Nerf Mod WIN

Nerf nerdgasm mod batman DIY - 6952803584
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Portal Shoes WIN

DIY fashion nerdgasm Portal shoes video games - 6000488448
Via Epic Ponyz

Protect Yourself in the Kitchen!

DIY food bacon there I fixed it - 8291897856
Via Acid Cow

Bike Hanger WIN

bike DIY fixed handle repair - 6281241344
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Laundry Arcade WIN

arcade chores DIY game laundry modification nerdagsm - 5230565376
Via TDW Geek

A Floor Design for Escher

design DIY g rated win - 8415653376
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DIY design igloo Video - 58074881

One Family Used the Winter Freeze to Make a Sweet Multicolor Igloo

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It's a Cap(uccino)!

Knitta Please its a trap admiral ackbar DIY - 8152381952
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T-Virus Containment Vehicle?

cars nerdgasm DIY video games - 8384401408
By EnzeruSarel

Quick, to the Proboscis-Mobile!

cars DIY weird - 8378034432
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High Tech Security for a Fraction of the Cost

DIY design security there I fixed it - 8264358656
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Mushroom Case Mod WIN

DIY mod mushroom nerdgasm super mario video games - 6149835008
Via Neatorama

Swimsuit WIN

boat DIY shark suit - 6284752896
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'Mater WIN

cars pixar design DIY best of week Hall of Fame - 6656886016
By Chas

Because Who Doesn't Love More Delicious Curry?

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DIY Barbarque WIN

bbq chairs DIY food summer time - 4805479680
By Sr_Gman