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Good Morning! Did You Know That Coffee Can Cause Stress and High Blood Pressure?

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This was probably funnier in Office Space before it happened to this poor soul

comic g rated M thru F Office Space work - 5600939776
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What Felon Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

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Comics Edition: Welcome to the Dungeon

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One Extremely Prideful Finger

comic finger keyboard typing - 5217657600

For When You Need the Break Room Coffee to Pack Extra Punch

comic pen whiskey - 4874359552
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Comics Edition: Profit From Other People's Labor

comic lazy water cooler - 4872265216
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Coat Hangers Are Half Off

cashier comic rage comic retail store - 5251435264

We're Worthless Scum, Not Even Deserving of the Most Base Insults...

amazing superpowers Starbucks employees comic - 6702593280
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