Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

date accepts drink from stranger, doesn't get why that's bad

Woman On Date Doesn't Understand Why It's Rude To Accept Drink From Stranger

Oh boy.
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Couple tells a blatant lie to cut in line at a baseball game, and it hilariously backfires.

Couple Lies To Cut In Line At Baseball Game, Hilariously Backfires

Some solid karma right there.
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sex tinder tifu sexy times dating - 15740677

Guy Loses Virginity to Mutual Friend, Feels Burning Regret Over His Terrible Choices

Sometimes a yearn turns into a burn.
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douche date waiting douchebags waitress dating - 15674373

Waitress Gets Necessary Payback After Massive Jerk Demands She Refund His Tip as Soon as His Date is Out of Earshot

This guy is a walking red flag.
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rejection stories

People Share Their Most Brutal Rejections

That's rough.
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funny tinder moments

Hilariously Bold Tinder Moments That Make The Game Worth It

It's a big world out there.
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Man asks if he was in the wrong for putting sauce on an expensive steak prepared by his girlfriend.

Man Puts Sauce On Expensive Steak Prepared By Girlfriend, Asks If He's In The Wrong

Things can get dicey when it comes to steak.
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People describe the pettiest reasons that they rejected other people.

Pettiest Reasons People Were Rejected

Dating can be a brutal game.
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Husband sells his wife's antique tea set to buy a new gaming chair, so his wife sells his Xbox.

Husband Sells Wife's Antique Tea Set To Buy Gaming Chair, Wife Sells Husband's Xbox

What a mess.
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Man accuses girlfriend of cheating, and learns that the culprit was laundry pods.

Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Cheating, Learns Culprit Was Laundry Pods

That's a big whoops there, bud.
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Woman meets her boyfriend's family, they quiz her endlessly, and then she opts out of future family gatherings.

Woman Meets Boyfriend's Family, They Quiz Her Endlessly, Drama Ensues

Sounds like the family had zero chill.
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People describe the various things their exes said that made them want to end their relationships.

People Describe The Dealbreakers From Their Exes

There's only so much that one can take.
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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A collection of red flags that people missed in their past relationships.

Red Flags People Missed In Their Past Relationships

Don't fall prey to these red flags.
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Woman's ex-boyfriend wants to get back together, claims he isn't seeing anyone, gets caught, damages car.

Woman's Ex Wants To Get Back Together, Lies About Being Single, Karmic Justice Ensues

Sweet, sweet karma.
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