Literal Treehouse WIN

DIY literal tree house trees - 4885185280
By sixonefive72

Zombie Gameboy WIN

DIY game boy halloween modification nerdgasm zombie - 5352442880
Via Kody Koala

Bioshock Monopoly WIN

board game custom DIY monopoly nerdgasm video game - 5382800640
Via TDW Geeks


relaxing summer pool DIY funny - 7646439168
By Unknown
BAMF DIY motorcycle Video g rated win - 65474561

The Motorcycle Chariot is the Most Badass Vehicle to Ever (Illegally) Hit the Road

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Shortest Bus WIN

custom cars DIY bus - 6796236032
By Unknown
leaf blower How To DIY food Video win - 80213505

Get Ready to Blow Your Cheese Balls and Have a Ton of Fun Doing it

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QR Knitting WIN

crafts DIY knitting nerdgasm - 5042325248
By Unknown

Pumpkin Jams WIN

pumpkins halloween carving DIY stereo - 6721281792
Via Obvious Winner
DIY Music what Video g rated win - 65013249

How Can You Make Ska More Ridiculous? Put it on Wheels!

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couch DIY design Video - 64291329

The RC Couch is the Most Lazy Way to be Mobile

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corn DIY food Video - 45185793

Eating Corn WIN

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DIY mario - 58373633

The Only Doorbell That Gives You a One-Up

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Our Friends in the UK Will Appreciate This DIY Trick

clever DIY design there I fixed it sink - 8342826752
Via poppzE
arrow DIY Video - 77916417

This Dude is Probably Totally Crazy, Because He Made a Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling Gun That Shoots Arrows

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taco bell life hacks DIY food Video - 79188481

Quit Giving Taco Bell Your Money and Make Your Own Delicious Fourth-Meal

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