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The methodology was simple: take the number of times MyFitnessPal users logged chocolate and champagne into their food diaries, add that to the number of times users added "sex" to their exercise databases (yes, that's an actual exercise activity listed on MyFitnessPal), and compile it into a single statistic: the Romance Index.

As for the states themselves...

  • The state with the most chocolate usage was Utah.
  • The state with the most champagne usage was California.
  • The state having the most sex was Arkansas.
  • The state with the highest cumulative usage of all three was...

... Rhode Island?

Yup, there's nothing tiny about Rhode Island when it comes to love; they beat out all 49 other states in total Romance Index. You can see the remainder of the top 10 here:

And sorry, Wyoming, but you're the least romantic state in the entire union, followed by Nebraska, and, surprisingly, Hawaii. Paradise isn't everything, apparently.


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