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What if Women Only Worked as Much as They Got Paid, About 79% of a Work Day?

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It Would've Been Easier to Deal With an Actual Recycling Bin Mishap

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Someone's Gotta Do It

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Great Restaurant Name? Or Greatest Restaurant Name?

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Competition in the Marketplace

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The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes

jokes satan bus The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes
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Awesome Office: Old Silo

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Do What Ever it Takes to Get Through the Day

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Sincerely, The IT Department

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I BBC Wut U Did There...

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The Warehouse. They Have Top Men Working There

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Ridiculous Reviews: That Freakin' Backpack, Man!

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Time to Get a Taller Chair


Action! Drama! Laughter! Heartache! Suspense!

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