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Much Better Than Propping it Up With Your Shoulder

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Oh, Grow Up!

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privacy ron swanson Video - 30133761

Ron Swanson learns a valuable lesson about privacy on the internet

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A terrible boss ends up losing their profits after selling company | r/ProRevenge u/eliechallita 3y Join Cost horrible boss all profits selling his company met an amazing mentor while doing my masters US who hired work company where he COO after graduated an immigrant US, so my visa is conditioned upon being employed: get red, and would quickly get deported back Middle East CEO company planning on selling company much larger British firm, so he wanted maximize revenue short term so he could get

Horrible Boss Loses Profits From Selling Company

Terrible boss learned their lesson the hard way.
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*Knock Knock* Oh Well...

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"Curt! My Name is Curt! as in Curtiss!"

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More Fun With Beer Displays

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Chapter 1: "Opening Your Eyes"

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Not Your Typical Apple Safari

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As in, It's Natural to Crave Cookies

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That Fast, Huh?

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Good Thing They Make House Calls

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Maybe You Should Wear Your Hair Up

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Classless Warfare

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Shortly Followed by an E-Mail Notice About Irony

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