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People Share the Things That Are Tragically, and Sometimes Thankfully, Disappearing From Our World

Some of these things are an absolute tragedy and some of these won't be missed.
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People describe the most wholesome things that they've seen | flowercrownrugged 319d 3 1 Award forgot plate waffle making machine at college and went sprinting across dining commons get one because timer about go off and ran straight toward plates and this guy standing there and his immediate gut reaction open his arms and hug have no idea who he and waffle didn't burn. EDIT hugged glorious. 4.3k

Most Wholesome Things People Have Seen

Sometimes humans are awesome.
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People describe their worst nightmare neighbor conflict tales. | GaryBuseyWithRabies 12h My house is one few has driveway. Everyone else used on street parking few neighbors like park their cars front my house snows so town plows will get front their house plows leave an extra five feet snow front my driveway. They also park directly across my driveway so 's even harder get out.

People's Worst Nightmare Neighbor Conflict Stories

Some neighbors have zero chill.
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Americans describe their biggest culture shocks when visiting Europe. | Witness-Worldly 5h Trains glorious, glorious trains.

Americans' Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting Europe

All those glorious trains.
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Botanists describe some of the scariest plants in the world.

Botanists Describe Scariest Plants In The World

Plants are kind of scary, man.
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A collection of the most ridiculous temper tantrums that toddlers ever staged. | Representative_Rest2 1d 3 2 Awards wouldn't let her eat penny she found dryer

Toddlers' Most Ridiculous Temper Tantrums

No pennies for you, my dude.
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People describe the various reasons that they have for absolutely hating their neighbors.

Reasons People Absolutely Hate Their Neighbors

Seems fair enough to have some hard feelings.
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Reasons that people noped right out of their dates.

AskReddit Thread: Reasons People Noped Out Of Relationships

Best to not waste anyone's time if it can be helped.
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People describe the worst bits of advice that they were ever given.

Worst Advice People Were Ever Given

Some advice is complete nonsense.
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People describe the dumbest lies that they were actually able to get away with.

AskReddit Thread: Dumbest Lies People Actually Pulled Off

People can be dangerously gullible.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people have ever said.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

Must've been a stirring discussion.
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A collection of the funniest things that people have seen happen in classrooms. | HS classmate stripped off his clothing reveal spiderman suit. He then put on mask and climbed out 2nd story window and proceeded walk along ledge another classrom, and entered classroom through window.

Funniest Things People Have Seen In Classrooms

Classrooms can get real silly.
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A collection of the dumbest ideas that people had during the middle of stressful situations. | Wrackrackes 23h 7 Awards My dinner oven caught on fire, instead attempting put out fire took picture and texted my mom advice 39 years old.

Dumbest Ideas People Had In The Middle Of A Crisis

We've all been there at one point or another.
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People describe the creepiest things they experienced that just can't be explained.

Creepiest Things People Experienced That Escaped Explanation

Envious of the lucky lotto guy.
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A collection of the most elaborate attempts at cheating that teachers ever witnessed.

Most Elaborate Attempts At Cheating That Exam Proctors Witnessed

Honestly, just impressed.
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The crazy kinds of things that people's neighbors did to be labelled the "crazy neighbors."

People's Craziest Neighbor Stories

Hopefully none of these people ring any bells.
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