I Asked You First

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So this is either a man implying that he's straight or a woman implying that she's not. Either way, OFFENSE TAKEN (but secretly thx lol).

True Bromance

By Unknown
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Shhhh, bro. Don't fight it.

It Was the Box Set of Sex and the City That Gave It Away

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You might be confused by the "Meeple" and "Mupple" exchange at the beginning, but a quick trip to Urban Dictionary clears things up.

A generic term for little wooden figures used in german board gaming.

Mupple: A mixed-race heterosexual couple, of which one partner, generally the male, is of Caucasian appearance and the other partner, generally the female, is of South-East Asian appearance.

That makes sense! So the son/daughter was pontificating to "Dad" about the apparent lack of control any of us has over our lives, like pawns on a chessboard or meeples in a German board game, and "Dad" responded that by pairing ourselves into loving and supportive but unconventional relationships (such as, just for example, a mupple), we can often soothe the pang of life's persistent existential uncertainty. This segues perfectly into the son/daughter discussing his/her preferences when finding suitable partners.

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