boss angry at employee for sitting when they have a broken foot and other work tweets

Boss Reprimands Broken-Footed Employee For Sitting At Work, Shocked When They Quit

What a class act.
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Boss refuses to reason with employee over unused holidays being paid out, so employee serves up malicious compliance.

Manager Refuses To Pay Out Employee's Vacation Days, Employee Serves Up Malicious Compliance

Manager sounds like a real piece of work.
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funny, relatable and sad work memes and jokes

Exhaustingly Relatable Memes and Jokes About Work

Just about sums it up.
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An employee ends up having to deal with a terribly dense supervisor.

Employee Has To Deal With Unreasonably Dense Supervisor

Seriously, this is just unmanageable.
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reasons people walked out of job interviews

Justified Reasons People Walked Out Of Job Interviews

That's enough of that.
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Twitter reacts to time off memo

Boss Posts Unreasonable Memo Regarding Time Off, Twitter Reacts

It seems like a bit much.
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man can't move company truck without angering boss, lets it get damaged in hail

Dude Reprimanded For Moving Company Truck, Leaves It In Hail Storm

Hey, that's what they wanted.
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Man receives a lifetime contract offer from a company, rejects his brother-in-law's offer, he gets upset.

Man Receives Lifetime Contract From Company, Rejects Brother-In-Law's Offer, Drama Ensues

Seems a bit uncalled for.
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Boss demands that their employee take part in a company kart race, and then malicious compliance ensues.

Boss Demands Employee Take Part In Company Kart Race, Malicious Compliance Ensues

So satisfying.
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A manager won't give their employee a raise, so they end up being called out.

Manager Won't Give Employee Raise, Gets Called Out

Pretty uncool.
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Woman's coworker pitches fit about her continuing to get gifts from husband at work.

Pregnant Woman Receives Gifts From Husband At Work, Coworker Complains

Of all the things to complain about.
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people who got fired fast

Coworkers Who Got Fired At Record Speed

They were there a minute ago?
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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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An employee won't donate their vacation hours, and then their coworkers are mean to them.

Employee Doesn't Donate Vacation Hours To Coworker, Gets Called Out

Definitely a shady move by their boss.
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funny employee facebook comments

Happy Customers Thank Employee For Her Increasingly Absurd Services

Now that's customer service.
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An employee counteracts testy customers by pretending to get fired from his job.

Employee Counteracts Rude Customers By Pretending To Get Fired

A highly effective strategy.
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