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The Wonderful Irony of Another Silly Social Network App

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You keep using that slogan...I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Honestly, If You Spent Enough Time Making Those, It's Probably Your Life You Should Be Worrying About

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Probably Bad News

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Maybe It's Your Boss Telling You To Get Back To Work

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Climb Your Way to the Top

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Grace Yu0r Hoam With Our Lrod Deezus Chwist

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Office Memes

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Your Cover's Blown

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Much Better Than Propping it Up With Your Shoulder

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All He Wanted was a Milkshake, Instead He Left McDonald's with an Incredible Tale of Late-Night Drive-Thru Frustration

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Your Morning Commute

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In the Event of an Emergency, Push Button

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There are enough Windows error messages to make up an orchestra

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Guess You're Not Ever Going to Work Again

funny fail image spider builds web right on driver seat of car
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