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I Guess That Means Drugs for Mario

comic quit quitting - 5291935232
Created by maxystone

Like a True Boss

boss comic lazy Like a Boss meme rage comic - 5304805888
Via Reddit

Don't Show It If You Don't Want To Be Shown

coffee comic penis sexual harassment - 4541907456
Created by Unknown

Did You Type It? Good. You're On Your Own Now. *Click*

cartoons comic customer service tech support - 5064704768
Created by -Ghost- ( Via User Friendly )

Life Is Full Of Traps

comic cubicle depressed trap - 4399168256

Well Played, Self

comic email g rated monday thru friday - 6209865728
Created by Unknown

The Fine Print = Profit

cartoons comic fine print - 5012795648
Via Loading Artist

Some Designers Get All the Easiest Gigs

apple comic ipad iphone rage comic - 5251635456

We Don't Take Too Kindly to Scammers in These Parts

cashier change comic dunkin donuts food service rage comic - 5227542272
Created by Unknown

Oh God, I Accidentally Said "Regarded" Instead of "Regards!"

Webcomic doghouse diaries comic - 6795448064
Via Doghouse Diaries

Three Cheers for Mobile Technology

comic laptop mobile - 5148472064
Created by Unknown

You Go Home and Tell Him Right Meow

cat food comic customer service customers Hall of Fame rage comic wal mart - 5243736576
Created by Unknown

He Used Bribe, It's Super Effective

Pokémon comic - 7241042176
Via Vector Belly

Happy Hump-Day!

comic hate work - 4721998848
Created by Unknown

Saliva and Thinly Veiled Resentment Are Two Things Robots Can't Make

comic customer service fast food food service rage comic robots spit - 5267459840
Created by jackjohn ( Via )

Fires: The Best Way to Get Fired

comic extension cord fire rage comic - 5210654208