Bike Mods WIN

bike custom design DIY modification motorcycle unicycle - 5706743808
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Hungry for a Ride?

DIY motorcycle - 8143685376
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This Amazing Mech Was Made from Old Car Parts

design DIY funny g rated win - 7704417792
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fireworks 4th of july DIY Video g rated win - 62436097

Your Independence Day Was Weak Compared to This Guy's and His Roman Candle Gun

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X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car WIN

awesome DIY nerdgasm soapbox derby star wars - 4795793152
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DIY mod nerdgasm nintendo - 6622422528
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Fine, I'll Make My OWN Blender

blender DIY there I fixed it - 8193663232
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DIY robots trash Video - 39986945

Catching Your Trash WIN

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pumpkins carving DIY Video - 65677825

Party Down With a Pumpkin Disco Ball!

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Soapbox Derby WIN

design DIY nerdgasm soapbox derby star wars x wing - 5645382912
By Unknown

The Minions Just Want to Heat Things Up!

minions despicable me design DIY - 8376347392
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pixar DIY Video - 61724417

Pixar Should Really Use This Low-Rent Video Intro

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Mobile Christmas Cheer WIN

cars driving christmas lights DIY - 6877591040
By CheleBellieBean

Playing Card Torus WIN

craft DIY math nerdgasm nerdy paper project - 5182123008
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Sandbox Surprise WIN

best of week dinosaur DIY fossil Hall of Fame parenting - 6421000704
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lightsaber star wars DIY - 77650689

Watch a Bunch of Dudes Attack Each Other With an Almost Real Lightsaber

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