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That Weekend Feel

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It's Quite Versatile

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Every Morning

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You've Done Such an Amezing Job

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What About Elevensys?

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This Weatherman Is Incredibly Low-Key

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The "Job" Part of "Having A Job" Really Is the Worst

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No Thanks...

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It's Going to Be a Long Day...

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A CEO doesn't understand how departments work so he brings in a Karen that messes it all up | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/ACFF 1y CEO didn't understand my department did apparently L Update at bottom. Thanks so much up votes and silver, gold and platinum really didn't think this would take off like this. Some backstory general troubleshooter my company. My job involved lot travelling different clients support. My area work is Ontario, Canada (where am based out and some nearby States United

CEO Doesn't Understand What Departments Do, Karen Catastrophe Ensues

CEO should've left things as they were.
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Things IT People Never Say

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Boosting Workplace Morale at Customer Expense

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Apparition is Real

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Covert Rejection Notices

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The Two Things That Get You Through the Week

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