custom lamp pixar DIY g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 45287681

Pixar Lamp WIN

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Need a New Key Organizer? Look in Your Toy Bin.

DIY lego nerdgasm g rated win - 8224874240
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Meanwhile, in the Imagination of a 12-Year-Old

custom cars DIY - 8357443584
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3D printer carving DIY gadget lego modification nerdgasm printer sculpture Video - 25443585

Lego Sculptor WIN

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Protect Yourself in the Kitchen!

DIY food bacon there I fixed it - 8291897856
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stop motion Music DIY Video - 67102977

This Cool Animation Uses Over 10,000 Hex Nuts to Make a Hypnotic Display

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Remember to Hold the Shoulder Buttons for a Boost!

bike DIY nintendo nintendo 64 modification - 8248892928
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This Old Beater Gets Transformed into a... Slightly Cooler and Geekier Old Beater

cars DIY star wars nerdgasm paint job millennium falcon - 8140753152
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Sweet Ride WIN

DIY swag modification ride wheelchair - 6709410048
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rubber band design DIY Video - 68480001

The Next Evolution in Rubber Band Warfare

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Coffee Maker WIN

coffee DIY Hall of Fame nerdgasm r2-d2 star wars - 6214103296
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The Living Room is Kind of Like the Motherboard of a House

table design computer DIY - 8403560448
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arcade nerdgasm DIY video games belt g rated win - 8347688448
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pro tip life hacks watermelon DIY funny Video - 54375937

Making a Watermelon Smoothie in Seconds

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If You Wanted an Easy Way to Netflix While Cooking, Here You Go

clever DIY lifehacks g rated win - 8248169984
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I'm Getting a Little Feedback From This Gearshift

cars custom DIY there I fixed it - 8330862848
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