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One Extremely Prideful Finger

comic finger keyboard typing - 5217657600

Okay, Who's Taking Snapshots of My Life Again?

boss toothpaste for dinner comic scumbag boss - 6725967104
Via Toothpaste for Dinner

Some Designers Get All the Easiest Gigs

apple comic ipad iphone rage comic - 5251635456

But then The Job Would be Great, So...

comic hate job sexy times work sucks - 5300603904
By Unknown

I Didn't Think a "Birds and the Bees" for Coffee Would be Necessary...

coffee coffee machine comic meme rage comic - 5323851008
By Unknown

Oh God, I Accidentally Said "Regarded" Instead of "Regards!"

Webcomic doghouse diaries comic - 6795448064
Via Doghouse Diaries

Life Is Full Of Traps

comic cubicle depressed trap - 4399168256

DIY Two-Ply

bathroom comic rage comic toilet paper TP - 5255298816

A Tale of Two Vinnies

comic - 6501124096
Via Best WTF

Comics Edition: Shredder

comic shredder teenage mutant ninja turtles - 4928685312
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Comics Edition: Welcome to the Dungeon

call center comic help desk - 4781511936
By Unknown

Did You Type It? Good. You're On Your Own Now. *Click*

cartoons comic customer service tech support - 5064704768
By -Ghost- (Via User Friendly)

No Less Ridiculous than Any Other Office Job

business ceo comic Office wait what weird work - 5411380224
Via Yang Young-Soon


art boredom brand cartoons comic cubicle cubicle boredom cubicle prank decoration dickhead co-workers dumb hello kitty illustration mess prank pwned screw you stickers tacky vandalism wasteful wiseass wrapping - 3591364352
By Unknown

He Used Bribe, It's Super Effective

Pokémon comic - 7241042176
Via Vector Belly

I'm Willing to Bet the Latter

cashier comic customer service rage comic retail rude - 5294209024
By Unknown
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