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I've Got You, Man

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What He Thinks When You Shred The Wrong Thing

funny personification shredder - 4263772160
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It Won't Fit In There...

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Gotta Go Revolt, Be Back Later

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What Does Their Improvised Heater Look Like?

monday thru friday fan air conditioning there I fixed it - 8372111360
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This Should Make for an Awkward Ride

elevator design genius - 8175260416
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Traffic Jam - 72382721

If Only All Strangers Were This Cool

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Oh Thank God You're Here!

Hall of Fame - 6320349952

Turn Whatever You Have Lying Around the Office Into Delightful Decor

monday thru friday toilet - 8308893696
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It's Like When Your Bubble Wrap Arrives Wrapped in Bubble Wrap

monday thru friday cars truck g rated - 8217004544
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"Hey News Lady! You Want Somma This?"

gif live news news broadcast funny - 7443909888

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?

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Just About the Worst Name an Apple Employee Can Have

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