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We've Been Going Strong for at Least a Few Eras Now!

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Time To Go Home

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This Year, be Thankful for All of These Awkward TV News Moments

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I Believe You Ate My Stapler

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When Your Friend Has a Filthy Keyboard, What Do You Do While He's on Vacation?

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Dragon Tape

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Water is for Suckers

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Thanks, Boss

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What Does a Map of Your Office Look Like?

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Uncle Scrooge's Bed

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The Best News Bloopers So Far in 2016

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Boss won't approve over time pay, so employee works exactly 40 hours | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Mycatsitslikehesppl 1d Boss won't approve OT so work EXACTLY 40 hrs/week until tried quit M my 20's worked at tiny coffee/wine bar establishment sold coffee mornings and had wine/beer license evening crowd. Its selling point had food pairings all its drinks, both coffee and alcohol fairly new business, only year old had bare bones staff and owner herself tended bar evenings, usually solo because

Boss Won't Approve OT, Employee Works Exactly 40 Hours

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Always Read the Fine Print

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Ahhh, I Get It!

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