Status Update of the Day: Judge Permits Woman to Divorce Husband Via Facebook

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You still can’t actually dislike someone’s post on Facebook, but now you can use the social network to end your marriage.

A New York Supreme Court justice has ruled that a woman named Ellanora Baidoo can legally serve her husband a divorce summons through Facebook messenger.

She legally married Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku back in 2009, but because he wouldn’t go through with a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony, she now wants out of the relationship. They separated, and the only way she has been able to contact him is on the phone or through Facebook, so there has been no way to get him the required paperwork.

Until now. Her lawyer will be messaging him once a week for three weeks, or until he finally responds.

A 2013 study suggested that excessive Facebook usage is likely to cause relationship problems in the first place, which could lead to a breakup or divorce.

So it’s all now just an endless cycle of drama and heartbreak online.

And until your soon-to-be ex responds, it’s probably best to change your status to “It’s Complicated.”

Facebook Announces "On This Day," a New Feature That Will Let You Look at Pictures of Your Exes Easier Than Ever

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"On This Day" allows Facebook users to enter their own social media time capsule, a museum that pulls up statuses and photos from years gone by. You know, the super important things like asinine updates about traffic or that episode of "Scandal" you were super pumped about, or all the old pictures of your Ex that you never bothered to scrub from the internet entirely.

The feature is private and allows you to share the retro material only at your will, so you're free to crack open a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and cry about the state of your current life in absolute privacy. Be warned though: Expect every terrible baby pic you saw three years ago come back like the Ghost of Boring Parents Past.