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People discuss the most wild high school rumors that turned out to be true

People Discuss Wild High School Rumors That Actually Turned Out True

High schoolers make up rumors. Sometimes, though, those rumors turn out to be true.
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People Are Walking Out of Interviews, Here Are the Top Trending Threads

Interviews go both ways.
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The 34 Biggest "F You's" in History

As shared in this popular Reddit thread.
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What's the craziest thing an ex friend/lover has done to you? | Neon sign depicting a broken heart

20 People Share the Most Unhinged and Twisted Things Their Crazy Ex Did to Them in This Viral Thread

Time to break out the popcorn.
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What’s one thing your partner doesn’t know?

20 People Share the Secret That Their Partner Doesn't Know

People have taken to this trending thread to share the things that they are hiding from their significant other, and the answers are far more wholesome than you might expect. I suppose we all have little secrets, those little things, those little white lies that we hide from the ones we love to improve their quality of life. For instance, my partner has no idea that I am a sleeper agent that was hired and trained by Treadstone for the sole purpose of killing Jason Bourne. You know, little thing…
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People describe the absolute dumbest things they were paid to do.

Dumbest Things People Were Paid To Do

Love getting paid to do nothing.
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People Share The Change They Made To Their Lives That They Wish They Made Sooner

These are the changes that people wish they had made sooner because of their amazing results.
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People describe the dumbest reasons that they ever got dumped.

Dumbest Reasons People Got Dumped

Some bullets were definitely dodged.
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movies askreddit FAIL Movie - 15199749

20 Amazing Movies That Had Terrible 'Dumpster-Fire' Sequels

People share movies that had terrible sequels
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People describe the absolute dumbest reasons that companies ever ended up firing them.

The Stupidest Reasons Companies Fired People

These folks are far better off.
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A collection of the worst adult temper tantrums that people have ever witnessed.

Worst Adult Temper Tantrums People Witnessed

Working retail is no small feat.
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antiwork great resignation askreddit workplace Horrible Bosses big quit red flag - 16223493

What Things Are Red Flags From Employers That People Might Not Immediately Recognize? The Internet Answers.

These workplace red flags are things you might have missed.
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cheezburger scammer askreddit facebook - 16158725

You Guys Share the Things That Are A Scam That We Have Completely Normalized

Comments from our Facebook page by the fans (you!).
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A collection of giveaways that people are clearly pretending to be rich people.

Giveaways That People Are Pretending To Be Rich

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16 reddit text images | thumbnail light blue background "r/AskReddit u/AristonD • 118d 12 1 9 8 @7 10 1 If all animals were horse sized, which would be the most majestic to ride into battle? 4 29.2k 12.2k 1, Share Award, friskyfloaty · 118d 3 Awards Id say a skunk. Horse sized skunk. Armed and ready. Me riding into battle with a necklace of little tree air fresheners. Plus when they are threatened and stomp on the ground and stuff? Imagine that but in huge stinky scary size"

If All Animals Were Horse Sized, Which Would Be Best For Riding Into Battle (Ask Reddit)

A thought provoking question
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A collection of cringeworthy moments that haunt people to this day.

Cringe Moments That Haunt People To This Day

The cringe is strong with these memories.
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