The Only Droid to Keep You Warm at Night

DIY star wars nerdgasm r2d2 g rated win - 8337394432
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Boys Get Older, but They Never Grow Up

DIY childhood enhanced - 8197345792
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There's Plenty of Storage Space on the Inside

tardis nerdgasm doctor who DIY funny - 7628848896
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The Best Wheelchair in the World Spits HOT FIRE

uproxx wheelchair DIY BAMF funny - 7777276928
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complete guide for making paper airplanes

Complete Guide For Making Eight Paper Airplane Styles (GIFs)

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Flamethrower Pumpkin WIN

carving DIY fire flamethrower halloween pumpkins - 5364009472
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DIY BAMF bike funny Video - 51261185

The Jet Bike is the Most Dangerous Thing on Two Wheels

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DIY hologram nerdgasm star wars Video - 31788289

DIY Vapor Display WIN

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QR Knitting WIN

crafts DIY knitting nerdgasm - 5042325248
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Turbo Charged and Ready to Roll!

custom DIY BAMF motorcycle g rated win - 8147962112
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rocket DIY Video g rated win - 67522561

This DIY Rocket in Thailand Gets Some Serious Air

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Wacky Racers is Real!

design cars DIY funny - 7846358016
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cow DIY Video - 60985601

Cows: Now Perfect for Lawn Mowing

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bicycle bike classic design DIY - 6359774720
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Everybody Needs an Outlet

BAMF DIY manly - 8241648384
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Much Like the Actual Iron Throne, it's Incredibly Uncomfortable

DIY Game of Thrones nerdgasm toilet g rated win - 8256680448
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