hammer construction DIY trick Video g rated win - 68657665

Some Handymen Have Perfected Hammer-Throwing Tricks

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Tree Fort WIN

at st DIY fort nerdgasm star wars tree house yard - 5496853760
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Flamethrower Pumpkin WIN

carving DIY fire flamethrower halloween pumpkins - 5364009472
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lego prosthetic nerdgasm DIY Video - 51979009

After a Dare, This Woman Made a Prosthetic Leg out of LEGO!

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Big Ben WIN

architecture DIY europe farm London - 5769841664
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Hands-Free AND Nostril-Free

DIY cell phone there I fixed it - 8328463360
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design movie theater Popcorn DIY genius funny - 7495503360
By Unknown
arcade design DIY light switch nerdgasm Video - 41380353

Light Switch WIN

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DIY science BAMF Video - 52273409

The Nerf Guns Have Been Automated, Prepare for War!

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robot DIY science Video - 49804801

This Robot is Perfect for Swiping From Vending Machines

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guns DIY Video g rated win - 71181057

There is Nothing More Steampunk Than This Fully-Functional Gatling Gun

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You'll Rock Even Harder With This Custom Guitar

guitar Music design DIY - 8056000000
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computer DIY hardware Music nerdgasm star wars Video - 26580225

Floppy Music WIN

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DIY snowball - 77998081

Win Your Next Snowball Fight Guaranteed With a F**king Machine Gun

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design cars driving DIY funny - 54799361

The Smallest Legal Vehicle is Nearly Pocket-Sized

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Instant Chaos WIN

firecracker DIY - 6675476736
By Unknown