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AskReddit | Delivery drivers of Reddit, what have you experienced on a delivery that you will never forget?

'There was now a man sitting in the driver's seat': 13 Delivery Drivers Share Their Most Insane and Memorable Stories

Being a delivery driver is not an easy job. Sure, even hearing the phrase ‘pizza delivery guy’ paints a pretty clear picture in your mind of the stereotypical driver but that's all it is, a stereotype. In reality, delivery drivers are often tasked with excessively large volumes and clients to deliver to so there's often little margin for error or for anything to go sideways. But when your job consists of being on the move constantly driving through traffic in order to interact with completely r…
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boss employee public freakout askreddit teacher parenting workplace reddit thread Reddit - 17706245

20 People Who Were Normally Calm But Were Provoked Into Totally 'Losing It'

Everyone has a breaking point. Even the calmest and most level-headed people will reach that moment when enough is enough, and they just can't take it anymore. These stories are examples of those moments that people witnessed, as shared on this trending r/askreddit thread. There are a lot of responses about otherwise even-tempered teachers and mentors in this thread that snapped . Just a trend I noticed that shows how much torture we collectively put these people through. This thread was posted…
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askreddit interviews reddit thread Reddit job interview interview - 17516037

Part III: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

The worst job interview I ever had occurred shortly after I received a concussion after getting hit by a car. Unluckily, I had applied to the job the day before being run down like a cane-toad on my road bike and received a call shortly afterward. Somehow, I made it through a short first-round introduction and into the second-round panel-based interview . To complicate matters further, my partner and I had an extensive holiday planned at that time, which involved me driving a Juicy campervan so…
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ask reddit great resignation askreddit interviews reddit thread job interview - 17516293

Part II: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews are far from the best way to find a suitable candidate for most roles. Without a doubt, candidates who communicate well vocally and exude charisma will find themselves accepted into far more roles, whether or not they were actually the best candidate. But is there any way to get it right? There is this general expectation going into an interview of how it will work on both sides. The interviewer expects that they will, well, interview, asking questions to get a grip on the candid…
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nostalgia askreddit Nostalgia Overload nostalgic - 17338885

40+ Things to Unlock Your Nostalgia Gateway and Take You on a Wild Journey of Despair

Get out the rose-tinted glasses.
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childhood adult children askreddit - 17315333

15 Things That We Were Warned About as Kids That Ended Up Being Overhyped

When you're a kid, everything you experience is just a tiny part of the vast unknown. You have yet to figure out so many things about the seemingly endlessly large world that even trying to think about all of the possibilities out there can make your head spin. Thankfully you have the adults in your life to guide you through this treacherously infinite environment. And you, a wide-eyed child, know that you can take whatever the adults tell you for granted. Why would they ever tell you white lie…
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People discuss the most wild high school rumors that turned out to be true

People Discuss Wild High School Rumors That Actually Turned Out True

High schoolers make up rumors. Sometimes, though, those rumors turn out to be true.
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antiwork askreddit workplace Horrible Bosses work reform - 17269253

People Are Walking Out of Interviews, Here Are the Top Trending Threads

Interviews go both ways.
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history askreddit - 17180677

The 34 Biggest "F You's" in History

As shared in this popular Reddit thread.
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What's the craziest thing an ex friend/lover has done to you? | Neon sign depicting a broken heart

20 People Share the Most Unhinged and Twisted Things Their Crazy Ex Did to Them in This Viral Thread

Time to break out the popcorn.
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What’s one thing your partner doesn’t know?

20 People Share the Secret That Their Partner Doesn't Know

People have taken to this trending thread to share the things that they are hiding from their significant other, and the answers are far more wholesome than you might expect. I suppose we all have little secrets, those little things, those little white lies that we hide from the ones we love to improve their quality of life. For instance, my partner has no idea that I am a sleeper agent that was hired and trained by Treadstone for the sole purpose of killing Jason Bourne. You know, little thing…
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People describe the absolute dumbest things they were paid to do.

Dumbest Things People Were Paid To Do

Love getting paid to do nothing.
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life hacks askreddit - 15157765

People Share The Change They Made To Their Lives That They Wish They Made Sooner

These are the changes that people wish they had made sooner because of their amazing results.
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People describe the dumbest reasons that they ever got dumped.

Dumbest Reasons People Got Dumped

Some bullets were definitely dodged.
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movies askreddit FAIL Movie - 15199749

20 Amazing Movies That Had Terrible 'Dumpster-Fire' Sequels

People share movies that had terrible sequels
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People describe the absolute dumbest reasons that companies ever ended up firing them.

The Stupidest Reasons Companies Fired People

These folks are far better off.
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