lego prosthetic nerdgasm DIY Video - 51979009

After a Dare, This Woman Made a Prosthetic Leg out of LEGO!

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Jenga WIN

design DIY game jenga tailgate - 6240331520
By x3vilL337x

Portable Flashlight

diy light up underskirt
Via 9gag

Shortest Bus WIN

custom cars DIY bus - 6796236032
By Unknown

Kayak WIN

battleship design DIY g rated kayak merica navy win - 6469862656
By Unknown

Pumpkin Jams WIN

pumpkins halloween carving DIY stereo - 6721281792
Via Obvious Winner
excavator DIY construction Video g rated win - 59453697

When the Going Gets Tough, Excavate!

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Silly Walks Clock WIN

design DIY clock Hall of Fame best of week g rated win - 6721276928
Via Neatorama
dubstep DIY Music Video - 64285185

Worthless Invention of the Day: Blast the Streets With the Bass Cannon

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DIY Umbrella WIN

clever DIY leaf umbrella - 6345913344
Via Neatorama
lightsaber star wars DIY - 77650689

Watch a Bunch of Dudes Attack Each Other With an Almost Real Lightsaber

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custom DIY gun science tesla Video - 38081281

Tesla Gun WIN

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alarm clock clock DIY lego nerdgasm robot Video - 28233473

Lego Clock WIN

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Warm Weather and Old Hardware Brings Clever Solutions!

DIY laptop there I fixed it - 8387147008
Via Acid Cow

Have a Seat, the Doctor Will See You Soon

Via WittsWhimsy

Lego Game Boy WIN

DIY gameboy lego modification nerdgasm video game - 5266341888
By ThisIsAMeme