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Sometimes Photos Just Aren't Necesssary

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But Only Light Sobbing!

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You Know Damn Well What I'm Doing This Weekend

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Who Had This Great Idea?

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monday thru friday desk feet Video g rated - 67746817

You Know What Your Desk is Missing? A Tiny Hammock For Your Feet!

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Bathroom Design Perfected

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Business Dog Just Got a Promotion

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Just About the Worst Name an Apple Employee Can Have

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This Explains So Much

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There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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Porridge I can see. Soup, well that's just rude.

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By Chris
job Music win Video lyft - 82336513

Demi Lovato Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver and Talked Sh*t About Herself

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Much Worse Than Prosecution

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comedian creates funny signs with tips all over the place | LIFE HACK O Win any staring contest by slowly going kiss without breaking eye contact | DEVIL'S FOOD DONUTS (319g) Store Tip! GO AHEAD: Unload feelings on lady giving out free samples s like free therapy session; she's stuck there and can't leave no matter hard cry. 316 #28793 Hostess HOHe Baked fresh-

Comedian Places 'Useful' Life Hacks On Signs All Over The Place

The (un)practical tips we all need
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He is the Most Interesting Employee in the World

dos equis - 6222810368
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