Memes For The Brainiacs Among Us

Behold, the numbers.
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tumblr thread about science and knitting

Tumblr Thread Seamlessly Weaves Knitting And Science

Ha, it's a thread.
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A Tumblr user passionately explains the purpose behind the metric system.

Tumblr User Passionately Explains Metric System

Yay, knowledge.
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person argues bad point and is disproven by math

Math-Allergic Simpleton Doubles Down On Stupid Hill, Proves Self Incompetent

In the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, double down.
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Engineer warns farm owner to not park by a valve, his car is destroyed | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OlderSparky 2 4 hours ago Owner says "Yeah, yeah been saying years and nothing bad has happened Sparkies tale. oc XL 10+yrs ago, Rural Australia. This tale takes place on big, very profitable fruit farm. Over 100k trees my favourite fruit s about moment deliberately caused most monetary damage my electrical career If has interest, read story think 's funny and instructive may even save life

Australian Engineer Lets Farm Owner Destroy His Own Car

He could have listened.
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Tumblr user crunches numbers to find cheapest wings deal.

Tumblr Users Crunch Numbers To Find Cheapest Wings Deal

This is what the internet's for, man.
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People that did the math on random and ridiculous things |  rapidopatter 2 im-sorry-about--homestuck rnusicality: fun statistics adults kid had no help with college tuition hardworking and paid all myself Annual tuition Yale, 1970 2,550 -Annual tuition Yale, 2014 45,800 -Minimum Wage, 1970 1.45 -Minimum Wage, 2014 7.25 -Daily hours at minimum wage needed pay tuition 1970: 4.8 -Daily hours at minimum wage needed pay tuition 2014: 17.3 | @josiaheloi watching spongebob movie, he has been employee m

Math Wizards That Crunched The Numbers Extra Hard

Yay, math being applied to
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Tumblr user runs calculation on how to obtain the cheapest wings deal |  sean @seanposting theres gotta be better way convey this information WINGS 27.25 24 Chicken Wings 4 Chicken Wings 4.55 27.80 25 Chicken Wings 5 Chicken Wings 6 Chicken Wings 5.70 28.95 26 Chicken Wings 27 Chicken Wings 6.80 30.10 7 Chicken Wings 8 Chicken Wings 9 Chicken Wings 7.95 28 Chicken Wings 29 Chicken Wings 30 Chicken Wings 35 Chicken Wings 40 Chicken Wings 45 Chicken Wings 31.20 9.10 32.35 10.20 33.50 10 Chicken Wi

Tumblr User Does Math To Calculate Cheapest Wings Deal

Will always support math being used for cheaper wings.
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A Tumblr thread showcases different people struggling with numbers | just-shower-thoughts S lovesickvampire-x Follow just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an "e savvygooner violetnpurple LISTEN- shesfromsaturn

Tumblr Thread: Math Is Real Hard For Some Folks

Numbers aren't for everyone.
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Piers Morgan TV interview fail mathematics math Pi Pythagorean Theorem

Piers Morgan Confuses Pi With Pythagorean Theorem

Overconfident ignorance is quite the sight to behold.
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Tumblr user runs the math on Ice Cube's "Good Day." | Finding exact date day Ice Cube refers his classic song "Today Good Day hiphopfightsback CLUE 1 Went Short Dog's house, They watching Yo MTV RAPS" Yo MTV RAPS first aired: Aug 6th 1988 CLUE 2: Ice Cube's single Today Good Day released on: Feb 23 1993

Tumblr Post: Exact Date Of Ice Cube's "Good Day"

Neat stuff.
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People who aren't smart but brag about being intelligent online | Laugh away know divide by zero haven't figured out mathematical/physical ramifications my discovery all way, yet, but needless say feel great responsibility research its effects on reality before publishing my work. Like said, laugh away, but outpaced Einstein and Steven Hawking by discovering math they couldn't envision *and withholding my ideas until ok with understanding will happen public expect release this new, outrageously

Ridiculous Individuals Who Believe They're Geniuses

Oh boy, widen the doorway for big brain man.
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Tumblr user calculates value of human soul via golden fiddle value | broternia hate math tests because all throughout chapter 's like really easy shit and then think got and then test is like if throw triangle out car and car is going 20 mph and wind resistance is thing exists many cupcakes can pedro buy with one human soul mr-elementle Human soul is worth $660,326.82 according devil went down Georgia where Devil offers fiddle gold as an equal bet against soul.

Tumblr User Calculates Cupcake-to-Human Soul Exchange Rate

Ah yes, the gold fiddle metric.
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Karen the CFO uses a calculator that doesn't follow the order of operations, and ends up getting fired | CFO can't do math (warning: includes math few years ago worked tech company only just keeping its head above water. Most staff genuinely believed product line and did their best but nothing ever standout success. Many ideas were put up management but often knocked back by CFO (who will call Karen) said would be too expensive or wouldn't get good return on investment, and many ideas knew would

Incompetent "Karen The CFO" Uses Calculator That Doesn't Follow Order Of Operations, Gets Fired By CEO

Better luck next time.
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math lesson in half life virtual reality coronavirus quarantine

Math Teacher Delivers Remote Video Lesson In Half-Life: Alyx

We're in the new age now.
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funny tv fail math blunder numbers mix up

Journalist Makes Huge Math Blunder

Some people have a harder time with numbers than others.
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