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A collection of the dumbest things that people have ever said.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

Must've been a stirring discussion.
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A collection of the funniest things that people have seen happen in classrooms. | HS classmate stripped off his clothing reveal spiderman suit. He then put on mask and climbed out 2nd story window and proceeded walk along ledge another classrom, and entered classroom through window.

Funniest Things People Have Seen In Classrooms

Classrooms can get real silly.
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A collection of the dumbest ideas that people had during the middle of stressful situations. | Wrackrackes 23h 7 Awards My dinner oven caught on fire, instead attempting put out fire took picture and texted my mom advice 39 years old.

Dumbest Ideas People Had In The Middle Of A Crisis

We've all been there at one point or another.
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People describe the creepiest things they experienced that just can't be explained.

Creepiest Things People Experienced That Escaped Explanation

Envious of the lucky lotto guy.
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A collection of the most elaborate attempts at cheating that teachers ever witnessed.

Most Elaborate Attempts At Cheating That Exam Proctors Witnessed

Honestly, just impressed.
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The crazy kinds of things that people's neighbors did to be labelled the "crazy neighbors."

People's Craziest Neighbor Stories

Hopefully none of these people ring any bells.
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People's most surprising moments while on the job.

People's Moments Of Pure Wonder While At Work

Upper case numbers could be interesting.
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People describe the reasons that they quit their jobs on the first day.

Reasons People Quit Their Jobs On The First Day

Life's too short to put up with a maniacal manager.
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Sandwich shop workers describe the weirdest sandwiches that they ever had to make.

Weirdest Sandwiches That Sandwich Shop Workers Had To Make

Sandwiches can get real weird real quickly.
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Sailors describe the craziest supernatural experiences that they've had.

AskReddit Thread: Sailors' Craziest Supernatural Stories

The oceans are brimming with mystery.
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People describe the absolute worst business decisions that they've ever encountered.

Worst Business Decisions People Have Ever Seen

These are in a league of their own.
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People describe red flags that they picked up on for problem roommates.

AskReddit Thread: Red Flags For Problem Roommates

It shouldn't be so hard to get a good roommate.
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People describe the absolute dumbest things that they've ever heard said.

AskReddit Thread: Dumbest Things People Have Ever Heard

We all say dumb things.
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A collection of the most notable glitch in the matrix moments from the month of June.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments

Existence is trippy.
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ask reddit, coral reefs

People Share the Things That Are Tragically, and Sometimes Thankfully, Disappearing From Our World

Some of these things are an absolute tragedy and some of these won't be missed.
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People describe the dumbest things that they've heard other folks say with total confidence.

Dumbest Things People Said With Mystifying Confidence

Seriously, mind blowing.
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