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Super-Passive Aggression

notes passive aggressive signs virus - 4221877760
By amberino66

At Least he Enjoys His Commute

playing on subway virtual reality
Via tylernixon2

Fun With Office Arts n' Crafts

arts and crafts office supplies - 4757620992
By Unknown


awesome awesome co-workers not boredom competition creativity in the workplace crying cubicle boredom cubicle prank cubicle rage dickhead co-workers dickheads ergonomics frozen hardware ice mouse olympics prank pwned rage rocked sass screw you sculpture wiseass - 3409206016
By Unknown

Probably the Most Thoughtful Complaint a Customer Could Leave After Being Left Breadless

funny facebook image customer complaint of Subway being out of bread
Via John Thornley
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basic instructions boredom depressing hours hours of operation lazy official sign paper signs Sad schedule screw you signage sloth weird work smarter not harder wtf - 3856772608
By cherryredpinup

Pictures In Microsoft Word

g rated microsoft word monday thru friday pictures Pie Chart - 5884352256
By Unknown

By "Work" I Mean "Cat Pics"

Via Dump a Day

Pizza Delivery: Srs Bsns

pizza hut pizza delivery - 6538006272
By Unknown


awesome creativity ethernet wires - 4272631552
By Unknown


awesome co-workers not beverage cubicle fail cubicle rage depressing dickhead co-workers dickheads dumb fridge battle fridge politics insane office kitchen paper signs passive aggressive rage Sad screw you signage soda stupid theft threat wiseass wtf - 3555705600
By Unknown

I really hope there's a trail of Reese's Pieces leading to the chair

movies office pranks - 5738151936
By Tiger Jam

Only If You're Confident That the Force of the Blast Will Tear Through the Barrier

bathroom pooping toilet paper - 5270381568
By Unknown

This Wasn't What Sting Had in Mind When He Sent That S.O.S.

Cheezburger Image 6739522560
Via Abstruse Goose

Field Goal's Gooooood!

Cheezburger Image 5471407616
By torrado