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Funny dank memes showing Bill Gates saying, "It's amazing to think what great and exciting things people will be doing with PCs in 30 years" | Minecraft Ricardo Milos | Titanic woman yelling at a cat

Dank Memes That Make Fun Of All The Dumb Crap On The Internet, Starring Young Bill Gates

What have we done to the internet...
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How 2 Mak Succsful Utub Channl 4 Dogz

dogs search engine youtube - 6511052544

Growing Up Sucks

monday thru friday office supplies facebook - 8244402944
Via Pleated Jeans

Who's Ready for the Holiday Season?

christmas christmas tree holidays - 6613770496

Hallway Encounters

hallway meme - 4838961152
Created by dcolling

Our Whack Supply Is Low

computer desk help what wtf - 4557815808

Office Bear

bear cubicle meme Office prank scary - 4623016192

Unfortunately the target demographic here doesn't read newspapers

rage comic - 5765967872

Applicant Requirements: Beard, History of Fighting Bears

monday thru friday - 6513671680

Cubicle World Problems

busy monday thru friday Office Space work - 8351176448
Via theCHIVE

Office Swag: Writing Like a Sir

office swag hats sir - 7035234560
Via Neatoshop

I didn't know KFC took reservations

kfc seattle - 5764222208
monday thru friday pleated jeans job interview Video - 61562113

Terrible Job Interview Advice

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note signs thank you thief tldr window - 4330551552


basic instructions boredom cardboard class clown clever cubicle boredom cubicle prank dating depressing dickhead co-workers food fridge battle fridge politics kitchen lazy leftovers marriage mess office kitchen paper signs passive aggressive sass sex signage wiseass - 3693739520
Created by Isaac
the onion parody Video working out - 72141569

Finally, Proof That Employees Are Happiest When Pretending To Work From Home

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