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So Many Careers to Choose From!

career path artist magician careers comic - 6729367040
By Unknown

You Will Call Me By My First Name or Else

comic customer customer service phones rage comic tech support - 5210264064

Comics Edition: Shredder

comic shredder teenage mutant ninja turtles - 4928685312
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Fires: The Best Way to Get Fired

comic extension cord fire rage comic - 5210654208

Oh God, I Accidentally Said "Regarded" Instead of "Regards!"

Webcomic doghouse diaries comic - 6795448064
Via Doghouse Diaries

Don't Show It If You Don't Want To Be Shown

coffee comic penis sexual harassment - 4541907456
By Unknown

Three Cheers for Mobile Technology

comic laptop mobile - 5148472064
By Unknown

Comics Edition: Every. Single. Morning.

comic fire morning - 4868557568
Via Nedroid

Penny for the Middle-Class

apple comic Hall of Fame poor - 5117630720

I Guess That Means Drugs for Mario

comic quit quitting - 5291935232
By maxystone

But then The Job Would be Great, So...

comic hate job sexy times work sucks - 5300603904
By Unknown

For When You Need the Break Room Coffee to Pack Extra Punch

comic pen whiskey - 4874359552
By ed (Via


farts ghosts comic - 7405210880
Via Jim Benton

Comics Edition: It's All Part of the Skills Test

comic ikea interview skills - 4922405888
By Unknown

From the Manual of Appropriate Workplace Humor:

humor comic - 7406157824
By shchambers

Yoga Balls: Good For Hiding

comic desk funny - 4605399040
By Unknown
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