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Now These Are My Kind of Hours!

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Security Questions: The Bane of Every Online Account

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I Was Getting A Real Hoot Out Of It!

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Come On Guys, Can't We All Just Enjoy Our Discounted Wings in Peace?

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Don't You Die on Me!

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pleasing and satisfying images of things lining up prefectly | perfectly stacked carrots at a store | perfect welding of metallic poles

Satisfying Images of Aesthetically Pleasing Perfection

Oh yeah, that's the stuff.
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Everyone Wants Their Work to Be Appreciated

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The Chattanooga Express

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It's Their Job to Know NUMBERS, Not Letters...

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company refuses to replace a computer and wastes money story | Posted by u/themcp 15 hours ago 2 45 34 8 4 won't pay $100 new hard drive? Okay, enjoy paying $22k my time deal with problem. oc L had job where had computer which incidentally, also web server very important internal web application thought this really stupid wasn't server room being managed by but some weird reason they wouldn't do didn't use this application or have anything do with but took up large chunk hard drive and made slow

Company Won't Replace One Computer, Wastes Thousands of Dollars

Great work.
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I Regret Nothing.

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Oh My God, It Even Has A Watermark!

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These Chilian Soldiers Destroy This Obstacle Course With Amazing Speed

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This Should Make for an Awkward Ride

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Viva la Resistance!

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Which Kind Do You Have?

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