IT guy gets stupid dress code, can't do his job

Absurd Dress Code Makes It So IT Can't Do His Job, Work Piles Up

Gotta love corporate.
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Times wedding industry professionals could tell the marriage was not going to last.

Times Wedding Industry Workers Knew It Wasn't Gonna Work Out

There are signs.
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Student exploits school dress code | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/TandyAngie Nitpick dress code can do too. oC L Our junior high dress code pain. Most teachers didn't care so long as kids weren't distracting principal junior high, however, insisted on enforcing every single rule friend mine wore long sleeve shirt under tank top principal insisted she couldn't wear tank top because tank tops were against dress code. But she couldn't take off tank top because

Student Exploits Every Loophole In School Dress Code

They got creative.
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pic of woman laying on floor in dress that matches the carpet

33 Lucky Times People Matched Random Stuff

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search cool twitter community nice clothes dress daughter wholesome - 8769541

Twitter Heartwarmingly Pulls Together to Find Specific Dress for Autistic Girl

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Japan dress otaku - 1458949

Faint-Hearted Beware... of the Extremely Erotic 'Virgin Killing Sweater'

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This Guy Took Prom Photos With His Cat and They're Incredible

this guy took prom photos with his cat
Via Sam Steingard

Service Dog Wears Matching Dress to Prom With Her Human

service dog wears matching prom dress
Via nawabg3

That Outfit Really Highlights Her Best Parts

funny fail image teacher dressed like highlighter
Via jackblk
cosplay scifi star wars dress - 76986881

This Droid is Absolutely the Dress You've Been Looking For

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You Don't Need Doppler Radar To See That This Amazon Dress is a Meteorologist Uniform

so many metereologists are wearing this one amazon dress
Via fujitagirl83

There's Only One Time of the Month To Break Out This Dress Ladies

funny fail image this dress looks like a bunch of vaginas
Via DailyMail

No One Lasts Long In High School

Via badnewspaper

No One Wears White To Prom

Via Tumblr

Be Careful What You Wish for When You Ask Your Husband for A "Sexy Dress"

Via iamlunasol
Music design dress Video - 71541249

This Cool Dress Reacts to Music Around it!

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