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I Know Someone Else Knows This Feel

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Stick it to the man through your poor hygiene!

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Just You Wait, Rookie

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When It's Just Too Hot For Those Uniforms

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It's Truly the Worst Day

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Tough Competition? Stand Out From the Crowd!

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Hard Captcha is Havd? Hand? Haid?

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You Had Under Two Jobs...

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Clever Signs When Your Store is Going Out of Business

win clever signs from employees at going out of business Australian retailer Dick Smith
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The Consumer Needs to Know

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Conserving Water At the Office: You're Doing it Right

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FAIL glass bbc bridge Video - 237319

Not Sure That Swinging a Sledgehammer to a Glass Bridge is Inspiring Confidence When it Ends Up Like This

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In That Case, It's Kind of a Crappy Solution

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