explosion ballons boom DIY Video win - 72756737

It's a Bird?! It's a Plane?! It's a Ballon with a Fuse? Boom!

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Horse-Powered WIN

gif cute DIY animals horse - 7117462016
By Unknown

A Real Reading Rainbow

reading is sexy design books DIY - 7733271552
Via Reddit
DIY Video airplane - 58647297

Another Cool Way to Make a Paper Airplane Fly FOREVER

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clever DIY horse puppets Video - 21127169

Puppets WIN

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DIY lego nerdgasm Video - 59155713

There's No Complete LEGO Computer Yet, but This Keyboard is a Good Start

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Mobile Christmas Cheer WIN

cars driving christmas lights DIY - 6877591040
By CheleBellieBean

Hopefully Everyone Shouted "Amazon bots, roll out!" at This Awesome Costume

halloween win office costume party winner turned amazon boxes into transformer
Via caronarnold
busking DIY Steampunk street performer Video - 35230977

Crazy Contraption Street Performer WIN

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bad idea DIY dangerous Video g rated win - 68273665

Need a Weapon for the Apocalypse? Try This Nail Gun!

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Flamethrower Pumpkin WIN

carving DIY fire flamethrower halloween pumpkins - 5364009472
Via Laughing Squid

Hands-Free AND Nostril-Free

DIY cell phone there I fixed it - 8328463360
Via Brown Cardigan
guns americana DIY Video - 83975937

This Guy Shredding on a Working Shotgun Guitar Might Be the Most 'Murican Thing You See All Day

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Classic Cars Become Classic Guitars

guitar design DIY - 8248916992
Via Neatorama

Our Friends in the UK Will Appreciate This DIY Trick

clever DIY design there I fixed it sink - 8342826752
Via poppzE

Giant Controller WIN

coffee table controller DIY nerdgasm NES - 6096472576
Via Etsy