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Comics Edition: Every. Single. Morning.

comic fire morning - 4868557568
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comic cyanide and happiness grammar Hall of Fame monday thru friday - 5868254720
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I Wish the Printer Would Stop Jamming

comic printer - 4903978752
Created by Unknown

You Go Home and Tell Him Right Meow

cat food comic customer service customers Hall of Fame rage comic wal mart - 5243736576
Created by Unknown

Coat Hangers Are Half Off

cashier comic rage comic retail store - 5251435264

Comics Edition: Welcome to the Dungeon

call center comic help desk - 4781511936
Created by Unknown

Yoga Balls: Good For Hiding

comic desk funny - 4605399040
Created by Unknown

Bureaucracy and Effective Communication Are Mutually Exclusive

cartoons comic Hall of Fame not working problem tech support - 5046196224
Created by Unknown

DIY Two-Ply

bathroom comic rage comic toilet paper TP - 5255298816

Get With the Times, Man

comic - 7153396480
Created by kohneyfan ( Via Kohney )

From the Manual of Appropriate Workplace Humor:

humor comic - 7406157824
Created by shchambers

I Guess That Means Drugs for Mario

comic quit quitting - 5291935232
Created by maxystone

Yeah? Well <i>Your</i> Mom Is Pac-Man

cartoons comic graphs pac man Pie Chart - 5255037184
Created by Unknown

Must Be an Undercover Microsoft Agent

bing comic rage comic search engine - 5167754240

So Many Careers to Choose From!

career path artist magician careers comic - 6729367040
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farts ghosts comic - 7405210880
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